Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's up Wednesday - August 31

1. What we are eating this week
Monday: Mix & Match Mama's Spinach and Swiss Meatballs over quinoa

Tuesday: Grilled Steak & Chicken kabobs (recipe from simply scratch)

Wednesday: Leftovers (soccer practice!)
Thursday: Must-go (leftovers...again....gasp!) We are headed out of town Friday so everything Must Go! This is what my Yiayia always called leftovers and it kinda stuck.  
Friday: Out of town

2. What I'm Reminiscing about

The kiddos first day's of pre-school!
I guess I didn't take a picture of him standing next to his 

Grayson's first day 2013

Grayson last year

3. What I'm loving
This is so random but I am so happy with my food service foil sheets that I got at Costco. Ha! I am a huge dork but it really makes grabbing foil so much easier! It's like a box of kleenex, but it's 12x12 foil sheets. I always line my baking sheets and or wrap things to go quickly...and it just makes it that much more quick. Plus I hate those serrated edges on the regular foil boxes!

And on a much more 'cool mom' note, I am loving my new Lululemon short sleeve top - it's the perfect cover up for the hot weather. Since I typically work out 4-5 times a week I do end up in my workout clothes more often than I would like during the day. I always feel kind of naked when I just have my workout top on so I love that I can throw this on over. It's quick, cute and breezy. lol!

Dash to Class Short Sleeve

4. What we've been up to
The first half of August I was consumed by party prep for the Pirates and Mermaids party. The second half has been focusing on going back to school - being in school - and squeezing in more summer fun with the littles before they go back!

5. What I'm dreading
Soccer practice. I'm such a bad soccer mom but I am so not a fan of soccer practice. It's always right smack in the middle of dinner time, it's always hot, and I am always chasing Hayden around because she doesn't like to sit still. This season the boys both have practice on the same night, at the same time....and not so much at the same field. As far as our area goes, they are complete opposite sides of the neighborhood so it is not possible to go to both - darn. lol. Carpool :)

On the other hand...look how excited Grayson (and Hayden) are for soccer practice!

6. What I'm working on
House stuff (Purging, organizing, simplifying)
Speakeasy Party (Stonewall Party I am co-hosting with some fun ladies!)

7. What I'm excited about
We have a lot of fun stuff planned for September - excited for a fun month!

8. What I'm watching/reading
Bachelor in Paradise. of course.

Stranger Things 
We are probably half-way through the season and my feelings on it are pretty neutral. I enjoy watching it, but I am not obsessed. lol. 

I have hear The Night Of is pretty great so I am excited to start that HBO mini series next. 

And onto reading....
I just ordered two new books:


I'll let ya know what I think!

9. What I'm listening to
I downloaded the Audible app from amazon and am excited to try some books on tape! I have heard from a handful of mom's that their kids love listening to stories on tape so we are going to try one on our way down to Austin. 
 I downloaded Roald Dahls Big Friendly Giant so I am hoping it holds the kids interest!

10. What I'm wearing
Well, just like everyone else here in Dallas I am ready for some fall weather. I realize that probably won't get here for another month or so, so I guess not much will change. 

11. What I'm doing this weekend
Grayson's 4th birthday! We will be down in Austin at Lost Pines with friends so it will be a great way to celebrate!

12. What I'm looking forward to next month
- Football season starting. Not that I am a huge football fan but I love having the games on and hanging with friends.
- Little's starting school. This year Grayson will have Ms Karen and Ms Liz, the same teachers that Ryan had! We loved them so I am thrilled that Grayson is in their class.
- Speakeasy Party. I am hosting a Speakeasy party with a bunch of Stonewall mommies.
- Carrie Underwood concert!

That's all I got! Happy Wednesday!

Summer Fun - At the Zoo

Since Ryan started school a couple of weeks before the littles - we still had some summer fun! We got to the zoo at 9:30am and basically had it to ourselves.  We checked out the monkeys, koalas, and kangaroos while we waited for friends. We also saw the tiger (who is always pacing at the side gate waiting on his food) some bobcats and the tortoises - which was a special request from Grayson. He randomly asked if we could "go see if the turtles were fighting like they were last time." Side note: When my parents and I brought the kids to the zoo earlier this summer we stumbled upon the tortoises during what I can only believe was mating season. They were all paired up and on top of each other. None of the kids said anything but apparently Grayson really did take note. But he just assumed they were fighting. Love little insight in to his mind - so sweet. And no, they weren't 'fighting' this time.

Afterwards we headed over to the Wilds of Africa exhibit. Grayson was so excited to feed the giraffes!

He LOVED it. 
Hayden didn't want anywhere near those long black tongues. 

The monorail was finally open! I swear they have been working on this FOREVER. 

It was hot and sticky but once we started moving it wasn't too bad. They really did a good job with this exhibit - it was fun spotting all the animals that they were talking about as we drove by. We could also see where they are building the new Hippo exhibit! So fun!

Sweet boys!

Grayson and his FAVORITE animal!

Checking out the size of the lions paw...

And here is how Hayden felt about the lion...

But slushies make everyone happy!

Brooks kept trying to put his arm around Hayden. Clearly she wasn't having any of that. 
She probably thought he was trying to take her slushy

There we go! Cuties!

Monday, August 29, 2016

Pirates & Mermaids Birthday Bash

This year we combined all three kids birthdays into one party - one and done!

Of course, leave it to me to make the idea of a simple party into a not-so-simple celebration.  It's kinda my thing. lol. 
I basically spent the entire week before working on the party. It was a little crazy but I love when everything comes together at the end. And I love how excited the kiddos were for the party! 
The boys were obsessed with Peg Leg (above) & Mr Bones - our new skeletons. They will be back for Halloween. 
I made the signs that we set out front with vinyl cut by my silhouette...and some wood and paint. 

Cake pops, clam cookies, mermaid treats, golden coins & nuggets, cupcakes, cookies and cake - oh my! What a tasty mermaid lagoon...

I love these little rice crispy treats! They were so easy and a perfect addition to the sweets table!

Cookies custom made Jennifer - they were beautiful and delicious! Plus she delivers!

Yummy cake balls made by my mom!

We created more of a Pirate theme in the kitchen. 
For food we served:
-Pirate ship hot dogs
- Golden nuggets
- Pirate Jewels (fruit)

Moving on from food...
Let's be mermaids! I made (no-sew) mermaid tails for all the little girls. They were super easy to make ...but making 25 of them did take me a bit. I plan to post a little DIY on these sometime in the near future.
Along with the mermaid tails there were crowns, necklaces, rings, and wands! All the necessities :)

And of course we can't forget about all the little pirates!
Hats, jewels, telescopes, eye patches and mustaches to complete the perfect pirate outfit. 

I really wish I would have handed this stuff out during the party! I am so bummed that I didn't get any pictures of all the kids dressed up....

The pirate ship water slide was a huge hit and this is where the kids spent most of their time!
(We ordered the ship wreck water slide from 

I made this pirate ship photo booth our of cardboard boxes. It was super cute but once again - I wish I would have gotten more pictures of the kids using it!

My little pirate mermaid!

hiding from the camera...

Singing happy birthday!

We had such a fun night and I am so thankful for all the help from Kevin and my parents. There is no way I would have gotten everything done in time if it wasn't for them :)

Can't believe these three little monkeys are all another year older! 

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