Monday, January 31, 2011

Happy Friday

This past Friday we had such a fun day. We spent all morning with Yia Yia T before she headed back to Houston. The weather was so nice so we went for a nice long walk on the Katy Trail. Ryan and I got some pics in the backyard.

Then we headed over the the Hales for some wine and pizza. The Botterman's, Sun's, Pearson's and Mike and Mary were there as well.  It was so great to hang out and enjoy the amazing weather.

Cousin E and Ryan

Truman & Megan

Little Truman

Ryan and Grandpa

Look at those cheeks!

Lyla and Truman

Ryan was tired!!!

Just hanging out

The little kiddos eating ice cream!

Little R taking another nap

Reading a book with Stacey

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Dear Ryan (6 months)

Dear little R -

Someone around here is totally getting chubby.....and it's not mommy! OMG I swear you have grown so much just in the last two weeks.

Check out those chunky thighs

Every morning I wake up to you cooing through the monitor. When I get into your room you find me with your eyes and give me a huge smile! So sweet - melts my heart! I love that I get to wake up every day with you!

You are not rolling over consistently but you have done it. I have found you on your stomach before so you have gone from back to stomach and you actually rolled over from stomach to back (for the first time) when I was taking all these pics! I know you are going to add rolling over into your playtime any day and I am sure you will be like - What mommy? It's no big deal. Although you are not rolling over you are definitely getting stronger. Every day you are doing something new and now you really love trying to sit up. I help you since you can't do it on your own but it's only a matter of time until you don't need mommy anymore.

Taking a break
Not ready to get back up...thinking of maybe rolling over. 

Pee-a-boo! Right after this you rolled over! 

And ended up on your back! So proud!

Last month I said that you put everything in your mouth but this month your do it even MORE. Everything you get your sweet little hands on goes right to the ol mouth. When we went to the grocery store you grabbed at everything I was putting into the cart, so I brought it closer to you so you could touch it but all you wanted to do was put it in your mouth. You love your paci and have learned how to take it out of your mouth but you can't quite get it back in. It comes back to your mouth but usually the wrong way - which makes you a little angry but we get it fixed and you are happy again.

You LOVE to talk. You make these super cute loud squeaks and love it when we talk back to you - like we are talking your own special language. You really love it when I say Mama or Baba or Papa - it makes you giggle. The first time you giggled was this month and it was when I was saying Pa Pa over and over again. It actually started hurting my mouth but I kept doing it because you were so darn cute GIGGLING!

You LOVE Bob. I am not quite sure how he feels about you but you don't really care at all. He makes you smile a lot and sometimes you even laugh at him. When we take Bob out to pee we wait for him together at the back door and get excited when you see him come up to the door. It's super cute. We give him a treat together and I am sure one day you are going to love doing that yourself.  Sometimes you try to pet him but it is more like a grab - and your grabs are a little fierce but he has yet to bite you - only growls - which you totally don't mind.

We go to physical therapy every Monday and you give Sandy the BIGGEST smiles when you get there. You are such a HAM! Sandy stretches you for an hour and you are pretty ok with it for most of the time but then you get tired and hungry. You always fall asleep on the way home - all that stretching makes my little man tired.

This month we started Little Gym and Kindermusik and you LOVE them both! We go to Kindermusik on Wednesdays and Little Gym on Thursdays - you are a busy little man. In Kindermusik you have two friends that are around your age - Mica and Grant. The rest of the class is a little older but they all love to play with you. You love the shake the rattles and look around when we are all singing. At Little Gym you have a lot more buddies that are around your age and you guys are all so cute! Barry is your teacher and he is so nice and fun.

Got my TOES!

