Thursday, June 26, 2014

30 weeks - Hayden

How far along? 30 weeks 0 days
Baby size: According to Babycenter little Hayden is around almost 3lbs, which we already knew based on my last appointment.  So who knows how big she really is...time will tell!
Exercise: Went walking with my mom and it put my back in a tizzy.  Guess it means I really shouldn't worry about exercise :)
Sleep: Up two or three times a night...
Best moment this week: Sitting with Kevin and the boys over the weekend at dinner when Grayson randomly declared that he is "HA-PPY" and points to himself. He is talking so much more and I love it! 
Miss anything: Sushi...I hadn't really thought about it all that much until I visited my friend Katie in the hospital (to meet her adorable new little man, Liam).  Anyhow, another friend had brought her a gift card to Blue Fish...and basically since then I have been craving it. Can't wait for some sushi!
Anything making you queasy or sick: I get random waves of nausea but nothing like in the first trimester. 
Labor signs: No
Symptoms: Still feeling great. Not much to complain about!
Looking forward to: Getting the nursery ready! My mom is here this week and we have been busy busy - so much fun! She is almost finished hand painting the polkadots on the main wall and it looks awesome! She is so wonderful! We also dropped one of the dressers off to get repainted and I can't wait to see how it turns out. So excited to see it all come together. 

Friday, June 20, 2014

Vassilaros Beach Vacation

We just returned from a week long vacation in Florida with my family and it was amazing!  We changed it up a little bit this year and headed a little more south to Gasparilla Island. One of the best parts was that it was only 10 minutes away from my grandparents, so the boys and I headed down a little early to spend some time with them before heading down to the beach.

The boys and I left Dallas on Friday - yup, just me, my little boys and my big ol' belly. Since it was a direct flight and only about 2 hrs I really wasn't too worried. Of course, after checking in and getting to the gate only to learn that our flight was delayed...I started to get a little tense.  I didn't account for that in my plans. Luckily there was a children's area where the boys could burn off some energy and they did.  After two hours, two trips to McDonalds, a smoothie and some gummy worms we were happily on our way!

Although Grayson was technically suppose to sit on my lap, their little tooshies fit on one seat...lucky for me :) And baby Hayden. 
Ryan did great and basically watched a movie and was conent the entire time...unless Grayson was accidently kicking him. Grayson on the other hand was a little more mobile. He watched about 30 minutes of a show, played with toys, crayons, puzzles, had some snacks, played on the ground and even graced us with his high-pitched scream that he recently found (and thinks is hilarious) as we landed. Oh that boy keeps me on my toes :)

When we landed I was so grateful to have my grandparents there to help me! My papu helped with all my luggage (seriously, three large bags) and they were great with the kids while I rented out minivan! wohoo! Once we made it to their house it was time to relax:) My parents joined us later in the evening- the boys were excited to see their yiayia and papu!

The boys had a great time playing in their pool and they loved the train set that my Papu sets up every year for Christmas - he left it up this year since the boys were coming to visit. Isn't that so sweet?  They loved it! There was also an awesome park close by that the boys had a blast climbing around on. During quiet time Ryan brought his show into ProPapu's office to be near him - it was pretty cute!

On Sunday afternoon we headed down to Boca Grande and met up with the rest of the family. The house that my parents rented was perfect! There was so much room to spread out!  We had the beach right out back and a huge pool in the front, doesn't get much better than that! The boys LOVED it!

View out the back to the ocean.

Massive pool....the deep end was at least 10ft! Wish the diving board had been there...

So now I am just going to post a lot of pictures... a lot. 
The first two days were a bit cloudy and rainy...but we still made the best of it. 
Uncle Nick caught a "big" fish the first morning...and that would be the last one of the week :)

Grayson helping out cleaning the pool

Cute boys!

Washing the sand off

Horse races with Pro Papu

Where is Ryan's leg?

So tan

Fishing with Uncle Nick

Catching fish with a seashell...

