Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Dear Ryan (16 months)

Little R,

Happy Thanksgiving! (So...I started this last week) I am so excited that you get to eat with us this year! You are going to love all the yummy food that we eat today!

fast forward...Thanksgiving was so much fun. You ate a little but were a much bigger fan of the leftover sandwiches at Yia Yia's and Grandma's turkey soup she made with leftovers. Yum yum!

So let's see, what have you been up to? Well, walking up a storm. The "switch" (crawling to walking) happened when Yia Yia was in town and your dad was away on business - you just decided you would rather walk than crawl. And that was that. NBD.

Fun things from this past month:
Met Megan (my college roomy) for the first time
Pumpkin carving party
Little Gym

You wake up between 7am and 7:30am and your daddy gets you. You guys share some cereal (unless you are sick and daddy gives you your own bowl) in bed. Once you are done with that mommy takes you and we go make some coffee, which you are a huge fan of - you put the K-cup in and push the button for mommy! - then we watch the Today Show and you play with your toys, eat a 2nd breakfast of yogurt and cheerios, and terrorize Bob. 
Around 8am-ish we head out for a walk with Stacey and Jack. With the holidays and weather we haven't been going as much but we might start mall walking...oh yea. 
Then depending on the day our schedule changes. You typically go down for a nap around 12 or 1pm and sleep for about two hours. When you get up you have a mini snack and then we play. We try to get out of the house at some point in the afternoon. A couple days a week we meet up with your buddy Ford at the park. You guys play on playground, swing and walk around in the field. I hate that it is going to get so cold but I guess we will just have to have inside play dates. 
We make sure to get back home around 5:30 so that you can eat dinner. I get you set up with your food first and then I cook our dinner while you are eating. You like to eat with a fork or spoon even if your food does not require it - so sassy. 
Daddy gets home around 6:15 and you guys play outside until our dinner is ready.  Your dad and I try and sit at the table and eat while you walk around like a crazy man playing with anything and everything. I also give you lots of bites of whatever we are eating (which you are a huge fan seem to like anything that you see us eating). Around 6:45 you and daddy head to the bathroom for your bath. You love bath time and love hanging out with daddy. Around 7:30 it's bedtime and your sweet little booty is up in the air and you are resting up for your next day of fun!

Some times you are more of a fruit-aterain than anything else but generally you still eat pretty well. This past month has been a little tough because you have been working on some new teeth. Your top right (1 year) molar finally popped though yesterday (November 22) and then I also saw your bottom left side tooth   the next day. You had all the signs of teething so it was no surprise.

Foods that you are currently LOVING:
Wheat thins
Yogurt covered raisins
Chocolate milk 

Really starting to love books
Graduated from therapy!
Teeth - Two new teeth this month!

Sizes (no big changes here):
12 - 18 months
Shoes - size 5

Words (in addition to previous months):
Drop (to Macy when we play fetch)
Starting to repeat things that we say (but not saying them on your own)

Other random notes:

You graduated from therapy this month. Our last day was Monday November 14th - Sandy was so impressed with you she didn't know what else we needed to work on! While 

You love playing in the spice cabinet - you take a bunch out and then start putting them in.
You will go get a book or a ball if I ask you to
You point to your nose and oink
You will point to your belly button
You started blowing kisses

It is so amazing to watch you everyday. I swear it seems like you do something new each day and it is so exciting. You are starting to talk so much more and it is so fun to figure out what you are saying. It is so cool to see you understand what we are saying. We love you so so so much!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Thanksgiving 2011

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving at my parents house - the weather was amazing and it was so much fun. We missed my brother Nick this year but are excited to see him at Christmas.

 Why hello Mr. Ryan - did you bring some beer to the party?

 Hanging with Uncle Steve and Macy

Ryan helped Papu fry the turkey. Notice we set up the pool gate - it was so great (and super easy to install). The first day we didn't have it out yet and it was really difficult to be outside with Ryan. He wasn't super interested in getting in the pool but he just wants to walk all over and it's so scary because he could just accidently fall in. It was so nice once the gate was up. Plus on Thanksgiving it also served as a doggy gate - we had to keep Bob pinned up so he wouldn't eat the guests!

Here are the pups hanging out all pinned up. 

I LOVED my mom's table setting for Thanksgiving. Her dining room is so beautiful and everything looked so great. Plus she handled ALL the cooking this year (except the fried turkey) - she made mashed potatoes, green bean casserole, sweet potato casserole, stuffing and even baked a ham and an extra turkey breast! WOW! Such an amazing mom - glad she is mine!

Check out these adorable turkey plates!

Yummy fried turkey!

Ryan's first Thanksgiving turkey - he only ate a little but really enjoyed the leftover turkey sandwiches we had the next day!

Gobble gobble! Hope everyone had a great day!

Margarita Ball

Last week before we left for Houston Kevin and I had a fun night out at the Margarita Ball. It was a lot of fun and the best part was getting all gussied up! I was able to go to Dry Bar and get an updo - pretty sure I haven't done in forever. I loved how the girl did my hair BUT the bobby pins were starting to fall out before I even got my dress on - in Ryan's words, uh-oh.

Fresh from Dry Bar - my little man was so happy!
 the back...
 At the pre party.... 
 And the Ball at last (these pics are from my iphone which doesn't do so well in the dark)
 Cheers! (don't worry - just a prop!)

 Ashley, myself and Stefanie

All in all it was a crazy night - not so much because we were crazy but the whole event - it is wild. There is so much people watching to do....We had a fun time and Kevin and I ended the night with a stop at McDonalds - yum!

