Monday, December 30, 2013

Vassilaros Family Christmas Weekend

We had such a great time with my family and I know the boys missed everyone when they left! 
Grayson is a HUGE fan of Macy and tried to ride her multiple times. She is so sweet and puts up with all of his riding, pulling, hitting and climbing...

Ryan LOVED having both Uncles around...they loved to spoil him with attention

Uncle Steve and Grayson getting some reading in as well

And a little reading with Uncle Nick too

Papu even fried us a turkey  - out in the FREEZING cold! We had a yummy Christmas dinner (a few days before Christmas). 

And check out T photo-bombing him.

Ryan with Uncle Nick and Yiayia

Me and my brothers...they make me look short!

Sweet little G and his daddy...and a little slobber. 

Me and my mom - the best mom in the world!

Ice cream sundae bar! YUM!

Reading a book with Uncle Nick (and Bob)

So happy to have them all in town! 

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