Sunday, December 8, 2013

Advent Days 2 - 7

December 2nd
Advent Activity: Adopt and Angel 

I decided to work a yearly tradition into our advent activities - adopting an angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree.  I know they are still too young to completely grasp this concept but I wanted to get them involved so we are taking baby steps :) I look forward to when they can complete the shopping with me and understand the meaning of it all. 

December 3rd 
Advent Activity: Wear new christmas jammies

Happy in their jammies!

December 4th
Advent Activity: Make a gingerbread house with Yiayia!

Ryan had a lot of fun decorating the house...and testing the candy!


December 5th
Advent Activity: Read a new Christmas Book together
Ryan was pretty excited about this book because we used a flashlight to read it! It was a fun way to read a Christmas classic - I am sure we will be reading it a lot this month!

December 6th 
Advent Activity: Kindermusik Christmas concert

So we woke up to 'Icemagedon' and no stuff! The city basically shut down because we just aren't equipped for this kind of weather and needless to say our little Christmas concert was cancelled as well. Have no fear - I had a back up!
I ordered a couple of kids Christmas CDs on Amazon so I surprised them with this little treat. We listened to it on the way to our impromptu staycation at the Hilton Anatole Hotel. 

December 7th
Advent Activity: Bake cookies and deliver to a neighbor

And yet another day that didn't go quite as planned. Our power was back on so we headed back home but I wasn't quite prepared for a whole baking session with the we will do this another day. Instead I hit up my Christmas goodie stockpile and found a little puzzle for Ryan to put together. He is really into puzzles right now so he loved it!

Yup - that's his cheese face. 

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