Friday, July 31, 2015

Montana Part 2

Day 4: Big Mountain
We headed up to Whitefish Mountain Resort to do a little hiking and alpine sliding...

The kids loved it. Even Hayden got a little ride - although she didn't really show any sort of emotion whatsoever. She was all - eh. She was probably thinking about food. She loves to eat. 
So we did. 
After a little meal we decided to take the gondola up to the top and get a little hike in. As we exited the gondola it started hailing on us! Yes, HAIL! Ahhhh, we ran for cover. Inside we checked out the kids room/nature center and learned about all the wildlife. Grayson wasn't a fan of the animal skins when Ethan or Ryan wore them and pretended to be scary. BUT they did like pretending that one of their hands was a claw. Cause that's funny. After hanging around we realized we didn't really have time to do a hike so we decided to start the ride back home. 
Of course we had to stop at Sweet Peaks - so good!

Day 5: Glacier National Park
On Sunday we headed to the park.  There was quite a large fire burning in the park so the areas/roads were somewhat limited. In the past we have done Avalanche Lake but this year we decided to do a little hike along Lake McDonald.
Ethan and Lyla are really into hiding in the brush and jumping out to scare us - it's pretty awesome and I am all about that. I love scaring people. Ryan and Grayson also enjoyed this...although they weren't as skilled. I'll be in trouble in a few years. 
Hayden loved hanging around in that pack. 

There were a few steep and rocky areas by the water and I was not thrilled with the fact that my kids actually wanted to follow the Hale children down there...but they did. It was difficult to let them climb all over those rocks (where they could easily slip or take a tumble, not to mention fall into the water) especially when they sometimes have issues just walking. Whew. They made it and everyone was happy. I am going to need some Xanax when they get older. 

We had a picnic lunch and it was actually COLD! I could have used a little jacket...

Rain was in the forecast for Monday so it was our last opportunity to get a little more tubing in...

Ryan LOVED tubing. He kept giving the thumbs up cue - to go faster! I can't believe what a daredevil he was! 
Hayden also did a little tubing. And she kinda had the same reaction as she did with the alpine slide...

Day 6: Rainy day
Our last day was a lazy day around the house. It rained on and off and we played outside when we could.  It was nice to be at the house so I could work on getting us all packed up. The kids helped Gigi make cupcakes and we also managed to set up a scavenger hunt for them.

Finding the next clue

Happy (although they actually don't look that happy) with the candy at the end of the hunt! Jellybeans!!!!

Day 7: Headed Home?
We woke up and headed to the airport. Once we got there and started to check in the attendant couldn't quite find us in the "system". Wha?? Apparently, when they cancelled our flight on the way out of Dallas (they moved us to another airline) they accidentally cancelled our return flight as well. Big oopies on their part. there was a lot of tap-tapping on the keyboard trying to find us a way home. None of his options were incredibly appealing. Long flights, longer layovers. No thanks. Luckily our exact planned flight was available for tomorrow so we decided to stay and extra day.
We headed back to the house and had a beautiful bonus day! 

Day 8:  
See day 7 but we actually flew back. :)

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Montana Summer 2015 - part 1

 So excited for Montana!
Seriously - check out those happy faces :)
So as we pulled out of the driveway I got an email from American Airlines that our flight was delayed. No problem, right? when we booked our tickets we took a chance with a 40 minute layover in Denver. So yeah, we were going to miss our flight into Kalispel.  Unsure of what would happen we headed to the DFW and hoped for the AA crew to take pitty on our little family with three kids under the age of five and magically book us on the next flight out. So it's fun to live in lala land every once in a while. We ended up getting moved over to Alaska Air with a six hour layover in Seattle. Same thing, right?

We survived our four hour flight to Seattle and decided to make the best of it and check out some of the city! We hoped on the light rail and headed down to the original Nordstrom and Pike Place Market.

Unfortunately we didn't get to see any flying was 5pm and all that was left was their stench. 

At 11pm local time we boarded our flight to Kalispel. ..Kevin sat with Ryan and held Hayden. Both kiddos passed out within minutes. I got little G, who despite it being 1am Dallas time was still wide awake and also incredibly chatty. Good thing they gave us free alcohol. 

We arrived and were greeted by Kevin's parents. Hooray! A 45-minute drive and we were at their house and quickly into bed.

The kids were so excited the next morning - first up picking some raspberries!

After the raspberries the kids picked some cherries and I snuck off to put Hayden down for a nap...and perhaps take a little one myself :)

The weather was beautiful and we spent the day hanging around the house...

There was a fire on Wild Horse Island so we took the boat over to watch the fire fighters/helicopters/planes 


One happy little lady despite the uncomfortable life vest.

Day 2: Wild Horse Island
Hayden loved hiking! She hung out in this little pack happy as a little clam - of course she had some snacks too.

This picture doesn't quite do justice.  It was beautiful and not to mention steep. You can see Mary, Sarah and Audrey climbing and I believe that is Ethan standing on top of that rock at the top. I think he ran the entire thing. Oh to be 12 again... 

We made it to the top!

This crew waited for us at the bottom. 

The good ol jumping pic...

Walking these tired little boys back to the boat. 

sweet cousins

Day 3: Happy Birthday Ryan
Gotta bring the streamers!

So much fun opening gifts. Ryan loves his new 'treasure box' from Gigi and Papa and we all loved the DJ mat that his cousins got him. lol - it is loud. I am not sure it would be on my list of recommendations - but the kids do love it!

Ryan wanted to do the Little Saplings camp at Lone Pine Park so we headed over there mid-morning.

After camp we headed out for cheeseburgers & milkshakes. This boy loves himself a cheeseburger!

Later that afternoon we had a water balloon fight!

We used those water balloons that you can fill a bunch in 30 seconds, which was awesome...but they didn't break easily. You had to really peg it at someone to get it to was a little painful. 

This little lady enjoyed watching it all. 

And for dinner I made Greek meatballs & orzo pasta per the birthday boys request.

And of course there was cake! So happy to celebrate this special little man with our family. While as I write this now I remember a wonderful day filled with fun and laughter. I have no doubt it was not a perfect as I remember but that's the great thing about having kids- you tend to remember the good times.  Day in the life with this sweet boy. Wouldn't trade it for anything.

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