Sunday, March 31, 2013

Brunch with the Bunny

Yesterday we headed to the annual Brunch with the Bunny at LCC. Ryan is all about "the bunny"...that is until he has to go sit with him!
He was not happy. 
At all.
On the other hand - G didn't seem to mind him. 
And about 10 seconds after this was taken and we were waiting on the picture to print out Ryan was all smiles and chatting about the Easter bunny like they were old pals. 

Of course there was more to do than just hang with the bunny. They had live bunnies - which Ryan wasn't too interested in either. The marionette show, however, really got his attention!
He really enjoyed the puppet show!

And of course there was cookie decorating! 
And cookie eating.
This is what you get when you try to get him to say cheese while he is eating candy...

The egg hunt was cancelled this year because of the huge storm that came through the night before. They ended up just handing out eggs to all the kiddos so I think they though that was just dandy!

As always...a little chaotic but a fun family tradition!

Friday, March 29, 2013

Cheers Mr. & Mrs. Park

Last weekend we had a blast celebrating Lindsey & Colin! Friday was wedding prep day - mani/pedis, rehearsal and dinner. So fun! Saturday started bright and early - hair and makeup started at 8am! Yikes! I was a little late...and had to run home to feed my little man but was still able to do all my bridesmaid duties :)
home to feed g!

Gorgeous bride ready to get hitched!

handsome hubby! love him!

Can't believe that Kevin and I actually set these two was like accidentally on purpose. We didn't really realize what a perfect couple they would make until about 10 minutes before we were going to introduce them...but we still like to take all the credit. I mean...we did introduce them!

Love sassy Jessyca! Jessyca loves little R and one day he will realize how sassy she is!

Oh dear...these boys!

Had so much fun at their wedding! Can't wait till they get back from their honeymoon...ready for a dinner date!

MOPS Easter Egg Hunt

This morning Ryan and I headed to Lakewood park for his first Easter Egg hunt of the season! (Well, technically it was #2 since he already had one at school...but I don't have pictures of that so it doesn't count.) He was very excited when we arrived and he could see all the eggs spread out. He loved his bunny basket and told me he was going to "Hop hop hop" and get "two eggs". He is really into the number two...
Getting excited!

All the kids ran at once towards the eggs and my little man got a little scared. He wanted his mommy to  go with him :)

Collecting some eggs!


Cheese-ing with Stella & Ford!

Animal Eggs

Ryan was fascinated with dying eggs this year. I found an adorable little egg animal decorating kit at Target and was excited see what he though. I wasn't sure how long it would interest him - but he loved it! He definitely wanted to be much more involved with the egg dying that I expected. And it was also a lot messier than I ever recall...
 He checked on all the eggs as they were soaking in the colors...over and over again.

 While we dyed some we started working on the two animals that used white eggs - the panda and the zebra.

Drawing stripes for the tiger! And a nose and mouth...

His egg jungle! 
We only lost one in the process and it was at the very end. He was very upset/annoyed that the giraffe and the zebra only had one eye...he really really wanted to give them two. 
He loves showing his eggs to everyone AND also loves peeling them. If you need someone to help you peel eggs Ryan is your man...although speed (or quality for that matter) isn't his focus. It's just the joy that it brings him. Seriously...sit him down with an egg and he is good for 30 minutes. 

Tuesday, March 19, 2013

1st Tooth

Grayson got his first tooth last Wednesday, March 13th! It was no surprise...we definitely knew it was coming! He had a little bit of drooling...but it was the aggressive chewing, snotty nose, loss of appetite, crying and waking up again at night that made it rather obvious! Poor little man!
It's hard to get a pic of it...but I just love his little smile!
And the right bottom one isn't far behind...
 I took this picture yesterday...that second one is so close but I can't quite feel it yet. I think it will be there tomorrow- so they came in about a week apart. Hope we get a little break before the next ones pop through! Teething is hard work!

Wednesday, March 6, 2013

My boys - 6 months old

 Decided to take a scroll back through some of Ryan's pics and compare them at 6 months - they don't look much alike! I mean, you can tell they are brothers but that's about it. One thing is for sure...they each have a signature hair style!

Sweet little Ryan with his combover. 

And G funk with his stylish!

