Saturday, December 28, 2013

Some Pre-Christmas Fun

The holiday season is always filled with lots of gatherings and celebrations and this year was no different! About mid-December I hosted  little wrapping party  - the goal was to get my stuffed bought and wrapped so I didn't stress and have to do it ALL last minute. The result - even better, my friend Nat was so speedy she wrapped most of our gifts for us! Wohoo! 
Susanne and Nat having some bubby!

My little elf!

The next evening I hosted a Christmas potluck dinner for my MOPs group. It was incredibly easy - I didn't really have to decorate since all my Christmas stuff was already out AND I didn't have to prep any food. Everyone brought yummy Italian food, we talked we ate and we drank - so fun! We also had a little jewelry exchange which was super fun! Instead of doing the 'white santa' exchange where you can steal gifts we did a passing game called "Lefty Elf Christmas Story". It was super cute!
Oh, I also made a hot chocolate bar - yum!

On Monday we had our last little playgroup (before the holidays) for Grayson and his buddies - they are so darn cute!!!

And on Thursday we hosted a little Christmas book exchange party for Ryan's playgroup (which the littles are invited too as well!)

These are Frosty the snowman cups - popcorn and pirates booty. The pirate booty ones kinda look like ducks though...

The kids decorated Christmas trees - ice cream cones. I debated on gingerbread houses, gingerbread men, cookies or cones...and I went with the cones because it required the least amount of effort! lol

Grayson was a HUGE fan of all the sweets...

We moved the little brothers to their own table...they were quite happy

Pierce and Grayson really enjoyed themselves.

Grayson and Oliver hanging by the bounce house

And we almost forgot to exchange books!

All of the kiddos ended up with a new book - so fun!

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