Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Grayson - Months 13, 14 & 15

Well back in October I started with Grayson's 13 month update and never got around to posting...and then again in November I had high hopes with his 14 month update...clearly it did not work out soooo I will just sum up the last three months now!


13 months

We started some fun activities! When school started up again we had two days of just G and me time so we started a new kindermuisk class (with kids his age), little gym & joined a playgroup for him! We are also taking swimming
Music: He has always loved this but we are super excited because they changed the program back to the old curriculum (which is the way Ryan did it) and so G gets CDs with class from music, books and a music toy.
Little Gym: He loves forward rolls, hanging on the bars and doing flips on them. He tries all of the skills and loves it when the balls and bubbles come out!
Swimming: Huge fan of splashing (he doesn't care if he gets water in his eyes). Loves plopping in the water and doesn't mind going underwater. Honestly, I am kinda over the whole swimming thing (since I have to get in the ater with him) but he really loves it so I am going to stick it out. Hopefully he will move up to the next level (so he can swim without me) sooner than later! lol!
Playgroup: So excited to finally have a group of friends for my little guy. A lot of the mommies from Ryan's playgroup have been talking about forming one for the littles but it wasn't possible until school started up. Once that happened we were able to form a group - there is a mix of old friends and new friends and its perfect!
Soccer: No, it wasn't his soccer team but he was probably much more interested in it than his older brother. He often tried to get out on the field and he actually knows how to kick the ball! Most of the younger brothers/sisters seemed to have much more interest in playing soccer than their older sibling!

You will still cuddle up on me when you are tired and it is so sweet.
You have started this awful scream when something is taken away from you. Ugh.
You give kisses. and they are all open mouth. oh dear.

One of your favorite activities is climbing. You love to climb up on this chair and then rock back and forth...you love it. love. it. 

Playing at the Little Gym 

Did I mention you are an incredibly messy eater? It's not enough to just get on your face...you like to rub it all over your chest as well. 

You love suckers after swim lessons! And you are also messy with these....

 Fire truck day at school! Loves riding around in this cart of a thing.

14 months

My little juicy fruit started WALKING! You know, everyone says...oh you don't want him to start walking because then it's really wild/hard/he will get into everything. Well people, trust me, him walking...doesn't cause that. He was already into everything...now he is much happier!

He is so incredibly proud of himself and it's adorable.

He LOVES peekaboo
giving hi-fives

We have also moved to ONE nap.  I wasn't rushing this one at all because it makes picking up Ryan from school a bit more challenging.  However I noticed that if I put Grayson down for a morning nap he would sleep for a long time and then not want to take another nap in the afternoon. oye.

Goofing around with Ryan's goggles

Celebrated Halloween as a clown!
15 months
You are walking more than crawling these days. There is still a lot of falling going on but you don't care at all. 
I got you a toddler seat so that you can sit at the table with us and you are much happier at dinner time. 
We have had a couple of sleepless nights - twice due from a cold/sore throat and I believe the last one is because of your molars - I am hoping they come through soon! you really haven't gotten any new teeth in a long time!

Slides. seriously. you go nuts for them and have NO FEAR. It doesn't matter how high the slide is...if you can get up there. you are going down. and head first.

Putting you socks and shoes on

Ryan's underwear. Yes, a little odd but I think it's the characters? You go nuts if you see a pair in the laundry room, drawer or just out...you go nuts until you can have them. Of course we don't let you unless they are clean. I am hoping this love of underwear makes you easier to potty train than your brother! lol

You still love your paci

Dancing- which is shaking his hands up and down and shaking his head bath and forth....which makes you incredibly unstable

Anything and everything that Ryan is currently playing with. 

The broom. I bought you a mini broom which you seem to like, but if the real thing is out you prefer a challenge. 

Love my sweet little blue-eyed boy!

Had a yummy thanksgiving dinner with family and friends!

Loves his cozy coup and snack cup!

love you bunches little man!

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