Sunday, December 1, 2013

Advent Day 1

Last year I got the boys this adorable advent christmas tree from Pottery Barn Kids...but they were a little too young to understand...BUT not this year! Well, Grayson is...but Ryan is READY!

I have created "activities" for each day - everything is printed on a little card so each day we will pull it out and attempt the activity! 

Today we started off with a bang - tickets to see Disney on Ice! Wohoo!
I was actually really excited to see this - who doesn't love Disney??

Ryan was pretty pumped. When we got there he couldn't sit excited to see Buzz and Woody!

He watched so intently the entire time! Although...when the princesses came out he got a little bored and kept asking me when Buzz and Woody were coming out...

This little guy was actually pretty entertained as well. That and he discovered popcorn. (between the popcorn and the marshmallows for breakfast I think we might have a problem. lol) 

A couple times I glanced over to see Grayson trying to wave to the characters...he also joined in the clap when needed. So cute!

It was such a cute show - my favorite kids performance I have been to so far...
Ryan said his favorite parts were:
- Buzz and Woody (no surprise there)
- Seeing Mickey and Donald
- The baby the peed on the floor (This is part of The Incredibles part)
Silly boy!

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