Sunday, February 19, 2012

Project 366 - week 7

February 12 - Big slobbery mouth kisses
February 13 - Playing at the Children's Museum 
February 14 - Snacking on some yummy Valentine treats
February 15 - Date night with mommy at Chick-fil-a
February 16 - Scared of the air-track at Little Gym
February 17 - Conked out for nap time
February 18 - Saturday morning breakfast with daddy at Fuzzy's

Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Fun

Hope it made you laugh!

I found this on pinterst (but with a weiner dog) and forgot to pin it. When I went back to find it, it was gone. So I made one with Bob - oh Bob....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day

Hope everyone had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We had a great day at the McDonough household...

Daddy got up with Ryan and when they came into the room to wake me Ryan brought me a little card he was working on. I just love anything that he makes (even though you kinda start expecting these things) I just can't get enough - so cute.

Picture of card coming soon!

We stopped at Society Bakery on the way to school to pick up some cupcakes for his teachers. There was quite a line (good thing we left a little early) but little R did good waiting - it took 30 minutes! We were a tad late to school - oops!

With R in school I went and got my hair done and then hit up the gym - yeah I didn't plan that well but my appointments were set so it was too late to change. Afterwards I picked up Ryan from school and to my surprise he had a few Valentine's from some of his classmates - so cute! I was a little bummed that it NEVER even crossed my mind to make valentine's for his buddies but there is always next year. Man...I would have been all over that!!!

When we got home we were surprised with Tiff's Treats - and wow - a lot of them!
Holy smokes....we ended up with THREE dozen cookie, 6 chocolate covered strawberries, regular milk, chocolate milk and a little festive balloon. Wowzers. Both my mom and Kevin sent the treats...apparently they know I like cookies? Ryan and I shared a few cookies before heading out to deliver some goodies to his cousins.

Kevin got home a smidgen early and we exchanged cards. Ryan also gave him his Valentine card that he worked so hard on.

Pic of ACTUAL card coming! Still need to take!

Then we got to cooking. Kevin was going to prepare everything but then I saw this twice baked potato casserole on Pinterest and decided I needed to make that. It was a little dry but still ridiculously delicious. Next time I will add milk.

Anyhoo, Kevin grilled some amazing steaks and we had a nice little home cooked meal. If you haven't noticed I have been a little bad at the home cooking lately....oops!

And that about summed it up. Nothing fancy and it was perfect for us. Love my little family!

Hope everyone had a great day!

Project 366 - week 6

February 5 - Snuggling with daddy and watching the Super Bowl
February 6 - Ryan LOVES stacking his nesting blocks up and then knocking them OVER!
February 7 - Bringing mommy a book to read before bedtime
February 8 - Thrilled to have ice in his sippy cup
February 9 - Goodbye kisses and hugs from Audrey
February 10 - Looking handsome with his new haircut and cardigan
February 11 - Chocolate happiness

Oops! Feb 8 & 9 should be switched but I don't feel like going back and correcting it!

Monday, February 13, 2012


I saw these floating around on facebook and they made me giggle!

Before I had Ryan I was an online media planner/buyer - this is pretty spot on!

And then I found this one...for my current job

haha! Thought they were funny and wanted to share!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

A Day in the Life

So, even though I document Ryan's daily routine in his monthly letters I wanted to go ahead and actually document a full day. I think it will be fun to look back at one day. Get ready for picture and info overload!
6:58 am -  I hear my little man stirring in his crib. He usually wakes up around 7:30ish-8, but I'm not super surprised because he was up twice last night. I think he is teething which always throws the whole sleep schedule out the door. 

7:03 am - Uh oh....might be a long day...first tantrum only five minutes after waking up! Yikes! Daddy meets us in the kitchen and is already getting Ryan's breakfast. Daddy feeds him his breakfast (yogurt & cherrios) while I sneak back into bed. 

7:30 am - The boys head to the bedroom so daddy can get ready for work. Ryan and I play on the bed - he pokes at Bob. Eventually that gets boring so we finally get up. I get ready for the day while Ryan runs around playing with whatever he finds. 

8:00 am - Ryan and I play in his room, then play out in the living room. Eventually, I put on a Baby Einstein video so that I can distract him to get him ready for the day. 

8:32 am - Diaper change, hair combed, teeth brushed - ready to go! (Out the door at 8:42am) As I am driving to Soccer Tots I realize that I didn't eat and am STARVING. I make a quick stop at Taco C for a bean and cheese breakfast taco. Some might think thats an odd choice, but it's delicious. Yum! Plus we still made it to class on time (9am-ish). 

