Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Kevin and I celebrated our three year anniversary last Tuesday (May 24th) - CHEERS! It's been such a wonderful three years and I am so grateful for having found the love of my life.  We had such a wonderful day celebrating - I'm such a lucky girl!

Kevin planned an amazing day and it was so nice to get to spend some quality time together. Since our anniversary was on a Tuesday and Kevin needed to get a few things done at the office, he sent me off to the spa while he did some work. What a great husband! At 11am, after dropping R off at his grandparents, I checked in to Bliss Spa for my "blissage" and it was amazing! After that I had a waxing treatment done and I have to agree with D Magazine - Best Waxing in Dallas. It seriously was painless - I have no idea how they do it!

My last appointment was for a triple oxygen facial. The reviews were great and my face needed some help! For some reason I am the only 28-year old I know that breakouts like a teenager! I haven't had the best luck with facials - I got my first one when I was 18 and it was horrible.  It was the most painful thing I ever experienced and the lady actually tried to remove a mole thinking it was a blackhead. So since then I have been a little gun-shy about the whole facial thing.  No need to worry. It was AMAZING. I basically explained my issues with my face to the lady and she changed my facial to a basic one and we added the alpha beta peel chemical peel. At first I was terrified but she assured me that I would not leave looking like Samantha from Sex in the City. My face has completely cleared up and I didn't have to go through one of those "it gets worse before it gets better' phases. like I said. Amazing. 

Ok so enough about me and my time alone - this was our anniversary! So Kevin left work around 2pm and headed up to the W so we could lounge poolside and have a few drinks. I got out there first and there was no one. There was no one and no sun. boo. On top of that the entire layout of the area was horrible. I am pretty sure they will never hire that architect again. The pool is on the 16th floor and it is like sitting in a wind tunnel!!! You really can't get any sun either unless you are actually in the pool.  We sat up there and debated on whether we should stick it out or head out. In the end we decided to pack it up and head out. We ended up patio-side at Meddlesome Moth. In the end it really didn't matter where we were, we had a great time chit chatting away with a couple of drinks and a cheese plate! Sometimes I forget how nice it is for us to get away and have a conversation without sweet little R.

At about 4:30 we headed to pick up little R from grandma and grandpas. I wanted to nurse him before we went out for dinner so I didn't have to pump....I will do anything in order not to pump. We got showered and ready to go out, I fed him and then grandma and grandpa came over to watch him again (have I mentioned how much they rock!) Kevin and I went to dinner at a restaurant in Deep Ellum called Local. We had such an amazing time at dinner and the food was awesome! We didn't even realize the crazy weather that was going on outside until we checked our phones and each had crazy text messages from family and friends! Kevin's dad had texted "where is the emergency radio" and my neighbor wrote "are y'all going to take cover?" We were so confused! I guess the tornado sirens were going off and everyone was taking cover  - and we were out wining and dining. Thankfully nothing major happened and everyone was safe.  We got home a little after 9:30 and everything was just fine.

It's crazy to think that when I met Kevin back in 2001 that this is our "in 10 years". If you would have told me that back then I would have been just as happy and giddy as I am now. Kevin is such an amazing husband and the best daddy anyone could ever ask for. Ryan and I are so lucky!!!

Monday, May 30, 2011

Fun in the Sun

We had such a wonderful Memorial Day weekend! The weather was amazing and we got to hang out with friends and family - doesn't get better than that! We were able to go to the pool each day and Ryan loved it.  He loves to float on his raft in the big pool and then sit and splash around in the baby pool. Today he was really crawling around in the baby pool and loved climbing out of it! There appears to be a handful of babies around his age so we will probably be meeting some new friends this summer! Today grandma and grandpa joined us at the pool and we had a great time. Here are some pictures that grandma took today.

I am so excited that summer has officially begun and that Ryan really digs the pool (just like his momma).  Right now it seems to work perfect to get there around 11:30ish and play and eat then head home around 2pm. He has been falling asleep in the car on the way home and doesn't even wake up when I move him to his crib. He has been taking his longest naps ever -  2.5 hours! It's crazy! When he wakes up he is so happy and refreshed and so is mommy! 

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

10 months

This past month you were a bit of a wild card. Everything was turned upside-down when you started getting your front teeth and all I can say is that I am so glad they are in! At first I just noticed small changes in your behavior, for example, you would cry in the morning when you woke up instead of playing around. I really didn't think much of it but then one day you were just mad. All. Day. Long. Poor little guy didn't want to take a nap, didn't want to play, didn't want your diaper or clothes changed and you didn't even like ...GASP....bath time! You were grumpy for about a week, then MAD for a week, then back to grumpy THEN back to my little happy baby! Yay!

I am so glad I have my happy little man back. You are a chat-osaurus rex in the morning and it is adorable.  You also started blowing raspberries like a crazy man. I am not sure you have officially said your first word but it seems like you can say Dada and Bob (well Ba, but I know what you mean). Sometimes when you are crying it sounds like you are saying mama but I am not sure. When Yia Yia T was in town she swore she heard you saying her name too. It won't be long I am sure of that!

