Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Mother's Day Out

Today was Ryan's 1st day at preschool. Wowzers! It''s a little surreal that it is already here - considering I had to register him back in JANUARY! I love spending my days with my bug but I have to admit it is nice to know that I have two days a week where I can schedule appointments, work out, run errands, without having to worry about the little dude getting angry. Anyhow, we were ready for the big day and I think he had a great time!
The morning started out fantastic - I woke up early to make him lunch and get everything prepared. We went on our morning walk with Stacey and Jack and then came home to get ready for school. When we got home from our walk things started falling apart. Ok not really, BUT I had everything planned out in my head and it was totally not going that way. Ryan's shorts didn't fit, he hated his Toms, I couldn't find his comb and he didn't eat much for breakfast so he was already getting hungry! We left anyways (I was a tad flustered) but we made it. Perhaps I was feeding him a banana as we drove - yes I know, not the safest drive ever but he was hungry. 

Anyhow, when we stepped in the building he busted out his charm. BIGGEST smile ever walking down the hallway - just giving all those moms who dropped their kiddos (trying not to cry) the biggest GRIN ever. Lot's of smiles back. When we showed up in class there were some screamers but my little man gave a smile to greet the teachers. I didn't do much without my man and I was ready an anxious for 2:30 to roll around. When I went to get my sizzle bug I saw him playing with a new little friend. Once he realized I was there he gave out a HUGE scream. He was happy to get in my arms - ugh what a cutie! He had a great first day but I can't wait for the day when he can actually TELL me about it! I can't wait to have a conversation with my little man! I think he had a fun day and will be excited to go back on Thursday. Mommy is headed to Ikea on Thursday...wohoo!

Monday, August 29, 2011

No More To Go

My sister-in-law sent me an email last week about a Lakewood mommy who started a meal planning website. I was super excited about it because (as I have mentioned before) I always have a hard time coming up with meals! My go to meal seems to be grilled chicken, veggies and rice a roni. Oh how I love my rice-a-roni....if Kevin only felt the same way. Anyhow, I am loving this site because it has the FULL meal plan and also a grocery list! How awesome is that?!?

I usually only cook dinner three nights during the week. We have leftovers one night and then eat out the other three. Until our family grows a little more I don't see that changing. Stacey (from nomoretogo.com) plans meals for five nights, so it nice to have a variety of meals to chose from. Here is what my my plan is for this week:

Monday: Recommended meal from No More To Go
Tuesday: Recommended meal from No More To Go
Wednesday: Michele dine out/ Kevin leftovers (I know that seems mean, but this seriously doesn't happen that much!)
Thursday: Recommended meal from No More To Go
Friday: Dine out
Sat/Sun: Dine out

My market list looks small but that is because I just printed the grocery list off the website - I only added things that I needed outside of the recipes. 

Side note: Isn't my meal planner SUPER cute?!? It is a May Book from my friend Mica's company. (Check out her website for other cool notebooks including wedding planners, bump diaries, weekly planners and more!)

Monday night meal review: 
Kevin will be the official judge and he gave tonights meal four stars (out of five).  He says it was "excellent" but didn't want to give five stars right out of the gate. I really enjoyed it myself because it was unlike anything I have ever cooked. I have never ever even purchased chicken legs and thighs (with or without skin). I thought it was pretty darn tasty however it was a little time consuming. I am pretty exhausted now. lol.  I am not sure how I would have accomplished it if the little bug hadn't taken an hour and fifteen minute nap.

Speaking of him - he didn't eat this meal (mainly because it wasn't in ready in time).  I did however use some of the white rice and mixed in some broccoli, chicken and soy sauce. He also had a side of strawberries. Overall he didn't eat much, but I think it is because he is teething (I assume).

Anyhow, back to the recipe. I think I could have prepared things earlier in the day which would have helped so I will try and do that next time. I am excited for tomorrows meal! I will update this post with our reviews.

Tuesday night meal review:
Rosemary grilled flank steak with new mashed potatoes and spinach 
Kevin gives four and a half stars! It was seriously yum! Not to mention ridiculously easy! If you need a quick and delicious meal I vote for this one!

