Tuesday, December 31, 2013


Ryan woke up around 7:45 and Grayson shortly after. We hung out upstairs for a little bit and then decided to head downstairs to see what Santa left! Since Gigi and Papa were on their way the boys had to wait to open gifts. 
They were so excited to see what Santa left them! 

The scooters were a BIG hit! Thanks Santa!

Grasyon decided to take a break and ride Macy...

We decided to let them peek in their stockings while we waited...
Toothbrushes! Yay!

Gigi and Papa arrived and the gift opening began! 

Santa was quite sassy this year - and crafty too! Yes, those are glitter embossed tags...Santa was proud of him/herself for being so prepared this year (it may never happen again). 

In true child fashion Grayson played with his toys as he opened them...

Working on opening his gift!

After opening gifts and playing inside the boys wanted to play on their new playset! This was our gift to them. Grayson LOVES the slide and Ryan LOVES the glider! So much fun!

Since it was so nice outside we decided to take the scooters for a spin. We rode them down to the Hales house to say hi!

Lots of fun with cousins!

We came back home and had a lunch on our new play set! The boys love the picnic table. Kevin, Steven and I celebrated with some mimosas (that I forgot about earlier!)

Once lunch was gobbled up we headed inside for naps! I even got a great one - wohoo!

When the boys woke up it we headed over to Gigi and Papa's house for round two!

Lots of wonderful gifts! I love my new Ugg slippers - they are so comfy! Gigi and Papa got Ryan and Grayson a new sand table (to go under their playset) - so fun!

After gifts we had a delicious Christmas dinner!
So yum!

So lucky to have such wonderful family to spend these special holidays with. Merry Christmas everyone!

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