Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas Eve Eve

Growing up our Christmas Eve tradition was to make homemade pizza. It takes some work but it's fun and always worth it! This year my parents were headed to Florida on Christmas Eve so we decided to celebrate it a day early.
Papu is the official pizza dough prep-per. 

I am a fan of this picture not only because it demonstrates his skills but you can also see his fancy footwear - flip flops and socks. He really isn't a fan of the cold weather! lol

Grayson and Uncle Steve watching

And daddy and Ryan stealing some pepperoni

Both of the boys LOVED the pizza (as did the rest of us). 

Even Bob got special treatment. Well, not because it was Christmas Eve Eve but because he had been sick all day.  He was actually quite enjoyable because he didn't beg for food at all....

After dinner Grayson decided to kick up his feet and relax

And then we opened GIFTS! We only did this because we decided to celebrate Christmas with my parents and brothers before they we only opened gifts to and from them. It was so much fun and the boys loved everything!

And Nick posted this cute little video titled "Professional Present Modeler" on Instagram:

Ryan was really loving unwrapping all the gifts - he helped everyone with theirs. Grayson enjoyed it as well, but he wasn't nearly as fast as his brother. 
Ryan loved his Doctor dress up costume and Grayson loved his new Dusty the airplane ride-on toy! After seeing how excited Ryan was to open gifts I knew that Christmas morning would not disappoint!

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