Uncle Steve and Aunt Claire

Hanging out on the beach watching the sunset - beautiful!

I cannot remember what they were looking at...but it looks pretty exciting? right?

The best part was we didn't have to use cars to get could really walk everywhere but after my first long walk I requested a golf cart. Hey, I'm pregnant :) I think everyone was happy :)

My dad :)

Grayson coloring with Vanessa

Ryan headed out for ice cream with the girls!

Sweet little Grayson

A dip in the ocean with the boys

Grayson and Aunt Claire on our last night...he was obsessed! He followed her everywhere and only wanted her. 
Seriously...I tried to take him with me and he started crying until he was safely back in her arms. 

And watching the sunset together...

One morning we took the boys down to the southern tip of the island to check out the lighthouse museum. 

Of course, Grayson made sure Claire was close. 

Ryan and Papu

Sweet boys. 

We watched some men catch a 9ft bull shark...

Getting the hook out. 
Makes you wanna jump right in, huh? lol

Trying to get a picture of the boys but Grayson wouldn't put down his nerf gun.

Pro Yiya and Papu with the boys!

The boys with their Yiaya and Papu

We managed to get a picture with everyone!

Our little family of four...soon to be FIVE!

We had such a wonderful time on this vacation and are so grateful that we are able to get the family together for a whole week! The boys love seeing everyone and we love making such lasting memories!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

29 weeks - Hayden

How far along? 29 weeks 0 days
Total weight gain/loss? of last week. Not checking again until my next appt. 
Baby size: According to Babycenter little Hayden is around 2.5lbs (about the size of a butternut squash), however since she was at 3lbs at my appointment last week I guess that isn't so accurate for me!
Exercise: Still nothing....hoping I can change this soon! or not. lol
Maternity clothes? Yup :)
Sleep: Up a couple of times for the potty.
Best moment this week: Ryan felt baby Hayden kick! He was so excited!
Movement: Starting to feel larger movement...
Food cravings: So I noticed that I have been craving milk...cold milk and cereal has been soooo good this past week! I never really buy cereal (except for Kevin) but I hit up the cereal aisle and got myself some cinnamon toast crunch - so yum! It was my favorite growing up. Anyhow, I just got my 29 weeks email from Babycenter and learned that "her bones are soaking up lots of calcium, so be sure to drink your milk! This trimester, about 250 milligrams of calcium are deposited in your baby's hardening skeleton each day."  I guess my craving makes sense!
Anything making you queasy or sick: I get random waves of nausea but nothing like in the first trimester. 
Labor signs: No
Symptoms: Actually feeling pretty great these days. Obviously a little tired but overall can't complain too much!
Looking forward to: Celebrating Kevin's birthday at Rough Creek Lodge this weekend!

Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Happy Father's Day

The boys and I planned a special little Father's Day for our favorite daddy! 

First up - yummy breakfast!

After our bellies were filled we packed up and took a little road trip down to Edom, TX to Blueberry Hills Farm. Unfortunately the blueberries weren't quite ripe, but they did have blackberries for us to pick. Ryan had fun searching for ripe berries...and Grayson had fun just picking berries in general, regardless of their ripeness. Oops.

This berry was huge!

The drive out there was so pretty - I think Kevin was ready to buy some land and move. lol

After our berry picking we headed back to the little country store for some blueberry frozen yogurt!

Ryan enjoyed his...while Grayson decided he was much more fascinated with the water...

Yup - his shirt is a little wet...
After ice cream we headed back to Dallas so Grayson could nap. 

The boys painted some artwork for daddy's office!

Not too shabby

And for dinner the Hales and (1/2 of the) Tantinarawats joined us. 
Bob hanging out with Lyla

Family pic!
We had fajitas for dinner...and I made an Oreo peanut butter ice cream pie for desert! We also had Blackberry & Blueberry Pie from Blueberry Hills Farm - it was amazing. Seriously, I don't care much for pie (unless it's ice cream pie) and it changed my outlook. So yum!
Happy Father's Day!

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