Friday, November 26, 2010

Happy 4 months!

Dear Little R, 
I know I say this every month - but I can't believe I have a four month old! It really does go so fast. 

Yay for 4 months!

Love to smile but not sure what to do with my tongue

You have been growing like a little weed! We go to the doctor on Tuesday to get your official stats but I am thinking you are around 12lbs and 25 inches (per my own measurements).  You have found your voice and it is so cute when you are talking to me! I love it so much - sometimes you just have sooo much to tell me.  You found your hands really early in this month and sometimes you just stare away at them. You really love sucking on them and make such a rukus while doing so. You also found your feet but are less intersted in those at this time. Sometimes when you lay on your back, you kick your little legs so much - you look like a little ninja. You did roll over once earlier in the month but you haven't done it since so I am not sure that was on purpose.  Your favorite toys these days are a little green ball that you grip and little plastic play rings. We built your activity center and you really enjoy playing in that as well. You are still to small for it so I have books underneath so your feet don't dangle. We also have to move you around in it so that you can see all the fun things to play with. We started using your Bob stroller and you love it! You can fit into it without your car seat. Bob loves it too - you both ride in it while mommy pushes it!
Over the past month your routine had adjusted so that you wake up around 7am--there are still some 5:30am mornings but for the most part you sleep till 7am. A couple of times you have even slept until 8:30! You also take your last bottle at 10pm regardless of your last feeding. You have no interest staying up past 10pm and you let us know that. You usually take an hour and sometimes two hour nap midday and you still take a mini-snooze between each feeding which is nice for mommy. You still get a bath every night with daddy and absolutely LOVE it! I can't wait until the summer because I think you will be such a little water baby!

Sticking out my tongue

You grabbed some leaves and stuck them right into your mouth - in true boy form

Sticking out your little lizard tounge

Here I go sucking my fist

Ok mommy I am DONE with the picture taking....
We took another flight down to Houston and you did great. Flying is pretty easy so far - we have another trip coming up in December so hopefully it will go just as well.

Thumbs up:
- Getting up in the morning = BIG smiles
- Bouncer & Swing
- Activity Center - you love the bird and will even reach out to hit it. The panda's on the see-saw make you jump every time they go up and down -it's really funny!
- Green grip ball & play rings
- Bath time with daddy
- Bob

Thumbs down
- Getting into car seat 
- Waiting on your nightly bottle to be warmed

Here are some fun pics from the past month! 

Me and daddy!

Love riding daddy's neck

Hanging out in my swing

Mommy's little chef! I sit here while mommy makes dinner

Hanging out with my cousin Ethan

Chillin with Audrey

Audrey is teaching me about her toys

Uncle Steve!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving Y'all!

Ryan had such a wonderful first Thanksgiving today! I am so thankful for our friends and family, my amazing husband and of course our little amazing little man! Here are some pics from today!

Hi Mom - I love my turkey shirt!

 The McDonough/Hale Family

 The McDonough's

 Grandma & Grandpa with all the grandkids!

Nat & James joined us this year

Kevin and Uncle Steve

Audrey LOVED Uncle Steve

So exhausted!

Playing on Uncle Rob

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Hanging around

Here is Ryan yesterday playing in his Baby Einstein activity center that his Pro Yia Yia and Papu got him! He is still a little small for it but I put some books underneath so his feet don't dangle and a blanket to support him - he really loves it!

Visit from Florida

A couple weeks ago Ryan got to meet his Pro-Yia Yia and Papu! We had such a fun time with them during their visit! We went to the arboretum on Friday morning and walked around then had lunch at the cafe there. It was such a beautiful day!

 Pro-Yia yia with Ryan on Thursday night

 At the arboretum walking around

 Pro Papu & Yia yia

 Four generations!


This past Thursday Ryan and I hosted playgroup and we had such a great time. We finally got some pics of  our new friends but didn't get a group shot - maybe next time!

 Brooke & Henry, Lauren & Brooks, Ashley & Connor, Melissa & Maddie

 Tara & Lily

 Melissa & Maddie

Brooks, Henry, Lily & Little Ryan in the back

Monday, November 1, 2010

Happy Halloween

On Thursday night we went to Lakewood Country Club with the Hales for a Halloween party. All the kids had a great time and Ryan had so much fun he passed out! haha

Yesterday for Halloween we went over to the Hales to celebrate. 

Little Lyla as a cat!

Grandma & Ryan hanging out. 

You allowed us to put on your costume, for about 5 were so over it!

Sarah as a waitress from True Blood

Sarah, Audrey and me

The adorable Hale children

At the last minute we decided to go as the Kardashians (Kourtney, Scott & Mason)

So much fun!

Dear Ryan (3 months)

Dear Ryan,

You are so amazing! I don't know how it it possible but you get cuter and cuter each day! I am really really loving this age. Every day is so exciting and I am so lucky that I get to hang out with you all day long! You are so incredibly sweet and your little gummy smile just melts my heart.  Everyone (and I mean everyone...from friends to random people at the grocery store) tell me over and over how fast babies grow up and I believe it. You are getting so big so fast and I am going to miss these days but it's so exciting to watch you grow each day and I really am loving every moment.

Right now you like to play for a little bit after feeding. We typically go from the floor to your bouncer then to your swing. We sing and dance every day - you love Twist and Shout.

Your first feeding is sometime between 5am and 7am. If it's 5am I try to put you back in your crib so I can get at least another hour of sleep after feeding, but if we are lucky and you wake up at 7am we are good to go! After your 10am/11am feeding we play for about an hour and then you usually take a 2-3 hour nap. You don't like to nap in your crib so it is usually in your swing OR this is the time when mommy runs errands with you. You are still taking a nap in between each feeding (with the longest one being 2-3 hours midday). In the afternoon we play a lot and then when daddy gets home he spends  time with you.

We have been working on tummy time and you are doing SO well!! You lift your head very high and are just so cute. Yesterday you were kicking your leg which will eventually help you to roll over!

- At 10 weeks really started smiling ALOT
- Moved up to level 2 (Dr. Brown)
- You have started to drool and make bubbles
- You LOVE the fan and I mean LOVE it
- You follow me with your eyes and will turn your head to respond to a voice.
- You are moving into your 3-6 month clothing now
- You really started enjoying your bouncer - you go crazy in it focusing on the fishy's and kicking your little legs. It's super cute.
- We took our first family road trip down to Austin and had such a great time. You did so well in a new enviornment.

You took your first flight this month. We flew Southwest airlines to Houston and you did so well. You seem to love flying because the noise the plane makes put you right to sleep. On the ways home you were flirting with some of the ladies from across the aisle - giving them big ol smiles! They thought you were adorable!

Our nighttime routine is still the same and you seem to really enjoy it. You go to sleep so easily and daddy loves that!

We love you so much!
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