Sunday, December 1, 2013

North Pole Breakfast

Our little elf arrived today and he threw a North Pole breakfast for the kiddos as a peace offering. When Ryan came downstairs I told him that a little elf was here he actually got a little scared and tried to hide in the dining room - he wasn't quite sure what to expect. 

When I explained to him that he made breakfast pancakes with chocolate chips & hot chocolate with marshmallows he decided this elf guy couldn't be that bad and decided to join us in the kitchen. 

We had talked about the elf a few times and Ryan told me that he wanted to name him 'Nemo'..but he also refers to him as 'buddy' so we haven't made a final decision quite yet. 

Ryan was pretty darn excited about ol Nemo!

And little g thought he was pretty swell as well. 

The boys enjoyed their yummy breakfast while I read them the note that 'Nemo' brought from Santa.  I am not sure how much Ryan actually paid attention but he knows that 'Nemo' is watching him...and I guess he will figure out that he will move each morning and that we get to search for him! 

And on another note, Grayson discovered marshmallows. And he is hooked. 

Yay for December...let the fun begin!

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