Monday, April 24, 2017

Weekend FIVE - 04.21.17

1. Friday Night we headed over to the Botterman's for dinner. They grilled out some chicken and we hung out while the kiddos played! Best kind of Friday nights :)

There is a perfectly functioning swing set in the yard but the kids thought this was so much more fun.  Kevin did too, until the big kids wanted to do it.

Charlie & Hayden sharing a table. 

The big kids. 

9pm - way past her bedtime! We stayed out late but made it home right before the storms hit. Whew!

2. Earth Day at Fair Park
We originally had two baseball games and a soccer game but they were all cancelled because the fields were too wet. Sooooooo, Kevin and I weren't really sure what to do....we knew we had to get out of the house so when we got in the car we made the decision to head to Fair Park for the Earth Day Festival. 

We started at the Texas Discovery Gardens Butterfly House. The kids thought it was great and loved seeing all the butterflies flying around!

Thats a moth!

After the butterfly house we made it into the festival area. There were a lot of booths with all sorts of activities for the kids. 

Decorating rocks

Ryan with a bookworm.

Planting their own plant....

We did a few things, but it was kinda cold so we decided to head back inside and check out the aquarium (another place that we had never been.)

It was the perfect size (and length of activity) that we were looking for! The kids really enjoyed seeing all the fish! 

3. Sunday Brunch
The weather was AMAZING yesterday so we decided to head to Chicken Scratch for an outdoor brunch. 
The kids enjoy the little outdoor area...and the chicken is pretty delicious! 

And fresh fruit popsicles for the win!

5. Baseball
Love these little Stonewall Stars!

Hayden was so happy to hang out with the boys.
Just a step behind the entire time...

Saturday was Papu's birthday and Sunday was Uncle Nick's
Luckily we got to celebrate Papu's birthday when he was here last weekend!
We sent Uncle Nick a few snapchat videos singing...
It looks like him and Vanessa had a great birthday weekend exploring Seattle...

Happy Monday! 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Happy Easter!

6:20am Easter morning!
We grabbed the kiddos out of bed and popped them in the car before they even knew what day it was. Well, Ryan did. He was excited and happy to get dressed.  We decided to go to the sunrise service to avoid the crazy it was outside and the kids can lay on blankets (wiggle as much as they want) without driving us crazy. 

Such a handsome little man!

Donuts + breakfast tacos + blankets = pretty happy crew. 
So Hayden was pretty set on wearing her hat. I am not even sure how she found it on the way out the door. No big deal - most kids were in PJs and some adults were too! lol. 

When we got home they were so excited to see what the Easter bunny had left for them. 
They spent an hour or so playing with everything in their baskets. It was nice to relax and not rush all the Easter surprises in order to get to church - I think we might make the sunrise service a part of our Easter tradition! 

Around 9:30am these guys decided they were ready to hunt for eggs!

Ready. Set. Go!

Checking out all the goodies!
Happy kiddo!

At 11am we packed up and headed over to the Sun's house for Easter brunch. 

My mom made some Greek Easter bread!

 One all the food was set out and ready to go, Hayden hopped up on the bar stool and grabbed some chicken.  I guess she was hungry!

All these cuties!!!

After brunch the dads went out back to hide the confetti eggs.
 I caught these two peeping.

This one wasn't so sure about the whole confetti thing.... 

Love my pretty mama!

All the ladies...

And then we had desert...lots of April birthday's to celebrate! Everyone got their favorite desert :) These might be my top three! Society bakery, Suzie Cakes and JD Chippery! #bestofDallas

And this is what happened later...
Another wonderful holiday with friends and family!

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