Grayson 6 months

Big changes this month! You started sleeping through the night! We still have some nights where you are up a few times but in general you sleep from 8pm until 6:45 - wohoo! I can't wait for it to be a guaranteed EVERY night thing :)

Your daily routine has also become more defined. You wakeup around 6:45 and I nurse you, then about 7:30 I feed you some breakfast. About an hour later you are ready for your morning nap. And you LOVE your morning's usually about two hours! You wake 10:30/11ish and I feed you then we try and get out and do something. You are hungry again around 1:30ish so I nurse you and then you will take another little nap. Around 3:30/4pm I nurse you again then we play some more. I nurse you one last time at 5:30, solids for dinner at 6:30pm, bath with dad at 7pm, and at 7:30 I give you a bottle of 6-8oz of breast milk. You hit your crib by 8pm and are usually out for the night! Whew. Our evenings are somewhat exhausting...getting you fed & ready for bed is quite a process! I know it will be easier when you get a little older.

I'd say your spitting up has decreased - but definitely still have yours days. I can really notice if I do slip up and eat some milk or cheese because I pay for it the next couple of days with lots and lots of spit up. I get nervous when others want to hold you because I fear they will end up covered in your spit up ... you definitely got Natalie during Terra's baby shower - sorry!
You are starting to sit up on your own - if we sit you up. You can balance yourself for a little bit but then usually get distracted with a toy and fall over to get it. I try to sit you in the bumpo or high chair for dinner but you don't quite love that.

You grab everything and it goes right to your mouth. And goodness you have quite the grip.  Your dad was picking you up from your bouncy seat and you picked the whole thing up before he realized you were holding it.

You found your feet and you love them. You really enjoy them mixed with some oatmeal and bananas.

At the stage where you get so easily distracted while nursing. This is incredibly frustrating...and I remember the same thing with Ryan. It's just slightly more difficult now because with Ryan I could easily quiet my surroundings. Now, not so much! I am wondering if I just need to make adjustments in your feeding - I might be trying to feed you when you aren't super hungry thus easily distractible. Not sure if this is the case since you get distracted during your morning feed (when we are all alone...apparently the fan is much more exciting than eating.)

Height: 27.75 inches (90%)
Weight: 17lbs 7oz (50%)
Head: 43cm (40%)
Eye Color: still BLUE!
Diapers: Size 3
Clothing: 6-12months...really squeezing into anything 6 months at this point.

We still have the swing out and you will tolerate sitting in it sometimes. I think you are a little too heavy for it because it doesn't really swing when you are in it anymore. We still use the bouncer - you really like it in the morning but I feel like any time after that you hate it. We use it to feed you which can be somewhat disastrous. I have the exersaucer and jumper out but you don't really last in those things for very long...maybe 5 minutes tops? Ryan wasn't a huge fan of them either so I am not sure if that will change or not. Glad we have two.

Bring on month 7th! Love you bunches!

Sunday, March 3, 2013

A Girly Bridal Shower

Over the weekend we had a wonderful time celebrating Lindsey with a fun and girly bridal shower! The bride to be had no requests for the shower theme or colors so we had free reign to do whatever we wanted. The three of us decided on "Girly cuteness" for the theme. It was super fun coming up with ideas and pulling it all together with Lauren and Jenny!

Everyone's schedule is pretty hectic so we basically did all of our planning over email and pinterest :) So many fun ideas! We found these adorable invitations on Etsy and ordered them right away. 
We arrived at Lauren's adorable house a couple hours before the shower started and got everything set up. It all came together perfectly!
Lots of yummy food! The menu included hummus & veggie cups, fruit kabobs, tea sandwiches, pasta salad, donut holes, strawberry cupcakes and vanilla cake! Yum!

And most importantly we had a mimosa bar!
We had orange, strawberry and peach juice for everyone to add champagne to. Then they could garnish their drinks with pineapple, raspberries, oranges, or blackberries. 

One of my favorite things was the purple ombre cake that Society Bakery made - it was beautiful (and tasted amazing too)!
We sent guests home with a bottle of nail polish and attached a tag with Lindsey's new monogram!

Now on to the party...
Lindsey and her mother

Jessica & Kelli

Jessica & Nat

Eating and chatting...

Playing "Who said it?"

It was funny to watch the groom's mother and sister during the game!

Present time!

And lastly the bride with the hosts! Had so much fun planning with these ladies! Can't wait for the big day in three weeks! 

Shower Details:
Paper printed Banners: DimplePrints
Cake: Purple Ombre cake Society Bakery
Tassel Garland: Paper Chain Press on Etsy
Invitations: Summer Raine on Etsy
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