Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Little Miss Hayden - 2.5 years

Age: 2.5 years (as of February 8)
Weight: 28.8lbs
Height: 37"

These two spend a lot more time together since Ryan is in school...and I would love to say that they are the best of friends. I mean, take a look...aren't they cute???


But it usually ends up like this...
In case you need more explanation - she is about to whack him. And he whacks right back....it's a whole thing.

She REALLY does love her brothers

and she LOVES hanging out with the boys...

But we are starting to do more girly things...

She started ballet and tap in January. It's so darn cute!!! 

And Girl Parties!


Tea parties!

Speaking of "girl" things. Let's talk accessories. 


Every Monday when the boys have swimming Hayden insists on wearing her goggles. Please note that when she has swim lessons she will not wear them. She is a goof!

She also LOVES hats. 
and bows...

I was hoping to get her in a little flower crown but she wanted the little Wurstfest hat.

She typically wears a construction or fireman hat when she plays dress up.

And her latest accessory is her cowgirl boots! They go with everything...
and with nothing :)

Moving along...

Hair is a whole new area for me....
Top knots, piggy tails...

and crazy hair!!! 
She is not a fan of me messing with her hair. If I try and brush it she will scream like I am attacking her. My favorite is when I work so hard to get a rubber band in and a bow and then she rips it right out. Every once in a while she will get annoyed with her hair in her face and she will let me pull it back - but I have to make quick work. 

She doesn't mind when I pull her hair back so she can eat something sweet...

or just lick it...
She licks the top off of everything. Like icing off the donuts and cupcakes and butter off of bread. She also tends to eat the meat and cheese out of a sandwich....not sure what she's got against carbs!

Clothes: Fits in 2T/3T
Favorite Foods:
- yogurt. She starts every morning with about 3 cups of yogurt. I know...
- apple sauce (in squishy pouch)
- "naks" - fruit snacks
- Steak
- pizza (she ate FOUR slices of grimaldi's pizza the other night!)
- chicken nuggets
- hotdogs
ice cream....
And cheese! And of course I love her CHEESE face!!!



Favorite Words: Mama/Dada
Recently she has started talking ALOT. It's not all incredibly understandable but she's doing it. In fact the other day I heard her say her name for the first time! I know, it seems a little late for that but she finally confirmed that she could say it. She will play the "Hayden, tell me who this is" game until she realizes everyone wants to hear their name then she goes silent. She pronounces her brothers names like this:
Grayson: gay-sen
Ryan: why-an

Favorite Activities:
Little Gym

Least Favorite Activities:
Diaper change

Favorite Things:
Paw Patrol
Peppa Pig
YouTube Kids (ugh)
Her Dollhouse

Hotwheels & her dollhouse

Favorite Song
Head shoulders Knees and Toes
Twinkle Twinkle

Signature Moves:
- Her dance - when she is proud of herself she will stand up and wiggle her hips with satisfaction.

- Her "shy" face

It's hard to get a picture of it but she basically will not acknowledge the person (EVEN SANTA!). It's almost a struggle because she wants so badly to look at them but just won't. Eventually she will try to move her eyes but she won't turn her face. She's silly.

Bad Habits/Parent Fails:
- Paci
- YouTube Kids
- Fruit snack obsession

Anything else?
She has basically dropped her nap. If she takes one, then she takes forever to go to bed at night. It's not a huge issue since she is still in a crib, but she will bang her feet on the wall and screams for fun. So its better when she is tired and ready for bed...

I love that she has a "lovey" and she really didn't become attached to it until after she turned two. She randomly started sleeping with an animal (it was a little fox at first) and Ryan's baby (blue) blanket. I don't know when or why, but she switched to this little rabbit and I got her her own pink baby blanket (just like Ryan's). 

I couldn't have asked for a more perfect little girl!


I love my little sidekick so much!
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