Friday, November 14, 2014

This Week

I cannot tell you how many times I have unintentionally dressed us just happens. To top it off I even had camo pants on. Kevin thinks I am ridiculous. I might be.

The Bishop boys were on the same page :)
We met playgroup friends at the park Monday afternoon to get some outdoor fun in before the cold weather came in! The kids had so much fun and all played together so well.

Ryan loves taking pictures with his sister...but she wasn't so happy. I think she was hungry but he he won. 

Playing Candy Land with my boy!

It's a plaid day...I may or may not have also had plaid on. These boys need a haircut. 

Our new Flor rug came in and the boys were excited to put it together. 

Ryan begs to come with me everytime I leave the I let him come with me to get my hair done. He was a happy man. I love that he wants to spend time with me :) Sweet boy!

And he snapped this picture of me...didn't even know until I was scrolling through my pics. 

New rug - final product! I am excited about this Flor concept...we have a bunch of extra squares...wonder how long they will last!

And playgroup yesterday...Grayson insisted on this outfit. And then he just wanted to sit by me. Sweet silly boy. 

Birth Announcements - Hayden

Hayden - Three Months

Love this little lady!

Three Months. Ninety-one consecutive middle-of-the night of feedings, 183+ hours of nursing (That's like a week of full time nursing), 660 diapers changed, multiple unintentional smiles, countless real smiles and endless snuggles...the 'fourth' trimester is technically over.  I am constantly changing my mind on what my favorite stage is because I have been enjoying the little newborn stage so much! I love nursing and snuggles and late night mommy and me time. I know it will be over so fast so I am trying to soak it all up. Of course there are those nights when its definitely hard to drag myself out of bed but then again it's all worth it.

She really is a great baby. Basically eats, plays and sleeps. Oh and poops. We are in a routine...but not so much a set schedule. I know a schedule will eventually happen but I think she is still too young.  We typically wake up around 5 or 6am and head downstairs for nursing. I am able to watch the morning news and have a cup of coffee uninterrupted...which I am loving. After she is done eating we play for a little bit then she is ready for a nap. Hard life. lol.

Once she is down and the boys have breakfast in front of them I sit down to pump for about 10 minutes (usually get around 4oz total). She typically naps for about 45minutes before she wakes up and is ready to eat again. Depending on the day I will have to feed her around 8:30 so that we can head out the door in time to get the boys to school at 9am. (which means we can leave at about 8:57 if we aren't walking). Once the boys are in school we typically run errands, however every other week we do have playgroup. Yup - little lady already has a group of buddies at three months. I am sure she will appreciate it more when she actually can sit up and see everyone.

She has been taking a long nap mid-day...which coincides with Grayson's nap. It would be OhSoAwesome if Ryan still napped....but this is real life. Anyhow, the evernings are the fussiest times...which I think is pretty standard. I nurse her for the last time around 7pm, pump again at 9pm then head to bed. Kevin hangs out with her (she is usually sleeping) and then Kevin gives her a bottle around 10pm. She typically sleeps until about 3am or 4am. It's awesome for me...but sometimes she doesn't really want to go back to sleep.

Little tidbits:
- 0-3 month clothes getting tight. It's mainly the length but we have started to notice she is getting some chubbiness.
- Eyes - still blue. Wondering if they will stay....
- She started 'talking' this month
- Loves to smile
- Enjoys her swing and bouncer
- Still swaddling at night/naptime
- Since she still naps a lot I have her in the swing
- Loves being in baby bjorn

Can't get enough of her!

Little Rascals

Last weekend we celebrated another successful season for the Little Rascals!

They received their medals and were all so proud! So cute!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

School Pics 2014

This year school pictures were done by Suzi Neely and I can't get enough of them! Now I really wish I would have taken the boys early one day to get sibling pictures! Next year....

I haven't placed my order these are the digital proofs.

And my little Grayson

Seriously. I can't handle the cuteness. 
Love these boys!

Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Halloween Night

Halloween night!
We had such a blast on Halloween. Our costumes clearly don't really go together...but we had fun dressing up. Ryan was so excited to be BumbleBee and had talked about it for so long...he told anyone who would listen to him. He typically explained that BumbleBee was a transformer but I am pretty sure some people didn't catch that last party and just thought he was dressing as a bee. How sweet. 
Grayson was all about dressing up as SpiderMan...until about 1pm on Halloween day. As I was reading a Curious George Halloween book before him nap he decided that he wanted to be a spooky ghost! Yay - I was thrilled! I love ghosts, mummies, goblins, witches...anything 'real' Halloween. I just hoped that when he woke up he still wanted to be a ghost...and to my surprise he did! He was quite happy with his face paint and white sheet...I thought it was adorable!
As for Kevin, the pirate costume was a last resort. He always dresses up at work and this year his costume didn't really translate to the masses for Halloween. (His team dressed up as the leadership more of an inside joke type thing.) Anyhow, we had a pirate costume from a few years ago (that he never wore) so it ended up working out. 
Hayden and I went as mommy and me unicorns. lol.  My sister-in-law told me she was going to be a unicorn and the more I thought about it, the more I really wanted to dress Hayden as one...and of course I had to match. I made the horn and ear headbands - super easy and I think they turned out really cute! I also made Hayden's tutu. All in all, a super easy costume!
Grayson and face paint don't really work all that great together. He gets so sweaty...and rubs his face so much. What a mess. But a cute little mess. 

Yiayia and Hayden! (I also made Yiayia's shirt!)

I love that our street is blocked off so we can walk around freely and not worry about getting hit by a car...and it just makes it so much more festive...everyone out walking around. It's like a big ol party! So much fun!
Ryan absolutely LOVED trick-or-treating. He wasn't scared and was so excited to go door to door. At every house he would say "Trick-or-treat", "Thank you", "Happy Halloween" and "Boo". In that order. 
each. time. 
Grayson, on the other hand wasn't so sure...he isn't a fan of masks or anything scary Kevin ended up holding him quite a bit. But he did love the whole candy aspect of it all. 
We walked down to the Hales house hitting some houses on the way. We hung out there for a bit. Ryan went into their haunted house...Grayson did not. After visiting a bit we made our way back so that we could hand out candy.  We set up shop on the driveway and hung out watching trick-or-treaters.
Grayson was such a little snuggle bunny 

The boys loved handing out candy - especially Ryan. He would get so excited he would run the bucket of candy down the driveway to meet everyone. And then he would loudly say "Just one"...Such a rule maker! At one point there was a group of teenage boys that were heading over (they were at our neighbors house). Ryan saw them coming so he grabbed the candy and ran down the driveway...he stood there waiting and as they got closer he realized how big they were. He got really scared and threw the bucket down and hightailed it back to was so funny! The guys felt so bad but it was just adorable. 
 Such a fun night with some great memories!

Halloween Playgroup Party

Round II - Ryan's playgroup Halloween party!

Since this was more kid-focused I changed a few things up ...
For instance, I made the carmel apples ahead of time...that way we didn't have to deal with hot carmel...and that whole mess thing. 

Ghost bananas
Food table...first stop for these boys!
Adorable little Brooks!

Brooks & Ford

Dorthy & the wicked witch

It's kinda crazy that almost everyone in our playgroup is on baby #3! Such a fun group of littles and mommies!


Had to take the costumes off to eat...and cause it was so darn hot! 

I am not sure how much he actually ate...

And a little pumpkin decorating! The kiddos has a blast and are excited for trick-or-treating tomorrow!

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