Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Santa 2018

We finally made it to see Santa this year - only FIVE days before Christmas! Cutting it a little close...

Thankfully I had some help! My parents kept the kids happy while we all waited in line. 

Ryan asked Santa for Cozmo & a Wild Thing Power Wheel (which was the first time I had heard of this request).

Grayson asked Santa for a Cozmo & the Hot wheels Ultimate Garage

Hayden asked for My Little Ponies and a Bike

Sweet little kiddos! All smiles this year! Hayden was still a little unsure of him but she followed her brothers leads and went with it. She even talked to him - although I am pretty sure Santa couldn't understand what she said. He seems to be pretty well trained in talking with kiddos! 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Studio B - Christmas Recital 2017

On Saturday, Hayden's had her first official dance recital! She was actually pretty excited about being up on stage! She seemed to enjoy herself during the rehearsal so I was super excited to see her all dressed up and on stage!

My friend Terra and I were selling Beautycounter at the Bishop Lynch High School Holiday Baazar that morning, so Kevin popped by with the kids. I was pretty shocked when Hayden walked in with her cute kitty cat sweater....and nude tights. The sweater hardly covers her tooshy and the nude tights made it look like she was naked from the waist down. Oye. 

Good things she is only three. 

Anyhow, she stayed with me so that I could get her ready for her show. Kevin quickly realized that this wasn't a kid focused event and he took the boys to Dave and Busters. Hayden hung out - we did her hair and makeup! Terra had this amazing bun making tool (magic hair bun?) that made doing Hayden's hair so easy. And it's never easy. I am totally buying one...maybe two. 

 We arrived at the auditorium at 12:15 and headed backstage to get our costumes on! She was pretty excited about her dress! We did a touch up on her makeup and then she admired herself for a few minutes in the mirror!

She wanted me to get a picture of the big bow on her back!

Hayden and her sweet friend Winslow!

All these sweet girls with Ms. Ashley!

The show started at 1pm and we were ready to go! 
Almost show time!

My video is really hard to see her but she is the 2nd one and is watching me for the majority of the time. I was a total stage mom - trying to video, do the dance moves, and make her smile all at the same time. Clearly it wasn't working! I totally felt like Amy Poehler in Mean Girls during Jingle Bell Rock. Ha!!!!  Kevin also took video of her, but it's far away so she is hard to see. And we already know she doesn't really do much dancing. BUT she does sing! And smile :) She was proud of herself when she was done. 

Oh well. I still thought she did great. And she was adorable. The whole thing was super cute & only an hour! It was so much fun watching her on stage - although next year I might like to be in the audience so I can see better!

Here is the video from rehearsal - I forgot her tap shoes and was hoping that was the reason she wasn't dancing...but yeah, it wasn't. 

What a doll! 

Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Happy Halloween

The weathermen got it right....the day started out sunny...then turned chilly & rainy. The good news was that the rained cleared out in time for Trick or Treating! It was the perfect Halloween night!

My sweet little ninja turtle!

These kiddos were so excited! They even smiled for pictures!

And more pictures with Yaya & Papu!

And then they were off...

That BB8 costume was a little challenging to run in and I suppose the rain boots didn't help...

A Vandy Halloween....

We made it down to the Hales house and Ryan & Hayden even went through the Haunted house - Little G man waited for them.

Sweet kiddos!

Grayson found Jack!

Some dueling dinosaurs hanging out on the street :)

And Hayden was done....once she realized she could start eating some candy she was all for sitting in the wagon and grubbing. 

My sweet mama!

Hayden and Grayson were so excited to get back to our house and hand out candy. It was hilarious because most people didn't realize they were giving them candy. Hayden and Grayson would basically ambush anyone headed our way and without saying anything find their buckets and put candy. They were so excited!
Ryan went back down to his friends  house - he really wanted to Trick or Treat with his buddy Thomas. Successful night :) I can't imagine how crazy school will be many tired kiddos! Early to bed tonight :) 

Sunday, October 29, 2017

7th Annual Pumpkin Carving Party

pumpkin painting  for the littles

Ghost cookies!

Susanne & Lauren with their babies :)

Chillin' on the floor. 

We actually got all the kiddos in a picture! And don't they look thrilled?? 

Ryan carved the robot - from one of his own drawings! And Grayson did the Ninja turtle! 

8pm and time for bed....

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