Loving this new giraffe

Thumbs Up:
Tummy Time - Yay!
Bath time
Little Gym
Baby Einstein

Thumbs down:
Taking your bottle away before you are done
When you can't get your paci back in

Your daily schedule is still pretty great. We wake up sometime between 7am and 8am and you nurse. We play together and stretch for about 30 minutes depending on how long you will tolerate it. Then you watch a quick baby einstein video which you really love. After your video you are usually ready for your morning nap so I help you fall asleep and you take a nap in your crib! You nap anywhere from 30min to an hour and a half. Obviously mommy digs the hour and a half because then I can get things done around the house. When you wake up you nurse again and then depending on what day it is we venture out for your activity. You continue to nurse every three hours but you only take 20 minutes to eat now so we can basically do it anywhere which is nice. We try to get home for an afternoon nap but sometimes you fall asleep in your car seat. It's pretty comfy so you don't seem to mind. Then when daddy gets home you basically still have the same routine. Play with daddy, bath time, then you guys read some book and hang out before your last bottle. You last bottle has always been 6 ounces of breast milk until you were 5.5 months, which is when you got hungrier and we had to start supplementing with formula (bottles changed to 6 oz of breast milk and then 2 oz of formula).  Sidenote: I stopped pumping in the morning at 6 months because after two weeks I was still only getting 1 ounce total.  Anyhow, I still pump at night so I will continue to give you as much breast milk as I can and we will supplement the rest with formula, which you don't mind at all.  You are basically passed out by the end of the bottle and daddy burps you and swaddles you up and tucks you in. Once you hit the crib you are a goner and you sleep soundly through the night.  Yay!

Our last big event this month was getting your Doc band. It really doesn't bother you at all and we think you look quite handsome in it! We have to take it off 4x's a day so that we can get your stretching in and you don't seem to mind taking it on and off either - so thats good.

We love you to pieces!


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sick little man

My poor little man is so sick! This morning he seemed much better once he was awake and the entire time we were at the doctor's office then all of the sudden he took a turn for the worse. Ryan fell asleep on the car ride home from his appointment and snoozed a little while longer once we got home. Since he had gotten shots I had expected that he would be a little sleepier than normal. When he woke up he still seemed in good spirits so I fed him then we ran up to Bed, Bath & Beyond to get him a humidifier and some supplies to organize our pantry. While we were there my little man just fell apart. He started sneezing and snot was just dripping out of his nose. Poor little guy! I felt so bad! We went right home so I could get him in his crib for a good nap. He took a two hour nap and woke up happy. Although he was happy he definitely still had a little runny nose and a little cough. We played and hung out then I had my photoshop class. When I got home at 8:30 Kevin said that the little man only ate three ounces of the bottle he gave him - he usually downs six! Ryan has never passed up food so I know the little guy must feel horrible. When I got home he was passed out in Yia Yia T's arms - so exhausted. We decided to wake him up and give him a bath before trying to give him another bottle. We noticed he seemed really warm and took his temperature - little guy now has a little fever. We gave him some tylenol - first time for that - hope it works! Kevin just struggled getting another 4 ounces into him. I think it's hard for him to eat since he can't really breath out of his nose. I really hope he gets a good nights rest and wakes up feeling much better tomorrow! I guess we will see how it goes.

On another note - during his two hour nap today I cleaned out our pantry. We have such a small space for all of our food and it tends to get super messy, super fast. I often don't know what we have and what we don't I decided to tackle this and I am so happy with our nice clean pantry. Take a look!

I know....scary!

Top and Bottom areas

Close up - YIKES!

Two hours later: 

So clean :)

Yay for a clean and organized pantry. Boo for a sick baby! Let's see what tomorrow brings.

Six month checkup

We just got back from our six month check up and Ryan is fast asleep.  I was a little nervous going to this appointment because we switched our pediatrician (but are still at the same practice).  I was worried we would run in to our old one -- eek! But luckily we didn't. I am sure they are use to people switching so it's not a big deal. Anyhow, we met with his new pediatrician, Dr. Neely, and really like him. I also really loved his nurse. She was so nice and gentle with the little man - especially when giving the shots! I think Ryan really likes her too! Ryan did so well - he is so happy when the nurse and Dr. Neely are checking him out - lots of smiles!  He got DPT, Hib and Hep B shots as well as the first of a two part flu shot. So many shots but he did great and only cried for a little bit until I was able to pick him up and he calmed right down.  We were so proud to find out that he is up to 14lbs 1 oz!!! Yay Ryan! Here are his stats:

Weight: 14 lbs 1 oz (8%)
Height: 26.25 in (50%)
Head: 41.8 cm (8%)

