Friday, January 30, 2015

January fun

Happy Friday! We are so excited for the weekend, with Kevin traveling this week it will be great to relax and have some fun family time. Although the weather doesn't look that great I am excited for an overdue date night tomorrow night, celebrating Kevin's dad's birthday with a family brunch on Sunday and hanging with friends at the Haydel's Super Bowl party. 

Speaking of fun...I haven't shared the fun we have had over this past month, so I'll go ahead and do that now.
Dinner at HG SPLY for Lindsey's birthday...and then an impromptu dinner at Marianos the next weekend. 

Lindsey held Hayden while I fed her sweet was a tad messy, especially since I forgot her bib. Oops! The Parks were slightly frightened by the mess. 

Cheering for the Cowboys

These three :) Love.

The Tantintarawats invited us over for a family friendly dinner - so much fun with all the kiddos. Grayson had fun playing peek-a-boo with baby Liam!

About mid-month the sun finally came out! We enjoyed a fun outdoor play date and a picnic in our backyard with the Bishop boys.

The kids had a great time celebrating Andy's 5th and Jacks 3rd birthdays!

My sweet little girl has been really clingy snuggle-ly there is a lot of napping on me. I am thinking this has to do with teething but I am soaking it this little lady!

Another beautiful day for a picnic. 

Grayson wants to have a picnic for every meal. 

The weather turned yucky again so it was perfect to go see a movie. I took the boys to see Paddington Bear and they loved it. It was Grayson's first movie so he was a little skeptical with the dark theatre and loud sound system...but he warmed up to it and actually did pretty well.  He sat on my lap and snuggled with me the entire this little boy!


Happy morning faces :)

Loving her exersaucer - she always tries to eat the bird!

Check out that juicy thigh

Another beautiful day in January so we headed to the zoo with friends. 
Grayson was not a fan of feeding the birds.

Checking out the animals

These kiddos loved the penguins

And were huge fans of the little baby monkey who was basically putting on a show for them. 

Little H hung out in the stroller...and worked on a teething biscuit. Goodness, I forgot what a mess those make!

Of course we had to feed the giraffes. 

Time for lunch! The kids were excited to sit at their own table...although I'm not sure how much food they actually ate. 

And a trip to the zoo isn't complete without a ride on the carousel. So much fun!


The first half of January was cold and wet...a little bit of cabin fever if you will :) While I do enjoy lazy weekend mornings and pjs all day, it is nice to get out of the house every once in a while. We randomly decided to take the kids bowling one Saturday and had such a great time. Ryan and Grayson LOVED it. They wanted to do it all by themselves, especially Grayson. 

And the cutest part was how they cheered themselves on and danced. 

not bad!

Thursday, January 8, 2015

Hayden - Five Months

Our sweet little peanut turned 5 months!
My little doll :)

Our little lady has been growing so much! She loves standing up (with help of course) and loves grabbing items. Of course she aggressively tries to shove whatever she can grasp with her hands into her mouth. Speaking of those hands, she has one heck of a grip! She rolls over every which way and is the happiest little lady hanging out on the ground. She is super easy to get smiles from and we all couldn't be more in love with her!

We brought down the exasaucer a couple of weeks ago and she is really starting to enjoy it. Her favorite toy is the yellow bird which she constantly tries to jam in her mouth. She has also sat in the bumbo and we are working on sitting up unassisted. I brought her to The Little Gym last week (for Grayson's class) and she loved it! All the bright colors...and kids...and the BUBBLES! So much fun! I would love to take her to a class but they only offer two times and neither of them work with our schedule. #thirdchildproblems

We plan to start solids during the next month. I'm not super pumped about it but I think she is ready - she stares us down at dinner! lol

She is starting to get more into a schedule which is difficult since none of our days are really ever the same. And ironically every time she should nap or feed we have to go drop off or pick up her brothers. 

7am - Rise and Shine (and no, this isn't the first time we are up :)) Hayden and I head downstairs and I feed her then we play. The boys usually come down around 8am and she always gets another burst of energy when they get up!
8:30-9am: Little lady is tired and wants to take a cat nap. This one is only like 20-30 minutes so I am trying to push her and merge her mini morning naps together. 
10:30am - nap #2. This one is a little longer...maybe 45min-1hr
11:30 - 1:30: I nurse her when she wakes from her nap and then typically again 2 hours later. She stays up for a good 2.5 hours and then crashes (usually right before we leave to pick up the boys). Sometimes  once she is asleep I will stick her in her car seat so that I don't have to move her when we leave. We have had some successful days of picking up the boys with uninterrupted sleep...and of course those days when she wakes up. The good news is that she doesn't seem phased when she wakes up early...she is just happy to see her brothers again. Typically I am able to get her back down again once we get home. She's a doll. 
4pm: Nap wake up time. I usually have to wake up Grayson and Hayden now...sometimes myself :) I nurse Hayden again
5:30-6ish: Sometime, usually right in the middle of making dinner, I nurse the little lady again
7:15pm - Hayden gets a bottle of milk. We started experimenting with topping her off with a little bit of formula and it seems to be helping her sleep a little longer at night. Plus I don't mind if I make a couple ounces of formula and she doesn't want it vs. wasting my milk! lol
7:30pm- baby girl is down. Swaddled and happy in her crib. She has started sleeping until 3 or 4am...which this mama loves. Of course every night is different....

First time in the baby swing at the park. She loved it!

Thursday, January 1, 2015

Welcome 2015

Happy New Years from this crazy trio!

December was wild and fun but I am looking forward to a less busy January. We didn't make official New Years Resolutions but we did talk about some overall goals that we have for ourselves and family. One of the things that I plan to do is post monthly goals and a progress report at the end of the month.  

Here goes January...

January Goals
Organize Kitchen -- I love organizing, but I feel like I am the 'messiest' organizer out there. Seriously, I have some really impressive organized areas in my house...and then I also have complete chaos. I would like there to be less chaos. Instead of bouncing around from room to room I want to dedicate myself to one specific area each month. Hopefully it will give me enough time to finish a project!
Passports -- We are headed to Mexico in March so the kids need PASSPORTS! Even little H! I need to get this done ASAP. 
Church -- Ever since Hayden arrived our attendance at church hasn't been too great. Kevin and I feel it is important as a family. We will be volunteering as Sunday school teachers the last weekend in January and Ryan is so excited for us to be his teacher! Hope to do more often!
Beachbody -- I am excited and nervous to try this program out.  I am going to do a modified 21 day fix (only modifies slightly to add a few extra calories since I am still breastfeeding). Hopefully I can lose some of those pesky pounds that don't want to leave!

Cheers to 2015!
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