Saturday, December 7, 2013

Buddy - Days 3, 4, 5

Where has our silly elf been lately?
Well, on Tuesday we woke up to find Buddy enjoying some syrup in the pantry. He is sporting a Woody band-aid from his injuries the day before. Ryan was slightly concerned but was actually more interested in what Buddy's ouchie looked like (underneath the band-aid). Boys?
The next day we found him making snow angels in some powdered sugar! Ryan was concerned with Buddy being dirty...and how was he going to get clean???

 On Thursday we woke up to Red and Green milk! That buddy was so silly!!! Ryan thought this was hilarious! He told his teachers about buddy's shenanigans when he got to school!

And then there was Friday. We woke up with no power and unfortunately Buddy decided not to move. He hung out in the fridge...and guess what? No one even noticed...womp womp.  Ryan didn't even ask about him...oh well!

We ended up staying the night at a hotel and of course I brought Buddy with us (I mean...since everyone just loves him...) Anyhow, we set him up on the lamp and Ryan loved it.
We actually checked out and left him behind! I didn't realize until we were about 5 minutes from the hotel - of course we turned around and headed back to rescue him. Ryan didn't even seem to question why we had to go get him even though he apparently has magical powers and appeared at the hotel without our help. Like I said...I might be the only one who really likes this whole thing... 

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