Wednesday night meal review: no cooking

Thursday night meal review:
Roasted Pork tenderloin with cucumber mandarin salad, spinach and new mashed potatoes
This was a little bit of a mishmash. I decided not to make the ahi tuna because I had it at dinner last night. I also hadn't bought it yet so that was ok, I picked out a different entree to prepare. I had already bought the stuff for the mandarin salad so I still made that. Since I loved the fresh spinach I  just made more of that and we had leftover potatoes from tuesday to eat as well. Well all the sides were pretty good (I didn't try the mandarin because I don't like them). Anyhow, I was in lala land when I was setting the oven timer and let my pork cook for way too long...It was 15 minutes before the timer went off when a light came on in my head and I realized what I had done - yikes. Kevin tried to give this one three stars but I thought that was generous. I way over cooked it...but he thought the "idea" was three stars. I guess maybe the execution was like 1 star...if that. Blah, we might not make that again. 

Sunday, August 28, 2011

Turning 29

So last Thursday (the 25th) was my actual birthday (I've clearly been celebrating it for a while now:)). I had such a wonderful day hanging out with my little man!

Kevin and Ryan woke me up in the morning with a homemade card from my little guy. It is seriously adorable and Kevin even managed to get Ryan's handprints. The cutest part was the HUGE grin Ryan had on his face as they came into the bedroom. He had the card in his hand and was so happy - I wish I had a picture but I will always remember it because it was so adorable.

After work Kevin brought me his gift (he always hides my gifts at his office) ...he really outdid himself and got me a pair of nude pumps that I had my eye on. He, without any direct hints for me at all....seriously...I only pinned them in Pinterest and casually mentioned it) managed to secure the exact pumps I was after. He is just that good :)

Anyhow, since we have a big weekend planned we weren't up for much tonight. We dropped R off at his cousins house and had a nice and quick dinner at BlueFish (my favorite).  Such a great day! On Friday night we went to Sushi Axiom with friends to celebrate. It's really the only week I could ever get away with sushi two nights in a row...so I took advantage of it :) (All my pic are from Fri night.)

Me and my love bug

Stacey, Megan & Terra

Sarah and I

My wee little candle!

Sarah and Michael at J Blacks

All the girls

And the guys...I guess it was a serious pic (and Joe didn't get the memo) lol. 

I had such a great 29th birthday - thanks everyone!!!

Thursday, August 25, 2011


Ryan and I took a little vacay down to H-town to visit our friends and family. Kevin didn't make it this trip because he had a conference and a bachelor party to attend. We missed him a lot but had lots of fun! Below are the highlights from our trip.

Trip highlights:
- Dining at Samurai's with the Aston's and Uncle Steve. Ryan loved the FIRE!
- Going to music class with Caroline and Thompson

Mommy gave him chopsticks (fail)

Loving that chef!

At music chasing bubbles!

-Swimming and Yia Yia & Papu's house (with and without Macy)
-Playing with Macy & Bob
-Breakfast in the morning with Papu outside

Checking out the waterfalls with Papu

Bob & Ryan hanging out

No swimsuits required at YiaYia's!

Cruising around with my walker

Playing with YiaYia's decorative balls - BIG FAN!

-Jessica's bridal shower - can't wait for her wedding in October! We are headed to Jamaica!

-Celebrating my 29th birthday at Mk's!
Mk is such a wonderful friend - always doing something for someone. She threw a birthday party for me which was great because I got to see everyone! It was so nice to have it at her house because dining out is really challenging these days! And it would have been disastrous....it was nice that we contained the craziness in her house. Ryan was in a mood that night - not happy one bit. There was lots of screaming but also lots of playing between the other kiddos. Fun times! The food was yummy, the cake was yummy and I am sure everyone could agree that the wine was necessary delicious. I am so thankful for all my wonderful friends - I am one lucky girl! 

-Going to the West U pool with the Aston's and Gist's
Ryan trying to sleep through all the fun!

Such a fun pool!