You really love BOB but unfortunately he is not as thrilled with you. He is not so sure what to do ever since you started crawling and going after him. If I say Bob you know exactly who I am talking about and you look for him and then sometimes say Ba Ba. All day long I have to separate you two because all you want to do is chase him and he just wants to eat, sleep and guard. The good thing is that he makes you so happy so if you do get upset for any reason all I have to do if direct your attention to Bob and you  get all smiley again.

Happy little bug trying to grab the camera

Check out those cheeks

Your personality is really starting to show. You are AGGRESSIVE. You bang your toys loudly and shove fistfuls of food in your little mouth. It cracks us up! When you talk you are LOUD as well - but I think most babies are. When we are in public you tend to be a bit more shy. You are super quiet and just take everything in. Perhaps even a little nosey because you are always watching what others are doing, sometimes even straining your neck to continue watching something that interests you. Mommy can be nosey too, so perhaps you just learned from me.

You can be so dramatic - I always forget to write about this and I don't want to forget because it makes your dad and I crack up. Every night after you get your bottle you take the last sip and let out a HUGE sigh and then just collapse asleep. It is so funny and we are going to get it on tape so you can see what a production you make.

You were not a fan of laying down...

I feed you regular food three times a day, nurse you four times and give you two bottles. I think we will drop another (nursing) feeding pretty soon. You get so distracted which makes it difficult to get the job done. We didn't have any issues with dropping the noon feeding so I am thinking the rest shouldn't be too difficult. The only one that might be a little difficult is the morning one but I am sure we will be fine. I really can't believe that I have lasted this long!

You don't really care for baby food anymore which is fine because its easier just to give you what we are having. You have been really great eating all sorts of new textures and tastes and you really like chicken, pasta, hummus, guacamole, beans, cheese and watermelon. Hmmm I really need to step up the veggie intake! You will pick things up yourself and put them in your mouth but you tend to grab everything at once and try to jam it all in, which then I have to remove most of it so you don't choke. You tried pizza for the first time and really loved it - you were really happy to feed yourself without any assistance! We are still working on the whole sippy cup thing. You will drink from it but just aren't a huge fan of holding it yourself - kinda like you are with a bottle.

You started sleeping with your booty up in the air and it is precious. It doesn't seem like the most comfortable position but you love it. Let's see what else you are liking these days:

Apple Cinnamon wagon wheels
Mum mums

Getting your diaper changed - you stopped screaming but you just wiggle so much its so hard for me to get one on you!
Cutting teeth

On our unofficial scale you weigh: 18.5
Size 3 diapers
6-12 month clothing
Teeth: 2 bottom & 2 teeth

My favorite thing that you started doing is reaching for me! Yay! You also will crawl over to me and sit at my foot which means, please pick me up mommy. You also started waving this month but are still not consistent with it. Sometimes you will wave when I tell you to, sometimes you will copy me and then sometimes you are not interested in all. I also noticed that you know your name! However, like Bob, sometimes you listen when I call you to come to me and sometimes you don't.

Done taking pics

We love you to pieces little bug! xoxo, mommy

Friday, May 20, 2011

The Little Gym

Yesterday we had our last Little Gym class of the spring semester. I know at this age (especially when we started the classes at 6 months) its really for mommy more than baby but I actually think he was starting to enjoy them. Well, he seemed to really like his teacher Mr. Barry! He is so mesmerized by him - I think it's his singing, and guitar playing and perhaps his glasses! When Ryan started crawling he really started exploring more at little gym and it's so cute. 

Here are some pictures from our last class yesterday:

Doing some arm strengthening!

Ryan has always had a strong grip!

Hanging like a monkey!

Standing up holding on a bar all by himself!

Chasing bubbles

Crawling around

After class I was talking to a mommy and Ryan crawled all the way over to Mr. Barry (who stopped what he was doing to sing to him - so sweet!)

a little closer

And trying to get even closer!

So much fun! I am sure he will be excited to start going again in the fall!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Updates all around

Daily Dimples just got a new look thanks to Erika at The Fairy Blogmother! I really love it and hope you do too! You might have noticed my new site last week, but then Blogger did site updates and erased all the coding - boo! We waited a couple of days to see if they would restore everything (like they promised) but they didn't, so Erika had to reinstall everything again. She rocks! (note: at the time of this original post it has not been updated)

And a little update on us - well little R has been having a time with his front teeth. Let's just say we have been in adjustment mode for the past two weeks. I'm crossing my fingers that we are almost past this little phase as Ryan is currently taking his first morning nap (in his crib) in the past two weeks! He has been one fussy little man who never wants to nap, cries when he can't see me (only at home), and doesn't sleep through the night. Whew - it's been an adjustment!

My perfect little 'three times a day napper' and 'full nighttime sleeper' all of the sudden decided all that sleep wasn't all it was cracked up to be.  The only time he was interested in napping was in his car seat when I was out of the house. As soon as we get home his eyes pop open and he is ready to play again. Oh and when I say "play" I really just mean he wants to be held. He cries (more of a whine) anytime I sit him down and it has been exhausting. Luckily my mom came in town to help (Kevin was also out of town) and I am pretty sure Ryan wore her out too! She was so amazing and babysat Ryan both Thursday and Friday night! We are so lucky!

