Monday, June 28, 2010

Lunch with Ladies

This past Saturday my friend Karen had the "Travelocity" media ladies over for a little reunion - the only one that still works on the account is Susanne so it's nice to get together and see everyone! Anyhow, she made these amazing little egg popovers, breakfast biscuits and yummy fruit. For desert - my fav - pound cake with fresh strawberries - delicious!! Anyhow, they were so sweet and made it into a little mini shower even though they had all just been to my shower a couple weeks ago. They bought stuff for us all to make little cute onsies for Ryan - pics below.

Jackie also ordered me this adorable print that I will get framed for Ryan's room:

Ryan also got a new book and his first CD! What a lucky little man! And Susanne also brought little Ryan a stained glass cross that her grandmother made! So sweet! We love it!! Thanks ladies - I had such a great time!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

Ryan's Nursery - update!

My mom came back up this week to help me with the nursery and it actually looks like one now!!! I am so excited and absolutely love it! The last major project we had was to repaint the dresser and nightstand - from black to white.

Here is the dresser beforehand:
And the nightstand:

Two coats of primer and two (possibly more in some areas) coats of paint later:
close-up of pulls
And the nightstand

We had so much fun! And the best news was that the glider also came in - yay! Here are a couple more pics of his nursery. Thanks Yia Yia T for all your help!!! Can't wait for Kevin to get home tonight so he can see all the progress we made. 

 The crib will go against this wall when it comes in - hopefully soon! Can't wait!

33 weeks

Today is 33 weeks - getting close! Over the past week I have noticed that I am a lot more tired these days! It's great being home so I can take mid-day naps :) I am not really swollen yet, but I have given up on my rings. I need to head over to Nordstroms and get a band so I don't look like an unwed mother :)

Kevin's 30th Birthday

Kevin turned 30 yesterday! It's hard to believe that we met 10 years ago! We celebrated with friends over the weekend by renting a party barge on Lake Travis which was super fun. Then on Tuesday we had dinner with friends and family at Gloria's since Kevin was headed to Pennsylvania on his actual birthday - no fun! But I sent him off with yummy pancakes with strawberries and whip-cream - Bob helped him with the bacon!

Nat & Andy came!!
T and baby Andy
Helping Kevin blow out his candles
Birthday breakfast!

32 weeks

Oops - this was last Thursday and I never got around to posting it!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Maternity Pics Posted

So Ashlee posted a handful of pics to her blog - yay! We really love them so please check them out!! If you are looking for a photographer we totally recommend her!

Ashlee's Blog

Monday, June 14, 2010

Dallas Baby Shower

On Saturday my friends and family threw me the cutest baby shower! The food as amazing and the decorations were sooo cute!

Yummy cupcakes and key lime bars! They also made little cookies "R's" for Ryan!
Close up of the cupcakes!
Loved the flower arrangements that Nat put together! The table runners were really pretty and the little monogramed cookies & name cards were such a cute touch! 
The ladies behind the scene - Ryan is a lucky man!
My sweet mom - Yai Yai T
So great to see all my Click Here buddies!!

Maternity Pics

Yesterday Kevin and I headed out to Grapevine for our maternity photo shoot. Kevin loves photo shoots about as much as he loves laying out in the sun - so he was super excited. Ha ha. Actually he was a really good sport about it and didn't complain once! It really helped that we went in the evening when there was shade AND there was even a nice cool breeze. Anyhow, we used the same photographer that my friend Nat used for little Andy's newborn pics. Ashlee was super nice and we had a great time! She said she would be posting some pics on her blog in the next couple of days and that we should have the CD in three weeks. Ashlee will also be doing newborn pics of little Ryan when he arrives! Can't wait!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

There is hope!

Hope for Bob! Caroline spent all weekend with us and he didn't bite her once! That's a pretty big step for little Bob. I think Bob is going to make it with Ryan. I am sure he is going to be a little jealous....but at least we know he has potential to exist with a baby.

On another note today is Bob's 5th birthday! Happy Birthday little Bob Sizzle!

Saturday, June 12, 2010

31 weeks

Ryan has been super active - still up all night and more quiet during the day.  Everything is still going along smoothly - no major swelling yet but I still have two months left so we will see! My doctor appointment was also on Thursday - nothing major there either. I was basically in and out of the hospital parking lot within a total of 20 min!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

This old house

So Kevin and I finished up the walls in Ryan's room last night  -  yay! We were super excited to finally have it all done and it wasn't until we were putting up the chair railing that we realized how slanted Ryan's room is! The pic above is what you see when you walk into his room. His crib will eventually be up against that wall but as for now every time I walk into the room my eyes focus in on the uneven chair railing! You might not be able to tell, but since I know the room is slanted....thats all I see! The chair railing is the exact same height from the floor to where it is on the wall on each side of the closet, however because the house slants down the chair railing on the left side of the closet door is almost half an inch lower! You might think an easy fix would be to raise the chair railing half and inch - well we didn't put enough bead boarding on the wall for that so there would be a gap. We would have to redo the entire wall! We can look at lowering the other side - but that darn light switch is there. Then we would also have to lower the other wall that has been done for the last two weeks. There really isn't an easy fix so I HOPE I can get over it. I am thinking that once all the furniture is in my eyes will have so much more to focus on. Plus when little Ryan is here that uneven-ness will be small potatoes.

On another note here is the other wall - all four walls complete - check! Next task is to repaint the black dresser and night stand that you can see in these pics! We are painting them back to their original color - white!

Thursday, June 3, 2010

30 weeks!

Wow - 30 weeks - 10 more to go! According to baby center little Ryan should be 15.7 inches long and weigh almost 3lbs - however, since we went to the doctor last week we know that Ryan was 3lbs last Friday!

I also got the results from my glucose screening that I took last week. The nurse called and said everything looked great - blood work looks good and shows no anemia and my sugar was 108, which is evidently good. So we are still sizzling along.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Working on Ryan's Nursery

My parents spent the holiday weekend with us and we worked on Ryan's nursery! It was so great to have their help because I know Kevin and I would have been lost without their help.  On Saturday we did a little dividing and conquering - my mom started out by painting Ryan's walls blue while Kevin tackled painting the new bookcases white (they were an antique white) and my dad and I headed to Home Depot to get chair railing for the room.  In the afternoon it was time to tackle the bead boarding - what a task! My dad started it and he wanted to give up after the first strip was placed. I think wall papering brings back horrible memories for everyone - haha. Anyhow, we stuck with it and it actually turned out pretty darn good looking! We made a few minor mistakes, but I think overall it looks great! Here are some pics of us in action!

Here we go!

2nd wall
3rd wall
4th wall - planning it out

Bob looking a little worried
Mom and Dad painting

more painting :)
Applying the faux bead boarding

Nailing in the chair railing

Our first wall completed (wall #3)

We added the bookcases that Kevin painted and built (assembled)! We unpacked lots of Ryan's goodies since we finally had a place to put some of them, but it won't be their final placement. We just need to rest of the furniture!

Next wall completed (wall #4)

So we still have two more walls to complete - we had to stop because we ran out of the bead boarding. Kevin and I will finish it up in the next week or so. We had such a great time working on the room this weekend that we decided our next project would be to repaint the dresser and nightstand instead of hiring someone to do it. I am so excited for the crib and glider to come in and can't wait to put it all together!

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