Monday, December 16, 2013

Buddy's Shenanigans (Days 6 - 17)

Buddy has been busy!

Day 6
Crazy ol' elf dug head first in a bag of m&ms...and Ryan thought it was hilarious!

Day 7
Buddy nestled himself right into our centerpiece poinsetta. He looks quite dashing I must say....

Day 8 & 9
I think I moved him...but I don't seem to have pics, so I guess we will never know! 

Dec 10
And into the tree...weeeeeeeeee!

Day 11
Quick and easy spot for Buddy. 

Day 12
Grayson and I were up before Ryan and after he ate breakfast I sat let him down and asked him if he could find Buddy. I really didn't expect him to but to my complete surprise he looked around for a minute or so then walked over to the fireplace and pointed right at him and said Buddy. Seriously. It was crazy. It was one of those moments when you think...My child is a GENIUS! lol. Yes, I know how silly that sounds. and I don't care. 

Day 13
Buddy decided to hang out in the advent calendar...

Day 14 &15
Buddy decided to go fishing...during the boys naptime. And since he was having so much fun he decided to stay a little while. Ryan loved that he was fishing and when I told him Buddy was having so much fun he didn't want to move Ryan was totally on board. 

Day 16
Hanging out in Ryan's stocking

Day 17
What's that? I am actually ahead on this whole elf thing? him ready for tomorrow...not that he is doing anything too crazy. This spot should be good expect I can totally see Grayson climbing up on the couch and pulling the tree down to get him...

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