Back to Ryan - the funny thing was that when we were out and about, either at little gym, play dates or even just running errands he was so happy and/or so sleepy!  At little gym last week he didn't even acknowledge me. I couldn't believe how independent he was being! As soon as we got there he crawled over to Mr. Barry (the teacher) and sat in front of him, in awe, the entire time. Check out the picture below:

It's so amazing to start seeing a little personality in him. When it was time to play, he played. He crawled around and hung out with all the other kiddos. We had a play date with Ford and his mommy at the arboretum and he played (without whining) the whole time. But as soon as we get home he just wants to hang out with mommy. It's so sweet but makes it so difficult to get anything done.

So I know "this too shall pass" and knowing that helps me put it all in perspective. It is funny how things can get so crazy and out of sorts but I am doing what I love so its hardly worth complaining about. He has now been napping for 45 minutes! Success!

Here are a few other pictures that I took on my iphone during the week!

Happy as a clam at Buy Buy Baby

At Hacienda for lunch...Yia Yia T styled his hair!

Blue raspberry flavored Advil - I wasn't really thinking when I made that purchase!

Took a walk to society bakery - so yummy!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Stay at Home Mom

Goodness, it has been a while since I sat down and blogged (well, I just snuck that Mother's Day post in). Obviously we are staying busy, which I always wondered if I would be able to. I think as a stay at home mom it's important to find a balance between all the "baby stuff" and your "adult stuff" that you enjoy. Not to say that I don't enjoy baby stuff, but if you don't have anything else to escape to I think one might go crazy!

For me, my "adult stuff" is a mix of cooking, crafting, party planning and interior design - I guess I like to dabble in a lot of different things. Most people are aware of my crafting addiction, but may or may not know about the rest. Oh, and of course I love blogging - love everything about it and also love reading other blogs. I get lost for hours just going from blog to blog to blog. Anyhow, I have made a list of all the things that I am working on over the next few months. It appears that I will have a lot to share with everyone!
  • Food/Cooking
    • Sometimes we get stuck in a food rut! We are now trying one new recipe a week - I am going to start sharing the ones we like. 
    • This also applies to restaurants we venture out to. We are trying a new technique of thinking of places to eat by using the alphabet (loved this idea that a friend shared with me). Anyhow, starting with A we are selecting our restaurants - we recently have tried Alma and Bolsa which are both places we hadn't been. Next up is C - I'll let you know what we decide on!
  • Blogging
    • Post Ryan's nursery pictures - I have been meaning to do this forever now! I still need to take a few more pictures of his room and then I will get this posted. 
    • Redesign - I am super excited about this! I have started the process with Fairy Blog Mother so stay tuned for a new and exciting Daily Dimples! Although the main goal of my blog was to document my pregnancy and our daily happenings with the little man I am going to expand. I want to share ideas/thoughts on party planning, invitations, decorating and even food! It's basically going to be a place where I can share everything I love
  • Crafting
    • Invitations
      • Audrey's birthday
      • Jessica's Bridal Shower
      • Ryan's first birthday - plan party, decorations and invitations
    • Learn photoshop/illustrator
      • I took a night class at SMU which was super helpful and taught me some basics but I want to learn how to do a project. Luckily I have an awesome neighbor that is a graphic designer. She offered to give me a quick tutorial on how to make an invitation or whatever I want to make - I am super excited! 
  • Interior Design
    • Redecorate - We love our house and can't believe we have been in here for three years. Time to change things up a bit! 
      • Living room - we recently bought a new sectional and now I am changing the vibe from southeast asian inspired to a more fresh modern feel. 
      • Master bedroom - a new duvet has inspired a mild revamp of the room. 
      • Create my dream craft room
        • I am so super excited about this but will probably wait until after Ryan's birthday party to get started. I will have lots of updates along the way. 
    I am so excited about all these fun projects that I am going to be working on. I love being at home with Ryan and having the freedom to do whatever we want when we want. I love that I can work on invitations, party planning and decorating as a hobby. Here's to being a stay at home mom and loving it!

    Happy Mother's Day

    This little guy makes me SO happy to be a MOM!

    I had such a wonderful first mother's day because of him. Everyday I SMILE so big because of him. He makes us a family and for that I am so grateful. 

    He has started to wave, but I am not sure if he knows he is doing it!

    Had so much fun today with my men - so glad they are in my life and I don't know what I would do without them!


    And to both of our mothers - We hope you had amazing Mother's Days!

     To my mother, who is the most helpful, thoughtful and loving mom anyone could ever ask for. Hope you had a wonderful day and we can't wait to see you on Tuesday!

    To my mother-in-law, who is the best any daughter-in-law could ever hope for! We hope you had a beautiful day in Turkey and wish you were here so that we could have celebrated together. See you soon!

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