9:51 am - It's the end of class and the little boys are losing interest. They are suppose to be sitting down waiting to kick a soccer ball in the goal but instead Ford and Ryan are hanging out behind the goal. Oops!

After soccer we make a quick trip to Michaels so that I can pick up some stuff for Ryan to make some Valentine Day cards (I saw something cute on Pinterest that I want him to make). Anyhow, after that we ran to The Gap - I had to grab the little man a few little items. They have a lot of new Spring items in AND I got him the most ADORABLE green pants. I can't wait for him to wear them.  After that we hightailed it home so my little man could eat and get down for his nap. 

11:35 am - Eating some lunch with my little man. We tried noodles, strawberries and apples. He ate about one noodle then on the second one he chewed it up and spit it out (that is what is on his jeans). oh well. I suppose he filled up on the pirates booty, yogurt melts and cranberries that I gave him in the car.  

12:14 pm - Little man is down. 
Typically I use Ryan's nap time to clean, organize,  craft or blog but I just wasn't feeling it today. I had to sneak back into bed (did I mention I was up twice with the little bug last night?) Yeah, don't judge but I took a nap. It was wonderful.

1:32 pm - I was rudely awaken by a loud banging on the side of my house. It was so odd and I had no idea what was going on. I leapt out of bed and started looking out the windows and I found a man in my backyard! Normally I would be freaking out (seriously freaking out) but he had an Oncor hard hat on (gas company) and he was about 50+. He looked pretty safe. I opened the back door and think I scared the crap out of him - he was super apologetic. Anyhow, I was still so out of it and I completely forgot to ask him what in the heck he was doing. (He was out there by our gas meter/fuse box - perhaps installing a new one? - I guess I should go look).  Oh well. I still don't know how he got into our backyard. I guess he had to scale the 8ft fence? Blah, he ruined my nap so I got up and did some things around the house. 

3:10 pm - I hear Ryan in his room. I was thinking that he might wake up a little happier with a nice three hour snooze. Bad news: he is awake but not happy. Poor little man.

3:12 pm - Out of the crib but not out of mommy's arms. Love when he likes to snuggle.
I was planning to take him to get a hair but, but with his current mood I decided not to push my luck.  Instead, we decided to have a snack (he opted for dried cranberries), read a few books, talk with Yiayia and play with some toys. At 4pm we packed it up and headed out for music class. 

4:17 pm - Helping put the toys away at Kindermusik. 

4:44 pm - Taking a break in music class to check out their cool bear claw stamps that coach Kirby gave them at soccer this morning.

6:07 pm - Eating dinner with cousin Ethan. 
After music I ran to Whole Foods to grab some food for dinner then we headed over to the Hales house. Since both Kevin and Michael weren't getting home until late tonight we decided to get together for dinner. Ryan loved eating with Ethan and playing with Lyla and Audrey. 

7:02 pm - Bath time! Ryan gets so excited and starts trying to take off his clothes (but he can't yet). Anyhow, in the first picture his little feet are going to fast because he is just so excited to hop in. And then, there he is so happy to be in the tub...with his toys.

7:28 pm - Out of the tub, jammies on, getting ready to wind down. I was on my way to grab some milk and he had (his last of about 20 today) a meltdown in the hallway - can someone say "Bedtime"?

7:42 pm - After a couple of books he sat back, grabbed his milk and started twirling his hair. That's the sign. I quickly brushed his teeth, filled the humidifier, and got him down in his crib. He was so tired and seriously fell asleep before I even got out of the room. I hope you sleep well and have sweet dreams. I know you didn't feel that great today so hopefully tomorrow will be better!

8:00 pm - I clean up all the toys, wipe down the kitchen, get myself ready for bed then relax by watching my shows! New Modern Family and Happy Endings tonight - yay!  Oh and of course blogging....

10:45 pm - Daddy comes home from a quick evening trip to Austin. He had a meeting at 6pm that he flew down for. He usually gets home around 6:15 and gets a lot more time with Ryan. I know he hates to come home late but luckily it doesn't happen that often. 

So that is a glimpse into a day in the life of a stay at home mommy. It's exhausting but I wouldn't trade it for anything!

Project 366 - week 5

January 29 - Celebrating Grandpa's birthday!
January 30 - Reading with daddy before bedtime
January 31 - Dinner with cousins - Audrey & Lyla
February 1 - Kicking the ball at soccer tots!
February 2 - Ryan LOVES the fish at school
February 3 - Meeting little Jackson for the first time - what a doll!
February 4 - What a looker! Trying on glasses at Bird's Eye View Optometry Grand Opening party!
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