Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

Can't wait to get these three dressed up tonight!

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Month 1 & 2 Comparisons

Who do my kiddos look like? Well....

There is no denying Ryan and Hayden are related...Grayson kinds looks like the odd man out!
Until month two! I think Grayson and Ryan actually kinda look similar here...Ryan really changed a lot over that one month! 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Hayden - Two months

Age: Two months

Weight: 9lbs (5%)
Height: 21.5in (5%)
HC: 37cm (5%)

Clothes:  My little lady is starting to grow out of her newborn clothing...mostly due to length! It makes me panic a little because I keep finding adorable things in her closet that I need to put her in before she is too big! lol

Feeding: She eats about every 2 - 3 hours during the day and can go a little longer at night. I nurse her 99% of the time and Kevin gives her a bottle of breast milk each evening.

Sleeping: We are working on getting her to sleep from 10pm to 5am. It hasn't happened yet. Lol. She was sleeping from 11pm to 3am then about 4am to 6am but recently she has decided she doesn't really want to go back to sleep after her 3am feeding. I am not sure how to fix this...she isn't necessarily wide awake but just seems uncomforable. Maybe gassy? I am sure a little more time will help with that issue.

We are still working on getting her in her crib. For now she is in her room but in the rock n play. Since she is still so young and really doesn't have a defined nap schedule I still have her napping downstairs in her swing.

Little lady is much more alert this past month which has been fun. I haven't seen her first smile quite yet but I have no doubt it will be soon! I can't wait to get some giggles!

She really enjoys watching her brothers and they love playing with her. Grayson likes to be in charge of her paci. If she doesn't have it he gets really worried...but she never seems to mind. She will take a paci but she is also happy without one.   If she cries Ryan is quick to tell me that she thinks she must be hungry. Grayson loves to bring her toys and I just have to make sure he isn't covering her with too much. He has such good intentions. The boys are incredibly sweet with her and I love watching them dote on her.

Month Two, FIRSTS:
- Visit to Arboretum
- Trip to Jerry World (AT&T Stadium)
- Limo bus ride
- Visit to the fair
- Trip to the pumpkin village

Walking around at the fair

Hanging out at Hayden's two month appointment

Yay for two months!
Love this little lady so much!
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