Saturday, February 27, 2016

McDonough Five In Bahamas - Day 4

And on our last day we tested out another pool...and it was FREEZING!
but Hayden didn't care. 

They had these little slides - which were perfect for my kids. 

After lunch Kevin and the boys headed to the Lagoon in hope of riding an Aqua Bike...Ryan had been asking to do this since we saw them on the first day. Anyhow, they all three couldn't fit on one, so they settled for a peddle boat - which apparently was the most amazing thing ever. Kevin came back to the room exhausted but the boys were so excited. They loved every second of it!

After naps we headed down to the pool again. 
Ryan put his entire head under water! This is HUGE! He was pretty proud. 

We took a selfie. 

And Grayson didn't get out of the stroller. He was happy as a clam just sitting there...he said he was "too tired"

These two loved swimming in the pool

At five we headed up to the room to get ready for dinner...

At 6:15 waiting for the shuttle out front...

And dinner at Carmine's in Marina Village

Hayden loved the pasta. This is the only five minutes she sat at the table...the rest of the time she was running around like a wild woman. 

We popped in the candy shop after dinner...

There was a band playing some music and Hayden wanted to hang we did. 

Grayson was over it.

The we had to pop in the casino so Kevin could exchange the few remaining chips he had for $
Don't mind these little fellas

We took the shuttle home...pretty sure he almost passed out.

On our last morning we woke up and got everything packed up. Our driver was picking us up at 9:30 so we didn't have time to do much...just walk around a little bit...

I tried to take pics but little H wasn't interested.

We got Ryan to take a few pics of us...

Then headed to the airport. 

We had a layover in Miami ...and this lady was passed out!

Thursday, February 25, 2016

McDonough Five In Bahamas - Day 3

We started the day out with a walk on the beach.
The boys loved walking along the shore and running from the waves. 

Mama and her sweet little bears

Grayson didn't last long once he got wet, but R, H & I hung out a little while longer.

Hayden just wanted some snuggles. I'll take it.

We headed to the splashers pool area. Kevin did a quick slide...

And I did a tube ride through the shark tank!

Afterwards we grabbed some sno cones..

The swam a little bit before heading back to the Cascades Pool for lunch. 

Grayson. He hates to be in a wet suit so the second he decides he is done swimming he cries until he has dry clothes on. Then he walks at his own pace. With his new Paw Patrol backpack. Just checking everything out. So chill. 

Ready for some burgers!

Kevin took Grayson and Hayden up for a nap, so Ryan and had some time together. We went and checked out the kids club and then stopped by Dolphin Cay to see people swimming with the dolphins. It looked pretty cool but Ryan said he only wanted to watch. Afterwards we headed back and grabbed some ice cream before heading up to the room. 

After a little rest Ryan and I headed back down to the beach and watched the waves. 

Then joined everyone at the pool...
Hayden loved the zero entry pools and would just run in and flop down. 

She also would just keep walking despite how deep it would get. She thought it was so funny. What a goof!

That evening the boys went to the Adventure Kids Club where the theme was Tournaments & Talents. They spent the evening doing fun "Minute to Win it" type games and then had a talent show. I would have loved to attend the talent show! lol

Hayden was too young so we had a sitter come to the room. It wasn't until 7pm so she basically just went to bed. 

Kevin and went out to dinner at 77 West in the Cove. It was good but it was really nice to have a little time to ourselves. 

Kevin did a flight of rum

I got a massive steak. It was huge. 

Afterwards we hit up the casino! 
And....we lost
womp. womp.
Still had a great night!

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's Up Wednesday {February 24}

1. What we're eating this week...
Well, since we have been on vacation I haven't had to make anything BUT I must say I am ready for a home cooked meal..but something easy!

Greek Tacos tonight!

2. What I'm reminiscing about...
Our trip! It was our first trip as a family of five. It was a little crazy and slightly exhausting but we all had a great time!

3. What I'm loving
The weather. I know lame...but who can complain about 70 degrees in February? It is throwing me off as far as what season it is but I think I will be just fine :)

4. What we've been up to
Our first family trip to the Bahamas!
Day 1 here
Day 2 here
Day 3 coming soon
Day 4 coming soon

5. What I'm dreading
Unpacking and laundry!

6. What I'm excited about
Installing a sliding door for our laundry room! While we were gone I got a voicemail from Home Depot saying that our custom door arrived - so excited that we will have time for this over the weekend! Yay!

Oh and I finally took my old computer to get the hard drive restored - excited to get all my pictures back (crossing my fingers). And perhaps this will give me the motivation to do something with my pics!

7. What I'm watching/reading
The Bachelor
Walking Dead
American Crime

8. What I'm listening to
The Biebs - Love Yourself
Jason Aldean - Just Gettin' Started
Thomas Rhett - Die a Happy Man
T Swift - Out of the Woods

9. What I'm wearing
So much fun to be in Summer clothes this past week

For our date night I wore this floral romper from Bevello and paired it with a 3/4 sleeve lightweight cardi. It was the perfect combo for the breezy night!

10. What I'm doing this weekend
Installing a sliding door for our laundry room. I am ridiculously excited for this - I can't wait to get rid of traditional door because it makes it so difficult to access the sink.
It's gonna be W I L D !!!
I am also excited for some girly time to celebrate baby boy Botterman!

11. What I'm looking forward to next month
Seeing Yiayia and Papu - they have been in Hawaii and New Zealand for the past six weeks and we miss them! They are planning to come visit when they return.
And of course Spring Break! I am taking the kids down to San Antonio to stay with Uncle Steve and Aunt Claire in their new house. The kids are excited to see them and their pups!

12. What else is new
not much else...

13. Favorite Easter Tradition
Aside from the traditional easter egg dying, visiting the bunny, church  & easter egg hunts we don't really have any family specific traditions, however, growing up my parents always made yummy Greek Easter Bread (Tsoureki). I alway plan to do this but I haven't done it yet - perhaps this will be the year!

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