Saturday, January 30, 2016

Hayden - Baby Playgroup

Hayden is now at the age where it is miserable to run errands with her. She no longer will sit in a cart patiently. She wants to walk her self...and at her own pace, which is running around playing "try and catch me". Doesn't that sound fun? Anyhow, it's a great opportunity to start a playgroup. This girl loves to play with her brothers and all their friends BUT she doesn't have any little friends just for herself. That's probably pretty normal for a 3rd child but since we have some time (while the boys are at school) I wanted to make an effort to start a little playgroup for her.

To make things easy I just emailed all the mommies of the toddlers in the same moppets room that Hayden is in. There is about 10 different kiddos and magically we were able to find a time that generally worked for us! Woot woot!

The weather was perfect yesterday and it was so much fun to play outside in our backyard. The kids all had so much fun. This age is so darn cute to watch. They love exploring and are so expressive - whether it be happiness....or frustration/anger...but mostly happy! It's crazy how this use to be my life - one toddler at playgroup. Ahhhh how relaxing :) lol! Although they do require a lot more parental least in our backyard with the high tree house and roller coasters (that we had a few close calls with). In the end it was a success and the kiddos all were happy and tired.
It's kinda crazy how most of them are girls - only one little boy! I am so use to the opposite! Lucky little man :) lol

Hayden did get a little stingy when Madeline wanted to play with her stroller...there were a few tears but hey, thats being one!

Nothing a little blueberry muffin can't fix.
fun kiddos and fun mamas!

Later that evening we headed over to my friends house for a little happy hour - for the kids and mamas! The littles sat to eat while the bigs ran crazy. 

Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Dentist (Round TWO)

This morning Grayson and Hayden headed to the dentist for their biannual cleaning. Yay!
Looking so cool

Hayden was very interested in what was going on

Grayson did such an awesome job! He went with marshmallow polish (ummm yuck) and got a perfect report on his teeth. Yay!

And then there was Hayden....
She did as expected. Considering she hates laying on her back to get her diaper changed...she definitely didn't change her feelings when she had to lay down and have someone dig around in her mouth. She cried until she could sit up and then she was like "oh heeeeyyy whats up". Then she marched around the office like she owned it.
Now, back to those teeth. She has her four top and bottom teeth (in the front) and all four of her one year molars are almost all the way in. And they all look fab. Up next are her bicuspids. Luckily once those come in we have a break from teething for a while. 
In other news, she has a crooked jaw. Her bottom jaw is more of a U shape while the top is more of a V - so it doesn't line up correctly. You can't really tell now BUT it would be an issue later. 
In addition to the jaw issue she is lip & tongue tied. Our dentist also gave me a bunch of information on this but basically there isn't really anything we can/should do now. He said to wait until she is about 4.5 years and then we can fix it all. Soooo now when he brings all this back up in a few years I can't say "what?". lol

Weekend Update

Yay for the weekend! 
Saturday morning we took the kiddos to the Perot. After starting out in the Sports Hall racing t-rex and the cheetah we headed to the children's area to let them loose. Hayden was in heaven. 

Of course she loved the water - it was all fun and games until she started pouring it on her head. 

She always loves to get behind the wheel!

These boys were best friends all morning long! They can be so sweet to each other and and it's so cute to if they could only act that way at home too. 

In the "under two" area Hayden decided she wanted to be Queen of the slide. She stood up at the top and basically pushed anyones face who tried to take over. Oye. 

Later that afternoon Kevin took Ryan to a basketball game and I took the other two to a birthday party at The Little Gym. It was a bunch of three and four year olds and Hayden was all over it. She kept up with them and was even doing the obstacle courses. Wild woman. In the picture above she was copying what some of the big girls were doing - so cute!

Sunday morning I taught in Grayson's Sunday School class (Kevin wasn't feeling great so he stayed home with Hayden.) This was my first time to volunteer in Grayson's class and he was so excited to have me there.  It was so much fun - three year olds are precious!

Later that afternoon I took the boys to see Curious George and The Golden Meatball at the Eisemann Theatre. They LOVED it! The highlight was definitely meeting the actors afterwards.

Grayson chatting with the Doorman (or woman). Ryan wanted confirmation that it was actually a girl, even though her role was "Doorman". Technicalities. 