Thanksgiving Week

I started this post last week and forgot to post....

We are back in Dallas after a week in Houston. Ryan and I flew down last Sunday and then Kevin joined us (he drove down with the dogs) on Wednesday.  We had such a great time seeing friends and family!

We flew Southwest and although our flight was cancelled we actually were able to get on an earlier flight (15 minutes...yeah thats Southwest for you, a flight every 15 minutes) and everything was peachy. Ryan did really well on the flight - I had so much entertainment for him he didn't really have a chance to complain - that and it was only 40 minutes.

MK and Caroline picked us up from the airport and we headed back to their house. On the way we picked up our college roomy MEGAN who was in town visiting from New York City. I haven't seen her in forever and she had never met Ryan so it was so much fun being able to catch up with her. We continued the catching up over a yummy dinner that Mk made and by adding more friends.
 Thompson wasn't so sure what to do with the soup - so he removed it to play with the bowl.
Caroline was so cute and wanted to sit next to her friend Ryan
The next day we were able to have a much needed girls lunch. It was so much fun catching up...over a couple glasses of wine! We really need to plan a trip to NYC to visit Megan!

T came and picked us up from MK's and we headed to Katy. We had a fun and successful shopping date with Mrs. Bird on Tuesday where T and J picked out lots of furniture for Jennifer's new Optometry office that will open in January! It was a little difficult with Ryan in tow but at least I got to chat with them at lunch :)

On Wednesday Kevin finally joined us - Ryan was super excited to see his daddy! We were able to relax and hang out around the house. On Thursday we had a wonderful Thanksgiving with family and friends (already posted details).

On Friday evening Kevin and I headed back into Houston to hang out with friends. My parents graciously watched our little man for us - lucky us! We went to dinner at a cute restaurant in The Heights and then had some beers at a place called Celtic Garden.  
We took this picture before we left Katy...just goofing around pretending to decorate the tree. 

And one with the little man. He wasn't in a picture taking mood but we made him anyways. Such a fun week! Our next trip back to Houston will be in January and I am sure it will be here before we know it!

Friday, November 25, 2011

10 Black Friday Deals/Sales

Well, it's 11am and while we thought about getting out in the craziness to do some shopping we ultimately decided against it.  The little man is working on some serious teeth right now, so it's probably best if we just stay in. With that being hasn't stopped me from a little online shopping. Here are some great deals/sales that I have found:

1. Tory Burch (Sale ends 11.28.11)
Been eyeing this tan clutch for a while now and 20% off is amazing! There is also free standard shipping on items of $250 or more AND you get a free Tory Burch "Black Friday" tote if you order anything today.  I am so tempted but I should be good... 

2. Ralph Lauren (Sale ends 11.28.11)
I love Ralph Lauren polos for my little man but they do add up so it's great when you can find them on sale. If you are lucky you can find them at discount stores such as Marshalls or TJ Maxx, but they are often picked over.  Anyhow, the site is having a sale so stock up!
There is also free shipping for a limited time!

3. Pottery Barn Kids (today only)
The Anywhere chair is such an awesome chair 

PBK also has this deal going on through Sunday:

4. Stella and Dot: They just added some new sale items so check it out!

5. Banana Republic:
In store you can get 40% off your total purchase until 1pm. After 1pm you get 25% off. And if you just want to stay home and shop online they are offering 35% and free shipping over $50. Not bad

7. Cusp: New sale items to check out!

8. The Gap

9. Groop Dealz (This is another site that emails you daily deals - they have a lot of cute things for the home and for kids!) Sign up for free. 

Most of you know my obsession with Chevron so I thought I would share this deal they have running today:

10. And lastly, my latest obsession, Erin Condren: (this sale only lasts until 12 PST, so you have to go fast!)

Happy shopping!

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Day!

Thankful for so many things in my life! Today I am thankful for the beautiful day we had and that we were able to spend it with my wonderful family.
Hope everyone had a lovely day and hope everyone's bellies are STUFFED! 
(Today Ryan turned 16 months - post coming soon!)

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

iphone dump

It's been a while since I posted pictures from my iphone and that's mainly because I rarely use it to take pictures these days. I am still so sad that my iphone 4 was stolen and while I am grateful to have an iphone to use, the 3 just doesn't compare. It's so S L O W....and the camera quality...ugh.

This is a picture of a picture - it was from school. They had a firetruck come and visit and they got to take pictures. 

Just hanging out on the front porch with Thomas the Train.

Another picture of a picture....this was Western Week at school (which I didn't know about because I forgot to pick up a calendar :( ) Anyhow, they had all sorts of super fun games for the kiddos. 

This was actually the day we left for Jamaica - little man looks pretty happy. 

What a sizzler!

Ryan and Ford playing at Tieze park. We have a lot of these days .... the four o'clock text....let's meet at the park :)

So fun!

Playing at Glencoe park with Macy. 

Swinging with dad

Playing with Macy

Lunch at chick-fil-a. Ryan is a huge fan of dipping.

Chick-fil-a twice in one week! Yay!

I just love that Macy likes to lay down and eat. She is so relaxed. 

Ryan and cousin Audrey...tieze park. Huge fan of the little red car. 

This past weekend we took both of the dogs to Glencoe park. Kevin made Bob walk the entire way there (which is a mile). Bob was exhausted, but pleased with himself. 

What a workout.

Ryan LOVES to hold the leash. 

Since Bob couldn't walk back he rode with Ryan. He started out with him but Ryan kept grabbing his mini legs so we had to move him. 

Bob was ok with it. 
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