Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Baby Hayden - 8 Months

Sweet little lady!

Big things have been happening over here at he McDonough household. 
1. She is sleeping through the night 7:30pm - 7am
2. She sits up. She has been doing this for a while but she is pretty darn good at it now. In fact, she won't use the bouncer or the bathing seat anymore because she doesn't like to lean back. She wants to be sitting straight up with perfect baby posture.
3. Started moving forward. Not quite a crawl...a bit of an army crawl. And she is really proud of herself. watch out boys!

7am: wake up & nurse
play with the boys & eat breakfast
9am: nap
Wake up and nurse
Lunch with the boys
2pm: nap
4pm: wake up and nurse
play play play
6pm nurse
eat dinner
7:30 bottle and bed
lots of bunny outfits for Easter

Ryan loves helping out with Hayden

So curious. Gotta keep that paci in so she doesn't shove everything else in...

So happy to be eating big kid food!

And so proud to be driving the grocery cart!

No teeth yet but it doesn't stop her from eating anything and everything.

So tired. 

Being silly with daddy!

Eating pizza with Yiayia and Papu at Grimaldis. 

Notice how everything goes right in the mouth?

And not so much a haircut but a little bit of hair extraction...compliments of Grayson & his new train. Poor girl. However, I think Grayson was more upset because his train stopped working. She is a tough little lady.  

Such a BIG month for Hayden! Love love love her so much!

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Easter Festivities

We kicked off our Easter fun with the LECPTA egg hunt!
Grayson is a big fan of petting zoos. My other two - not so much. Hayden cried when I tried to set her down with G...and Ryan was too busy playing with his friends to come over. Oh well, G and I visited with all the animals,

Hanging out waiting for the egg hunt to start. 

So many eggs!

Ryan checking with me to see if he found the golden egg...sorry bro.
Little lady was not giving me any smiles... she wasn't to thrilled to miss her morning nap!

Smiles with sweet Sydney

The boys had Easter parties at school, complete with egg hunts. Grayson was so excited to wear his bunny mask that he made...what a cutie!

We hosted playgroup and I decided to throw a very last minute Easter party...with an egg hunt of course! Love these kiddos!

Look mom, a football egg!

On Good Friday we headed to Lakewood park for the MOPs egg hunt. 
 happy girl!
These three own my heart

Checking out the eggs

The aftermath...

Yup, that's a big ol drool spot on his shorts.  
Candy drool.

This little lady loves playing with all of the colorful eggs too!

Playing with Blake!

Sweet boys!

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter to you all!  It was a fun weekend full of family, food, faith, and crazy sugar highs. 
I always have so much fun filling up their Easter baskets. The boys each got a Phlat ball, a Crayola Color Alive book, a yo yo, and some candy. Ryan got a new Blades RescueBot and Grayson a Thomas the Train. In Hayden's basket I may have repurposed a bunny and some Easter books from years past BUT I did get her some new girly toys! I can't say that she totally appreciated them but the boys sure enjoy playing with them. 

The Easter bunny even wrote them a note...but no one was really all that interested in it. hmmmm maybe he will send the same note nest year. 

Happy kiddos!

Chocolate bunny ears at 8am! woohoo!

The Easter bunny had to hide eggs inside since it was raining. I can only assume these boys were not fully awake when they hunted eggs. First of all, they didn't carry their baskets around with them so they would try and carry as many eggs as they could back to their baskets. Over and over again. Most of the time some would spill out. Oh and they also couldn't put down their new those were also in their hands. Good stuff. Crazy boys. 

After some quiche and bunny cinnamon rolls we headed to church.

We decided to try the Easter service at Munger Place (which is a sister church to HPUMC). The service was held outside under a tent where everyone was welcome. 

After the service we headed back home for naps and final preparations for our Easter dinner. 

The little chicks

And all the little peeps

Ready to hunt cascarones!

I think each kid popped one on Hayden...she was the most popular subject.

So happy to eat Easter dinner

Yummy carrot cake!

Of course we needed a family selfie!
So grateful for this family!

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