Thursday, January 28, 2010

Baby bump Pics - 12 weeks

Three months down!! Six more to go!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Turkey Troubles

I’m 11 weeks today! Hooray! And in other good news, I think my meat strike is over! On Monday night I had most of a hot dog (what a way to hop on the meat train) and on Wednesday I was ready to bring “the turkey sandwich” back into my repertoire. My two favorite sandwich places are Panera and Which Which. Since Which Which toasts theirs – they won.

I haven’t had a sandwich in almost two months so I was super excited when I felt like I could actually handle one. Things were going great – they had some of their corporate peeps in checking in on them so I knew everything was clean and fresh. I was so excited putting my little sandwich in to my purse and rushing back to the office – but my excitement didn’t last long. When I unwrapped my little hoagie I saw bright orange cheese! Ahh! They put the wrong cheese – they used American! They have seven different types of cheese and they accidently gave me the one I despise the most (although I am not sure I would have been much happier with cheese wiz). My little brown baggy clearly had a red “X” next to the provolone! Grr! The next (and more major) issue was the heating – by the time I got back to my office my poor little sandwich was cold! Now you might be thinking that’s because I went all the way back to my office to eat it – and to that I say this ain’t my first rodeo. I have done this journey many of times and it is always still steamy when I open it up back at my desk. It’s very important to eat it while it’s still hot because if not then your meat going from steamy and moist to dry and gross. And that’s what I had – so sad. So what’s a girl to do? Well I tell you what I did – I scrapped off the melted American cheese, removed the icky turkey and busted out my spray butter (let’s be honest I would have done the last step anyways) and created yet another vegetarian meal. Oh well maybe next time!

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Shake Your Bon-Bon

Last night we had a super fun dinner at Tillman’s Roadhouse with the Sun’s and the Websotterman’s (Terra & Bryan). I had never been there before but was excited to try it out – everyone else but Kevin and I had been there and they all loved it. The drinks looked super fun, both Megan and Terra had the blood orange margarita which looked tempting but of course I stuck with water. So we started out with the trio of fries and honestly you really just can’t ever go wrong with fries. For dinner, since I am still involuntarily a vegetarian I opted for the farmer’s market salad and basically all of the sides – which were AMAZING. They have goat cheese tater tots, crispy green beans, yummy asparagus and white cheese mac-n-cheese! Yum! Everyone else seemed happy with their food …all their meat dishes….blah. For desert they have s’mores that you roast table side! So fun! And to top of the evening one of the waiters even danced on the table to Kid Rock's “I wanna be a cowboy”, Ricky Martin’s “Shake you Bon-bon” and one other song that I can't remember right now – totally worth it! Fun times and great company!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Baby Showers!

This morning I talked to Mk and we started planning Cristin’s baby shower! She isn’t finding out what she is having so we are throwing a gender neutral shower and using an animal theme! I found some super cute invitations that I think she will love, but I really don’t want to give away too much already! Her shower is March 6th so I will post pics once we have it! I do however have some pictures from a shower that my friend Shannon and I threw for Nat and baby Anderson. I never posted them so here they are. We had just gotten our new camera the day before the shower so I wasn't that great with it but plan on improving my picture taking abilities soon! We had such a great time planning this shower and I am so excited that I am already planning another one!

Workin’ on our fitness…

So it took almost two years to convince Kevin to join a gym with me and today we finally signed up together! Yay! Although I am not o sure it was really me that made him finally change his mind. First of all, there were all the comments. It seems that over the past year everybody we know has made some sort of comment on how darn skinny he looks (I promise I feed him!). So even though he never mentioned it I think he decided his perfect push-ups and chin up bar weren’t cutting it anymore. The two reasons he recently mentioned were: 1.) Our awesome trip to St. Johns that his parents are taking us on this spring AND 2.) The Warrior Dash that Jacob and Stacey Pearson inspired everyone to sign up for on May 1st. (Don’t worry I am just cheering from the sidelines!) So back to our gym – we signed up this morning and I am so excited that we get to work out together like we use to! I can’t do too much but bike riding, walking the treadmill and swimming will keep me busy. I also hear that working out while you are pregnant can make delivery and recovery easier and shorter – I guess we will see how that works out!

Monday, January 11, 2010

Arms, Legs, Nose & Lips!

It's no longer a bean! Today I went in for my work-up and got to see the baby again! We are 9 weeks and 4 days and it was so exciting to see little legs and arms moving! You can also see his nose and lips and of course his big ol brain! haha. This week I keep calling the baby a "he" - not sure why, maybe it’s a sign! :) Now we have to wait a whole month for our next doctor appointment! That’s going to be tough!!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

“I have been seeing your father”

What? So my original OB was Dr. Hampton Richards (son of Dr. James Richards). Kevin and I really liked him but when I got pregnant again and tried to make an appointment they told me he didn’t accept my insurance any longer. We were bummed but decided to go to his father. After a couple of visits to Dr. James Richards I ended up getting scheduled with Dr. Hampton again- yay! (The insurance thing was just a mix up.) The point - it’s not very often you are working with a father son duo- but it’s kind of a funny situation. Especially yesterday when I went to Dr. Hampton Richards and the following words came out of my mouth “I have been seeing your father”. It all just sounds a little crazy. I love them both but have made the switch back to Hampton since he was my original doctor and I was sad when I thought we couldn’t use him anymore.

My mind is a tricky thing

So over the past few weeks we have managed to tell most of our family and friends our exciting news. Although it’s super exciting to tell everyone there is still a teeny tiny part of me that is a little scared to be sharing it all so soon. This past week I had a mini little freak out, but since my doctor is so awesome I was able to get right in and have a reassurance sonogram. It only a little over a week since last time we were in and the baby has almost already doubled in size! I feel so much better knowing that the little bean is doing just great! Dr. Hampton Richards has been so amazing and he even called me today to check in and see how I was doing. Things are great – I get to go back on Monday so I am excited to see the bean again so soon!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy Birthday Caroline!

Its Caroline Aston’s First birthday today – Happy Birthday! I created these cute cupcake invitations for her birthday party which was this past weekend. They were super fun to make and Caroline told me she loved them – haha. I was sad that I missed her birthday but from the pics I saw it looks like MK did an amazing job (as usual)!

Don't tell the doctor!

I think our baby hates meat! My favorite meats don’t entice me any longer. Goodbye steak, bacon, sausage, ham, turkey and little chicken…I can’t stomach you for now! I hope baby gets over this because I miss you! On the other hand I have stepped up my dairy intake – milk I haven’t seen you since childhood! And ice cream….every night! Shhh! don’t tell the doctor!
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