Sunday, October 30, 2016

6th Annual Pumpkin Carving

Last night we had friends over for our annual pumpkin carving party!

Tate was adorable as Mickey Mouse!

Audrey got right to work...

The boys were excited to carve their pumpkins too! (although Grayson's face clearly doesn't express that...)
Apparently Kevin hates carving pumpkins. For some reason I forget this every year until we are actually doing it...

Deciding what to carve...

Ryan with his Star Wars themed pumpkin. I have no idea which character it is.

Susanne and sweet Caroline. 

Caleb and Bob eating dinner. Caleb loved Bob and I think he also thought he was funny looking. I am pretty sure he had no idea Bob was actually a dog. Caleb didn't even care when Bob bit him. Although Bob is missing more than half of his teeth, his growl is still pretty scary! It was probably incredibly infuriating that Caleb wasn't scared! lol. What a tough little man!

Love me some cookie cake!

And Susanne brought Mix and Match Mamas funfetti bunt cake! Yum!

We had so much food and of course lots of yummy BOOze :)

Clothing became optional....

Carmel apple bar success!

This little nugget stealing toppings!

Baby Hayden! lol

Caleb being shy...

Lighting of the pumpkins...

So proud of all their work! 

Friday, October 28, 2016

Lakewood Halloween Bash

The kids and I got there right at 5pm so we could get a decent table. Since Kevin was tied up in a meeting it was just me and the little three. Last year we sat outside which was great, but it was kinda hot this year so we opted for a table inside next to the dance floor. 
Since we were right on the dance floor it was great entertainment for them.  Plus they could run and play and I could actually see them. Always great when you can relax while watching the crazy happen. 

 And since they sprinkle candy on the tables as decoration, thats what my kids had for an appetizer. 
Hayden and her snickers. 

I snuck away and grabbed dinner for them. Luckily they were all still sitting there when I returned. 

She was all over this chair. I am actually surprised it never fell over. 

Picture with the kiddos!

They started the night off with a hula hoop contest and Hayden was thrilled. She definitely gets an 'E' for effort. Maybe next year she can win :)
She loved the hula hoops and the dance floor. She was on it all night long! 

Every time she ran off...she ran to the dance floor. She was all over the group dances. 

After the costume contest we headed outside to the cookie decorating and haunted maze. 

Ryan and Grayson were much more particular about their decorating. 

A tad bit topping heavy...

The haunted maze was Wizard of Oz themed this year and Grayson wanted NOTHING to do with it. He wouldn't even go near the entrance. Sweet boy. The other two went though - Ryan was pretty proud of himself. 

After all the sugar these kids were wired! We let them run around for a while before heading back home. 

When we got home we had been "BOOed"! Ryan was so excited to see all the goodies that his friends Knox, Townes and Tipp had left for him! 

Sharing with Grayson & Hayden. And off to bed!

Monday, October 24, 2016

The Weekend FIVE - 10.21

1. No More Training Wheels
That's right. No more training wheels.  Kevin took Ryan's training wheels off and we spent some time trying to teach him how to ride a bike. Annnnnnd we are gonna need more practice. No worries, Ryan is excited to learn but just needs to get more comfortable!
Based on this we decided to go ahead and take Grayson's training wheels off too. It's never too early to start practicing. :)

2. Stonewall Carnival
Saturday afternoon we had to divide and conquer. Kevin took Grayson and Ryan to Grayson's soccer game and then they headed up to the school carnival while I waited at home with Hayden so she could get a little nap in. Luckily she was pretty tired and went down early! At 2:30 I woke her up and we headed to meet the crew at the carnival. Kevin was working the Hamster Ball from 2-3pm and then I worked the drinks and candy  booth from 3-4. 
Kevin took the boys on the pirate ship ride and said that when the ride first started going Grayson looked like he might be sick, but they relaxed a little bit and by the end they were actually enjoying it. The kids played games, shot silly string, saw friends and had a blast. Wish I would have gotten more pictures!

Hayden loves the playground at SJE - and she is a monkey!

3. Sunday Brunch
Sunday  morning we headed to church and then brunch at the club. The weather was perfect so we sat outside. The kids were well behaved and only one of them had to be distracted with an electronic device #winning

4. Pictures with Chelle Cates
Later that evening we had our Holiday photo shoot with our favorite photographer Chelle Cates. She has done all of our pictures since Ryan was TWO! Can't believe it's been that long!
Here comes crazy!

A few shots from my phone...

Happy with candy in her mouth

Daddy and his littles. 

5. Shake Shack
After pictures we decided to hit up Shake Shack - neither of us had ever been! The best part was that it wasn't crowded! Despite it's uptown location there were quite a few families there - the large lawn area is perfect for them to run around! We tried the burger and the chicken sandwich - both amazing. BUT the burger wins. Maybe my all time favorite burger ever. Yeah. I said it. We even got some milkshakes after! The kids gave two thumbs up!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Pumpkins at the Arboretum

On Saturday morning I decided to take the kiddos to check out the pumpkin village at the Dallas Arboretum

Hayden wanted me to hold her and wasn't too interested in the pumpkins. When I tried to set her down for a picture she was not having it, so I just said no worries, I'll just get your brothers. Of course she then decided that a couple pics wouldn't be that hard. lol. Too bad it is basically impossible to get a pic with all three of them SMILING and LOOKING at the camera. 

This is Grayson's cheese face. Well, he is saying cheese. over and over again. 

Grayson's cheese face looks oddly similar to his bathroom face. We need to work on that. 

And the open mouth excited face...

Grayson too. 

it's getting weird...

And we are done.

He looks so big!

Checking out all the pumpkins....

Just following the boys

He wants a picture on this pumpkin...but he forgets to smile.

In search of little pumpkins...

Here is her open mouth "excited" smile....

And this.

Now Grayson was really getting in to it. Finding pumpkins, climbing pumpkins...all for a pic! What a trooper!

Once we had  enough of the pumpkins I tried to kill a little time by just wondering around the rest of the garden. We sat down and had a snack and then Hayden decided that she wanted to pull the wagon. 

It was a little too heavy with both boys so eventually she agreed to get in and let me pull them. 

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