Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween

The weathermen got it right....the day started out sunny...then turned chilly & rainy. The good news was that the rained cleared out in time for Trick or Treating! It was the perfect Halloween night!

My sweet little ninja turtle!

These kiddos were so excited! They even smiled for pictures!

And more pictures with Yaya & Papu!

And then they were off...

That BB8 costume was a little challenging to run in and I suppose the rain boots didn't help...

A Vandy Halloween....

We made it down to the Hales house and Ryan & Hayden even went through the Haunted house - Little G man waited for them.

Sweet kiddos!

Grayson found Jack!

Some dueling dinosaurs hanging out on the street :)

And Hayden was done....once she realized she could start eating some candy she was all for sitting in the wagon and grubbing. 

My sweet mama!

Hayden and Grayson were so excited to get back to our house and hand out candy. It was hilarious because most people didn't realize they were giving them candy. Hayden and Grayson would basically ambush anyone headed our way and without saying anything find their buckets and put candy. They were so excited!
Ryan went back down to his friends  house - he really wanted to Trick or Treat with his buddy Thomas. Successful night :) I can't imagine how crazy school will be many tired kiddos! Early to bed tonight :) 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

7th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

pumpkin painting  for the littles

Ghost cookies!

Susanne & Lauren with their babies :)

Chillin' on the floor. 

We actually got all the kiddos in a picture! And don't they look thrilled?? 

Ryan carved the robot - from one of his own drawings! And Grayson did the Ninja turtle! 

8pm and time for bed....

Wednesday, October 25, 2017

What's Up Wednesday - October

So I thought I would try and jump back in here...and WUW seemed like a good place to start!

1. What we're eating this week
This week is a little crazy with TWO school fundraising events, but it's always nice to not worry about dinner! Especially when you are eating some of your favorite things!
We decided to start "Meatless Monday's" here at the McDonough house. But...since we went out Monday night, our meatless meal will be Tuesday. We are very flexi with our meals :)  Bringing back my black bean mom use to make this ALL the time for me in college. Seriously, I would bring a big pot back after every was amazing. I hope my kids think so too!
Leftovers & whatever my kids eat on the practices starting at 5:30 make dinner tricky on Wednesdays. When we leave the house at 5:20 no one is hungry. But 10 minutes later when we arrive at practice they are ALL starving! What the wha???  So I bring dinner and they eat on the run. 
We decided between the Lakewood Halloween Party and the J L Long fun run - and the fun run won! We have never done it but hear it is a lot of fun - plus the t-shirts are glow in the dark and the kids are excited about that! What could be better than a little run with friends then food truck burgers & a band? Looking forward to it!

Something EASY because clearly I have outdone myself this week! Lol - But I need to prep my chili and party supplies for our Annual Carving Party tomorrow.  We will probably just order pizza or grab Liberty Burger.

2. What I'm reminiscing about
Halloween babies are getting so BIG! And the costumes aren't as fun now that they have opinions. lol

3. What I'm loving
The Beautycounter Holiday Collection. Specifically the illuminating trio - check me out! :) 
This Trio is valued at $111 and it's yours for only $55! Hot damn!

4. What we've been up to
SJE Carnival (post coming)
Houston (post coming)

5. What I'm Dreading
my alarm clock...

6. What I'm Working on
- 7th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party this Saturday
Throwback to our First Pumpkin Carving party back in 2011! 

- Fall Festival Party for Ryan's class: There are six 1st grade classes and each room is a different activity for the kiddos! Think cookie decorating, arts & craft, guest reader, ect...and our class is in charge of the Monster Mash. I am working on learning an easy dance to teach all of the first graders & we made some cute Monster party favors!

- Making sure we the kids have all their costume accessories for Halloween! 

7. What I'm excited about
- Farmer's Market Field Trip with Ryan's class next Friday
- Pilates Training - I have decided to take the plunge and become Lagree certified! I have thought about this for a while now and the opportunity came up, so I went for it! Training starts next month!
- The Holidays & festivities!

8. What I'm watching and reading

When I was in Houston MK recommended The Couple Next Door and I was sucked in - seriously, I lost sleep because I couldn't stop reading. I loved it, but it had me so darn sucked in I wasn't really productive until I finished it. So I don't want to start anything new for a while. I'll stick to audible in the car for now...

9. What I'm listening to
Monday night training calls
Taylor Swift (cause I can't stop)
Football (cause it's always on...)

10. What I'm wearing
Jeans & front tuck tops. I love the front tuck...Kevin always makes fun of me but this girl don't care.
oh & Work out clothing. 

11. What I'm doing this weekend
- Pottery Barn Kids Knox/Henderson Beautycounter Trunk Show - I'll be there from 11-3 Saturday! It's Partners Card weekend so come shop & stop by to see our Holiday collection :) 
- Pumpkin Carving Party (how many times am I going to mention this?)

12. What I'm looking forward to next month
- Wurstfest? I just found out that I will be in training for my Lagree fitness certification during the weekend we had planned to go down to New Braunsfels. I am bummed to miss but I think Kevin might still try and take the kiddos down! 
- Broken Bow Weekend with friends
-Obviously I am excited for my Pilates Training & Certification classes! I will be attending workshops for three weekends (Sat/Sun 12-5) 
- Friendsgiving - our first ever! 
- And of course, Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

State Fair of Texas

Another year at The State Fair in the books!
The kids LOVED it...and although our group was massive the kids all had a blast together. Plus we didn't lose anyone! 

Once we finally entered the park we made our way to meet up with friends - stopping at random games along the way....

Hayden picked a little orange tiger as her prize and she is obsessed with it. 

We met up with the Bishops and Fowlers...
Jenni took the kiddos on the bear ride. I don't do spinning...

Ryan and Kelby rode this little rollercoaster! Grayson just wanted to watch :)

And this was Hayden...

Grayson REALLY wanted to ride the Ferris we did!

So happy!

And this little one pepped up too!

Jenni was NOT a fan

The older boys went on this super fast ride....and when Ryan whipped around the first time he had a horrible look on his face...I was a little worried, but when the ride slowed down and the guy told them to throw their hands in the air if they wanted to keep going, Ryan threw his up with a big ol grin! Whew!

Hayden picked out a purple monster truck ride for us to go on. I love squishing myself into these tiny rides. 

She was pretty pleased with herself. 

One quick photo at the Midway sign...

And Corny Dogs for lunch...
We played a few more games...and rode a the BIG rainbow slide and then called it a day. It was HOT! Until next year....

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