Wednesday, March 29, 2017

What's Up Wednesday - March 29th

1. What we're eating this week

Monday: leftovers 
Tuesday: Taco Tuesday! Shrimp & Pineapple Soft Tacos
Thursday: I am having Lasik done Thursday morning so we will most likely be having leftovers
Friday: Kevin is having Lasik so we will be hanging at home. We usually order pizza or burgers but since I have a BA meal I might make this....or save for Sunday and order pizza! lol

2. What I'm reminiscing about
eek - nothing currently?

3. What I am loving
Ryan's new room color! 

We went from Serena and Lily Grass (no longer available)

to Repose Gray by Sherwin Williams

Selecting paint is a PAIN - and especially Gray paint! Ugh...but I found this color and I am in LOVE. I think we might change Hayden's to this once she is ready for a room update. 
Here is a great review of Repose Gray

4. What we've been up to
Charleston (post coming soon!)

5. What I'm dreading
Wearing my glasses for three days before surgery! It's torture!
I know I look happy in this pic AND that is only because there is less than 24 hours left of wearing these!!! 

6. What I'm working on
So I finally made progress on Ryan's room but (surprise surprise) it isn't finished. I am having a hard time figuring out what to do with his walls. I really want to do some shelves for his Lego creations & all the little LEGO men. 

I love this idea from Jedi Craft Girl for the little LEGO men. Looks easy enough :)

And I am just trying to figure out if I want to put a small desk (because eventually he will need one) or just work with the little storage cube we currently have. My only hesitation is that if I hang stuff on the wall now, it will have to change later when he does get a desk. That and what color to do? White, Gray or dark wood like the rest of his furniture? 

7. What I'm excited about
Lasik-- It's finally happening!!! 
Why have I waited this long??? Well, I wanted to wait until we were done having kids....and nursing...and well then life just kept happening. And before I knew it I was 34 years old and working on my 22nd year of contacts!!! Yeah. When I realized that I had been wearing contacts for over 20 years I definitely felt old. 
So excited to get it done! And Kevin too!

8. What I'm watching/reading
Currently reading All the Missing Girls and I am about half-way through. 
So far so's hard to put down at night. I hope I can finish it this weekend!

And we started watching Homeland - I didn't realize season six was out. A little late to the game BUT it's kinda nice to have a bunch to catch up on.

9. What I'm listening to
I heard the song "Greatest Love Story" by LANco last week and I instantly fell in love with it. I don't really know much about this group and I only found three other songs by them - they aren't really the same kinda vibe so I am not sure how I feel about that. 

Also, I love Disney music and have no idea why I don't have any of it to play in the car - but now I do. First up:

Lastly, on the subject of music, I realized that I desperately need a good mix for running. I don't run all that often but when I do I want music and I just don't have a good mix quite yet. 

10. What I'm wearing
Right now I am loving all the ruffle sleeves and cold shoulder tops! 
 Jcrew: Cold Shoulder Top /Jcrew: Ruffle sleeve top /JCrewFactory:Ruffle Sleeve t-shirt 

And one of my new favorite tops that I found at an adorable shop (Maris Dehart) in Charleston 

11. What I'm doing this weekend
Baseball (Grayson has a buy week and Ryan's game was cancelled by the other team)

12. What I'm looking forward to next month
Stonewall Jackson Elementary Auction

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Spring Break - Texas Style

Spring Break, Spring Forward and springing out of a crib.....what a big week!

Our Spring Break started Thursday evening when Kevin and I headed out to Ft. Worth to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Four Day Weekend with their big show at Bass Performance Hall. We had a great time and, of course, lots of laughs!

On Friday night we met friends at Mariano's for dinner. 
At first Hayden was like:

Then, after we waited forever, she was all like:

On Saturday morning Hayden and I headed to Little Lakewood Salon for Celine's Unicorn birthday!
It was adorable!

and so is she :) 
Unicorn piƱata, headband and stuffed animal. #winning

We made it to Houston Sunday afternoon - the weather was more winter break than spring break. Luckily by Monday afternoon it was warm enough to play in the pool!

On Tuesday we headed to the Rodeo!

I love these hats they picked out! 
Hayden wasn't in the mood for a hat...maybe next year.

Just a quick pic with #theAstrodome. 

Tuesday night we headed out to my friend MK's house. 
Sweet Caroline riding around with Hayden. 

Wednesday morning we headed down to Galveston to meet up with friends.
It was COLD.
The kids didn't really care all that much. 

Love this lady!

We lasted about 45minutes. Then it took us the same amount of time to get the kids rinsed off and changed. #thatwasfun

We grabbed dinner before heading back to Houston.

These two decided to have their breakfast on the patio...I'm not sure why they are so serious.
We were suppose to meet up with the Birds and Morgans but there were some sick kiddos so we headed back to Katy instead. 

Grayson was dying to go fishing...I told my parents that on our drive back and by the time we arrived Papu had rigged up some fishing poles with magnets and had metal objects in the bottom of the pool for the kiddos to 'fish' out! They loved it! Kevin flew in Thursday night and was able to spend the rest of the weekend with us. 

On Friday, Yiayia made some yummy pancakes and topped them with special green sprinkles for St. Patricks day!

Two trips to Lupe's...not bad!

The mariachi band was a hit...until they got close...and then my kids froze. 

Saturday morning we headed to Davis's 2nd birthday party

Little lady was pleased as punch to have snacks with this sweet little dinosaur...

And not so thrilled when this large dinosaur came out. All of the two year olds were terrified!

Sweet baby girl giving kisses to daddy!

Hotdogs with Kate!

Sweet Davis turns two!

Grayson, Pierson and Thompson!
Love these cute boys!

Ryan came up with a game for all of the kids -  they were so excited to play. Here they all are patiently waiting...

Love this sweet girl!

We headed home on Sunday and we turned Hayden's crib into a toddler bed!
She was a huge fan!
It happened a little faster than I had anticipated, but she was totally ready. The last two nights at my parents house she insisted on sleeping on a cot instead of her pack n' play. And she never once got up after we put her down. Since she has already given up her naps it wasn't a huge deal to move her out of a cage crib. I love how happy and proud she is when she goes to her bed at night AND it's pretty exciting to have one less thing to pack when we travel! woot woot!
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