Last night Ryan didn't sleep very soundly. When we put him down for bed we noticed that he started coughing. It wasn't a wheezing loud cough, just more of a quick dry cough that he would do like evr 30 min or so. It was a little weird because he was fine all day so we didn't know what was wrong. All night long I heard him cough but he never really woke himself up.  He slept until 7am (which is normal) and when we went to get him I noticed his nose was a little stuffy. Once he was up and fed he seemed back to normal (no coughing or runny nose). We brought it up at his appointment and found out that the little man has a virus. Nothing major - something he just picked up from another little kid. He has a sore throat which is causing his cough. Dr. Neely said it would run its course and the best thing would to get a humidifier to run at night. The good news is that Ryan really doesn't seem bothered by it.  He is one happy little man!

Monday, January 24, 2011

Happy six months!

Happy Happy (half) Birthday to my little sizzler!!! Tonight we celebrated Ryan's six month birthday! We had party hats, cupcakes and a couple of little presents - yay! Ryan didn't eat his cupcake, but he posed with it :) (Mommy loves a photo opt.)

Party hats for everyone! Even Bob!

Yay six months!

I LOVE bubbles! 

Ok mommy, I am done with this....

Happy six months to my little love bug! We LOVE you to the moon and back!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

WCJ Designs - National Down's Syndrome Society

My super talented and creative friend Whitney, of WCJ Designs, is running a fundraiser for the National Down's Syndrome Society.   If you haven't ever checked out her greeting cards you should now - they are adorable! 100% of profits from the "Nella's Rockstars" section (far left side of her Etsy website) will be donated to the ONEder fund & the NDSS.  10% of all other cards sold through February 28th (including custom orders) will also go to this amazing cause.  If you can just purchase just 1 greeting card (prices start at $1.99), that would be so appreciated! 

Greetings can be found at

Custom Orders:  For new babies, engagements, weddings and more, please just shoot Whitney an email & she'll get right to work on your design. Proofs are always sent for your approval before you are billed. Prices for custom orders range from $6.50-$7.00.   Previous custom designs can be found by clicking on the "# of sales" section on her Etsy site (on the bottom left side of the website in the "shop info" section.)  

Sending direct:   WjC designs will include your personalized message inside the card & send the card directly to your recipient.  Just include the message & shipping address when you purchase on Etsy.   Below are a few pictures of recent custom designs.

Thank you!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Our first Doc band day!

iPhone dump from today!

Hanging with Ryan at Cranial Technologies waiting on his new Doc band.

So tired - It's nap time mommy! Take me home please.

Napping with my head gear...well about to fall asleep

My SWEET little man!

Hanging out at Little Gym!

Got my toy!

BUBBLES! And I am tired again...ready for a nap!

And lastly - Grandma stopped by and brought us yummy cupcakes from a new bakery in Inwood Village. YumYum!!!

What a fun Thursday!

It's here

So the helmet is here or shall I say it's on! Ryan did so well at his appointment this morning. He is such a happy little man and didn't even notice when we put the helmet on him! Today and tomorrow we are suppose to let him wear it in three hour increments. After three hours we take off and monitor any red marks - once they have cleared (usually takes less than an hour) the helmet goes back on. As his skin gets use to the helmet the marks will go away so by Saturday he will be in it full time.

I just ordered the Turtle Shell decorations which was everyone's favorite (including mom and dad's), so hopefully it will be here early next week! It's 11:30 now so he has been wearing it for almost two hours and is not phased in the least. We even had a feeding and it didn't cause any issues. Business as usual. Hopefully tonight it won't cause any issues with his sleeping - he is such a good little sleeper - fingers crossed!!

Monday, January 17, 2011

Doc band decorating

We are getting Ryan's Doc band on Thursday and I still haven't figured out how I am going to decorate it! I was planning to do the cutouts myself but I can't find any adhesive paper in colors that I want. There is a site called where you can order stickers so I might do that. Here are a few that I thought were cute:

Which design do y'all like best? I might still try and paint the helmet but it makes me nervous because you only get one try - if I mess up we can't just get another one! 
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