Saturday, December 28, 2013

Advent Days 8 - 16

Day 8
Christmas Cookies and Hot Chocolate Play date
On Sunday we had a super fun hot chocolate play date planned with our neighbors - Hanna & Kate. Ryan LOVES these girls so he was incredibly excited for our afternoon treat! While the boys napped I headed out to Nat's Annual Cookie Exchange - and came home with tons of yummy cookies! It was perfect to bring over for our play date! The boys had a blast playing with legos and the girls!

 Day 9
Trains at North Park
We headed up to North Park to meet some friends and check out the trains. We actually got there right in time for story time with Santa so we decided to check that out first. 
The boys enjoyed it...although Santa was a tad longwinded...I think he could have shortened it just a tad! After his story we headed up to the trains!

Little G is a tad short this year but he loved the two areas where he could see the trains! 
Ryan loved watching all the trains but his favorite part was pushing all the buttons to see what they did! He found them all...and was impressed with each one! It's the little things...
Next year I want to buy a railcar for the boys! Proceeds go to the Ronald McDonald House of Dallas charity and I know they would love to find their train riding around!

After the trains we headed to the food court to get some Chick-fil-a! 
On the way out we checked out the awesome gingerbread house village - Yum!

Day 10
Celebrate Lyla's 8th birthday
We headed to Gloria's to celebrate Lyla's 8th birthday! The boys had a blast...Ryan just loves to sing Happy Birthday!

Day 11
Christmas Craft (done on Saturday night)

Day 12
Watch Rudolph the Red Nosed Reindeer (done on Saturday night)

Day 13
Sleepover @ Gigi & Papas
We had Kevin's company Christmas party so the boys were invited to spend the night with Gigi & Papa. Ryan was soooo excited!
Making cookies with Gigi!

Kevin and I stayed at the Omni (where the holiday party was) and had a wonderful night away! The VMG party was casino themed which was so much fun! The food, music and entertainment was awesome - best VMG party yet!

So much fun!

Day 14
Tickets to the Dallas Symphony Orchestra Family Christmas Concert
I was only able to secure two tickets so Ryan and I had a little date!

And there was SNOW at the end!

And on Saturday evening we played a little catch up with the ol' advent calendar...

We did our Christmas craft and made puppets! 

And then watch Roudolph the Red-nosed Reindeer...Ryan loved it!

Day 15
Check out Christmas Lights
After dinner we headed over to Hunter's Glenn to check out the amazing houses! Ryan LOVES looking at Christmas lights. He loves to point out Santa, Reindeer and Frosty the Snowman...

Day 16
Make Christmas Cards
Watch Frosty the Snowman
I don't seem to have any pictures of this but we did do this....

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