Monday, March 29, 2010

Donuts & Kolaches

What a yummy Sunday morning! Kevin went out and got breakfast for us and also got my car washed! What a wonderful husband! The donuts and kolaches were so ymmy. I don't think I have had a donut in probably 4 years...I honestly can't remember the last time....but it was AMAZING!  We had a wonderful weekend just hanging out here in Dallas. On Friday night we had a quiet little dinner at Cafe Izmir - love their hummus! On Saturday we woke up early and got a nice work out in at the gym then headed to run some errands. We went up to Addison to check our Buy Buy Baby and look at cribs....and all the other baby gear. Goodness there is so much! I think it was the first time that Kevin realized that our house is going to have a lot more "stuff" in it. There were so many cribs I don't know how we will decide -  I am going to need some help! The rest of the weekend was spent organizing the house and hanging our with friends and family! Great weekend!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

20 weeks

So this is the halfway point - not so bad! Enjoying every minute...I guess we will see how the 2nd half goes :)

19 weeks

Relaxing at the beach :) Didn't forget to take my weekly pic! Holding up 4, for 4 months and 3 weeks...ha ha.

Monday, March 22, 2010

Nursery Inspiration

Three weeks ago in Houston, my mom and I were in ZGallerie when this adorable framed print caught my eye. I loved it so much and thought it would be perfect for a little boys nursery! Since I still didn't know what we were having I just pointed it out and we both thought it would be super cute. But NOW since we have a sweet little boy on the way - it's perfect! While I was at work today my mom went and bought it for us! I love it so much and am using it as the inspiration for our baby boys nursery. I don't want to do a "themed" or a preplanned (like everything comes in a bag) nursery. I have nothing against them and think they are super cute too - but I just want to do something different. We are planning on painting the walls a light green or blue and using white furniture - the goal is to make it fresh and simple with fun little pieces that add character. This print has so many fun colors that we can use to accent the room with. So fun!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Shopping for my little man!

My mom and I went shopping today and we found the cutest little man clothes! I cannot wait to dress him up!! How cute are these???

Gender Reveal Party

Yay! We had our baby reveal party on Saturday and found out we are expecting a little boy!! So excited! Now we are working on the vote is for Ryan! Just waiting on Kevin to commit.

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Gender Reveal Invitations

I had never heard of a gender reveal party before my friends Cristin and Alison had one. I only made it to one of theirs (they had a total of four between the two of them) and it was so much fun! I knew that when I got pregnant I wanted to have one.

I came across this ADORABLE gender reveal party and fell in love. As you can tell I used the giraffe and yellow/orange theme for mine too. Such fun colors and not the same ol blue or pink routine. Here are the invitations that I created - can't wait to find out what it is!

Friday, March 12, 2010

18 weeks

18 weeks and up a total of 6lbs. Not bad so far...but I wonder what my total will be in the end! So yesterday which was actually 18 weeks we took pics and I wasn't very satified with them. My photographer is very rushed and almost annoyed by all my picture requests. Plus he doesn't really tell me if my hair is sticking up or I look funny like my friends would....mainly because he doesn't notice. So anyhow, the first pic is from yesterday and you really can't tell much for it, so my lucky photographer got to take more this morning :)

Thursday, March 11, 2010

17 weeks 5 days - Dr Appt

So here is video from our dr. appointment this past Tuesday. I am not able to tell what the sex is from this so I don't think you can either, but if you are experienced and feel that it gives it away (even though the nurse tech assured me it doesn't)....just keep that to yourself! I want to be surprised! :)

Part 1: The nurse is checking all the baby's parts out - and they are all there and looking good!
Part 2: You can see baby legs all the way up at its forehead! And a big yawn and stretch at the end of the video! So cute!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Getting ready for our trip next week and I need to find a (or some) good books! Any recommendations?

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Baby pics

Gender is sealed up!

So two people know the gender - the doctor and the nurse tech! I wonder what it is!! I kept the envelope down in my car so I wouldn't be tempted. After seeing the sonogram today I am leaning towards a was a lot more calm than last time - so sweet!! So here are some names that Kevin and I really like:
1. Ella Grace
2. Cora Nicole

1. Ryan Bradford
2. Cameron Michael

Kevin likes Ryan for a girl too .... so we will see! Can't wait to find out!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Today I am thinking....

Well I was leaning towards a girl this week, but I took an old wives tale quiz and it says boy. Let me recap some of the questions.

1. I didn't experience morning sickness early in pregnancy - sign for a boy
2. Craving salty or sour foods - sign for a boy, I have always been a huge salty food lover and it really hasn't changed, so I am not sure if it counts as a sign or not
3. Craving protein - sign for a boy - whew - meat is one thing I totally don't crave. In fact I eat it just to be healthy, but probably could be fine without it.
4. Having headaches - sign for a boy - I have been having LOTS of headaches
5. Face breaks out more than usual - sign for girl, check one for the girl here!
6. Craving sweets - sign for girl - I don't know if I am craving sweets...but I never ate them before and have actually grown quite fond of them with my pregnancy.
7. Husband gaining weight - sign for a boy - pretty sure Kevin might still be losing weight...
8. Carrying high or low - can't really tell yet
9. Baby's heartbean above or below 140 beats per min? - well the first time I heard it it was above and the second time was below - so who knows!

So I am not really sure where this all nets out. According to the Chinese lunar calendar I am having a girl. Also, I noticed that I am having crazy baby hairs growing and I mentioned it to Alison this weekend and she said she had the same thing when she was preggo with her little girl Parker but not at all with Hunter. this a sign for a girl? Anyone else with a girl have it? We go to the doctor tomorrow and I will get the sealed envelope! So excited to find out on March 20th!

Cristin's Baby Shower

What a super fun weekend! The shower for Cristin was super cute and we had a great time. I will also have to post pics later for this as well. Cristin is letting me borrow some of the super cute decorations from her party for my reveal party since they are the same color scheme. Plus, it appears there will be a candy bar. Fun times! So back to Cristin - she is 34 weeks and doesn't know the gender - but we all think its a boy. She had pics from a 3D ultrasound and the little baby looked identical to her husband chris! I guess we will find out soon! Such a fun weekend and I am so excited to see everyone again in two weeks! yay!

Thursday, March 4, 2010


Bob and I are headed to Houston tonight and we are so excited! We don't get in until after 9 - T is picking us up and we will head back to Katy. Tomorrow we have a super fun day planned with Caroline and Mk - headed to get our nails done at Bliss Spa (place Jen bought us mani/pedi's before her wedding - and I LOVED!). Then heading to lunch and to run errands for Cristin's shower on Saturday. Friday night Jen is driving in and we will all go to dinner - not sure where yet but so excited! On Saturday we have Cristin's shower - should be lots of fun and I am excited to see everyone! Then the rest of the time is unplanned but I foresee a trip to Lupes with my mom and dad! Oh a Lupes Margarita sounds good....perhaps I will have to get a virgin one! yum yum! So excited!

Monday, March 1, 2010

16 weeks & 4 days

It's really growing! I never know what to do with my arms in these pics...suggestions?
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