Signing the boys programs

That evening the Hales, Suns, Jackson's & Botterman's came over for takeout and football. The weather was nice so the kids ran wild was the perfect ending to the weekend!

Happy to hang with the boys

Ice cream time! Woot woot!

Thursday, January 21, 2016

Hello January

Soooo...there was a little incident with my computer over the holidays and it has taken me a while to get back in the swing of things. My old computer was about five years old so it was time for a new one, however, it would have been a little better if I would have had a little warning. Anyhow, I need to take it somewhere to see if they can recover my hard drive...and I hope they can because I have SO SO SO many pictures on there. Sad face. 

Moving on...Here is a little bit of what we have been up to lately

The boys did their belt testing Friday January 8th. 

Woot woot - White with yellow stripe! So proud!

And I hit my 100th pilates class - a proud new member of the century club! Next milestone is 500...that will be a while :)

We spent a Monday dealing with this little incident

Hayden fell off a kiddie chair during drop off at Ryan & Grayson's school (about 9:15am). The cut on her lip wasn't deep but it was thick and in such a weird spot so I wasn't quite sure what to do. I ended up driving to her pediatricians office. 

After seeing a nurse and then her pediatrician it was recommended that we seek a pediatic plastic surgeon. They recommended this new concierge app called KidsKutzMD. You just snap a picture of the cut and they call you right back with next steps. Apparently they can meet you anywhere (like hospital, your house, ect) and it helps you avoid all the waiting you might endure in an ER. This would have been amazing, but the surgeons were in an all day conference so they recommended that we go to Children's Medical City ER and request a pediatric plastic surgeon. Oye. We arrived there at about 11:30am. 
Mary came up and joined me around 12:30...we waited in the exam room. Hayden was so worn out by this time and as she was playing a game with Mary on her cell phone she fell asleep mid game. Sweet little girl!  Of course then the children's ER doctor came in - luckily he was able to assess her without waking her. He thought it would be best to call a plastic surgeon...yeah...

And we waited. and waited. Mary left around 1:40pm so she could pick up the boys from school (and bring Ryan to his dentist appointment at 2:40).  I am so grateful to have them so close - I don't know how I would have gotten though this day without Mary! About 10 minutes later a nurse came in to swab some numbing gel on her cut. Apparently the plastic surgeon would be there in 30 minutes. Forty-five minutes later he showed up and took one look and said it just needed to be glued. So that took about 2 minutes and then he was gone. We FINALLY left at 3:30.
We headed to the dentist to meet Mary and the boys. At Ryan's last visit they mentioned that Ryan's back right molar was never fully formed - some sort of deformity that he was just born with. I really didn't worry too much about it because they said there wasn't really anything we could do but just keep an eye on it. Welp. Fast forward to now...we gots to do something with it. A big chunk split off and it needed to be capped and possibly needed a root canal.  Eek! Poor guy! So we set an appointment for the next Wednesday and then we headed upstairs to spend some more time with our pediatrician. I conveniently made an appointment for Ryan while I was there earlier because he had been complaining that his ear/jaw was hurting at night. After some more waiting, and Ryan telling me it didn't hurt anymore and he just wanted to go home...our pediatrician came in and Ryan was diagnosed with his first ever ear infection. A double ear infection! Poor boy. 
So that was last Monday. Cue the wine.

I realize that this is just life with three and I am so thankful that my kids are healthy and we are only dealing with minor issues. I would like to note that Hayden was completely unaffected by the entire face plant. The next day at drop off she immediately climbed back up on the chair and tried to do her maneuver again. Oye

Friday, January 1, 2016

Happy 2016!

Goofball G ringing in the New Year!

Little Kate and Hayden chowing down

Sweet boys!

Dr Bird was ready to entertain these crazy kids with some super fun experiments!

Safety goggle fun!

Patiently waiting for the experiments to begin!

Look who I found inside...

Time for party hats!

Ready for volcanos!

After some fun science it was time for the countdown!

And the countdown begins... 
Happy New Years! 
aka Happy 8pm! Woot Woot! 

The timestamp on this picture is 8:25pm - how "over it" do they look? 

R & G spent the night at the Aston's and Kevin, H and I headed over to the Birds house. It was great to spend our NYE with long-time besties and our kiddos! Cheers to 2016!

Sweet friends!

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