Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Happy New Year!

Wowzers - it's already mid-January and I haven't done a single post. oopsies!
I guess I'll start with our NYE shin-dig.
About five or six years ago a large group of us went out for NYE...and that's when we decided we were over it! Over the whole big party, big price tag, big know, the stuff you do when you are in your early 20s. So, ever since then we have totally embraced the house party... we have shared hosting duties with the Botterman's and always have a blast. THis year was our turn which worked out quite nicely since we were able to just put the kids asleep upstairs...and party on downstairs :)
I was also happy to host because I Kevin got me a silhouette machine for Christmas and I was excited to make some party decorations!

Ryan was very excited for the "party". He couldn't wait for everyone to arrive! 

He was also very excited about "cake". Once he spotted the desert he hovered over it until he was allowed one. 

And now for some party pics!

So I put Ryan down in our room (since we had friends staying in his) and he kept getting out of bed. surprise. Anyhow, Natalie tried to work her magic on him but he was relentless...Kevin went up and said ok I got him down. About 10 minutes later Mike opened the hall closet (thinking it was the garage - where the beer was) and he saw some little feet hiding under the coats. Oh Ryan. He snuck downstairs and we had no idea...he told Mike that he was playing Hide and Seek with ME! What a goof!

So we let him hang out for a little bit...then we were able to successfully get him down! He was exhausted!

Playing "Heads Up" - such a great app!

Group pic before the Terry's headed home...
Getting crazy

And there was a lot of game playing. 
I know. We are so crazy. 
We had a blast though! 
Welcome 2014!

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