Sunday, December 29, 2013

Lakewood Christmas Party

My parents and older brother Nick arrived on Friday - just in time for the cold front and rain...yay! Luckily our plans for Saturday were indoor - we took the boys to the Lakewood Country Club Children's Christmas Party. 

Both little boys sported their little bow ties (although Ryan didn't want to be photographed)

First things first...gotta fill those bellies!

Then the boys sat to watch the magic show! Well, Ryan sat...G didn't last very long!
Ryan was so interested in it - he sat the entire time and was mesmerized!

And then there was this guy walking around...I refer to him as the pirate elf. Betcha didn't know those existed?

And there is Ryan still in the audience. I seriously couldn't get him away...I was scared that when it was finally over he was going to get up and have a huge pee stain on his pants...luckily he didn't :)

Papu and G checked out the birds

Once the magic show was over Ryan wanted to see the birds too!

He even wanted one to get on his arm!

He enjoyed it until it squawked right in his face...then he was over it. 

So we went and decorated cookies. Yum!
We didn't make it to see Santa - the boys were officially over sitting on his lap so I didn't want to push it.  We did, however, peek out there to see the reindeer - so fun! 
After throwing down some cookies and candy we packed up and headed home for naps. We missed the monkey show (which I am sure Ryan would have loved) but there is always next year...

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