Wednesday, October 27, 2010

I like to move it move it

Every night Ryan goes to sleep like a normal little baby. He is put in his crib with his head at the top but he doesn't stay there for long! Ever since he has been in his crib he has moved around like a little bug. I call him my little inch-worm because he usually inches himself all the way to the bottom of the crib. However, recently he has added circles to his nightly repertoire. For a while when I went to get him he moved 90 degrees and was perpendicular from his original start. Yesterday when I found him he was 180 degrees from his original start! (At 5am he was 90 degrees and by 7am he had moved an additional 90 degrees.)

This morning he added an additional 90 degrees to his accomplishment yesterday. 

He is such a little wiggle-worm! 
I'm working on his 3-month post - coming later today!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Road Trip - Austin

This weekend we had our first family trip. We decided to head down to Austin to visit some friends. Ryan did so well in the car - we timed it so that we left right after his 11am feeding. He usually takes a long nap (2+) hours during this time so it worked out perfect that he could just sleep the entire time. As soon as we got in he was ready to eat again so I fed him before we headed down to the hotel bar area to grab a snack and watch the UT game (& Rangers game) with Rob.

Uncle Rob & Ryan posing alike:

Saturday night my friend LIndsey and I headed to a wedding reception/SicolaMartin reunion for Lee & Celine at Union Park.  It was so fun to see everyone - I hadn't seen a lot of people since my wedding! While I was there, the boys went up to the Paprockie's house to hang out and watch football. Afterwards they picked me up and we headed back to the hotel room. I was nervous about how Ryan would do in a pack n play and he did better than I thought. We brought a crib sheet from home and we also adjusted it so that there was a slight incline so I think that helped. He slept in there for about 5 hours which was nice. It's a lot harder to get sleep being in the same room with him - I forgot how noisy the little man can be! Once we were up in the morning we grabbed some coffee and went and walked on town lake. It was such a beautiful day and we had a great walk. Bob would be so jealous if he knew he missed out on this!

Ryan loves to be in his little baby bjorn!

Sitting on the patio at the hotel after our walk. 

After our walk I fed him, we packed up and we headed back to Dallas. Our trip was quick but we had a great time!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Arboretum

We had such a fun Sunday morning at the Dallas arboretum. Right now they have a bunch of pumpkins which made it super fun to take pics with the little man! We headed straight to the pumpkin village and got some pics before Ryan got too tired. Afterwards we walked around in the gardens for a bit while the little man slept. It is so beautiful there - I hope to take my parents and my Yia Yia and Papu when they come late October. I hope the weather cooperates because I think they would love it! 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Hello October!

We went shopping for Halloween costumes and found these silly mustaches in PBK - Ryan thought they were hilarious!

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