Little man woke up and LOVED it! He also ate almost the ENTIRE hotdog! Wow!

-Shopping with YiaYia T

-Going to the Cross Creek Ranch pool with YiaYia T, Steven, Claire, the Steger's, Wilson's and Jacquie!

It was really difficult to get a picture of these guys. 

Cristin and I have been besties since we were 5! So fun to have our kids play together now!

- And of course, our trip to LUPE TORTILLAS!
Ryan is fascinated by beer bottles

Papu and Ryan just chillin

So glad Claire came in town! Ryan loves her!

Stuffed with fajitas....just missing Uncle Nick and Kevin

Celebrating in Katy with a delicious cookie cake! Marc and Jen came over too!

We had so much fun and LOVE all of our friends and family in Houston! Wish we could see everyone more often!

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Asparagus Prosciutto Mushroom Saute

Ryan and I headed to Central Market to find something for dinner and we were successful! I found a yummy recipe and was excited to give it a try. After rounding up all the ingredients we headed home and got everything ready. I washed and cut everything, cooked the pasta and then just waited for Kevin to get home. Once he arrived I whipped it up super fast. The recipe is below.

1 Asparagus Prosciutto Kit (they didn't have this available so I just found everything myself - I wasn't sure on exact amounts needed so I just guessed) so this is what I got:

Extra virgin Olive Oil
Mushrooms (1pkg)
Salt & Pepper
Penne Pasta (I used linguini but I think I would do penne next time)

1. Heat saute pan over medium heat, add butter & allow to melt
2. Add shallots, allow to soften & then add mushrooms. Cook mushrooms until they begin to brown on both sides
3. Add olive oil with garlic, & then add asparagus. Season with a heavy pinch of salt.
4. Cover & allow asparagus to cook 2-3 minutes, or until tender
5. Remove lid & add prosciutto. Season with the salt & pepper & stir
6. Add pasta or rice (optional)
7. Finish with chopped fresh basil & serve immediately.

Monday, August 22, 2011

One Year

Ryan and I got back from our 10 day trip down in Houston yesterday afternoon and we were so excited to see Kevin! Ryan seriously smiled so BIG for at least a full hour.  He was so giggly and hyper - showing daddy all his new tricks. He was on fire for a good hour before he wore himself out. I have some fun pics to post from our trip but I will do that later.

Last night we had a family dinner (Grandma & Grandpa are in town from Montana- yay!) at the Hales and grandma had all the kiddos on the couch for a quick picture. I ran over there to snap it as well and when I got home I realized that we took this EXACT picture a year ago - almost to the day!

Here is August 22, 2010

And here was last night picture (August 21, 2011)
I took my picture with my iphone using the hipstomatic app, but I wish I had my regular camera. I think Michael got one...so I will have to steal it from him!

Isn't that just so crazy? My how they have all grown! Ugh...and it went so fast. 

Sunday, August 14, 2011

iPhone dump

We have had a busy past few weeks and are enjoying our little vacation in H-town. I had a ton of pictures on my iphone so I thought I would share!
Little Jack sizzle and Ryan after one of our morning walks!

Our neighborhood mommy happy hour group - so much fun! This was Mica's last day :( so sad that she is moving to Houston. 

Ryan was clapping here and I thought it was cute.

I like how Harper and Madelyn are just looking at Ryan here...

Our morning walking crew. Yes, we are those mom's walking through the neighborhood taking up the entire street and causing you to be late.... 
Madelyn telling Ryan goodbye

Mica & Madelyn

And going in for a kiss...

Hanging out in Houston with one of the coolest older ladies that he knows! Oh and Woody

Just chatting over some apple juice

Ryan discovering new toys....girl toys....

Eating dinner with the Aston's...Ryan LOVED the fire...Thompson on the other hand did not...

Reading The Tickle Monster (one of the cutest books I have ever seen!)

The Tickle Monster made an appearance!

And this is just one of my favorite pics of my little man. Kevin texted this picture to me when I was out with the girls and it was just so darn stinkin' cute! Had to share!

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