Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Show & Tell: Favorite Pinterest Pins {February 16}

I am a pinterest junkie. Dare I say that I use it just as much as Google. Seriously. If I am thinking about a project, I go straight to Pinterest. I want to find posts from people who have donw similar projects, tips/tricks, before/afters, reviews - love to find it all! Here are a few of my favorite projects:

Project #1: No Sew Bench Cover
Pinned from IHeartOrganizing

I  made the no sew benches for the breakfast nook

And most recently made one for our mudroom/craft storage room:

Project #2 Dinosaur Tails
One of my favorites but I can't really take credit since it was my mom who actually made them! I found this pin, gathered the supplies and then she made a bunch for Ryan's 4th birthday party. 

Finished product:
More of Ryan's 4th birthday party here

Project #3: Organizing: Outdoor Toys
Pinned from Domestic Charm 

The results:
This was the best picture that I could find. I will have to update this...but I probably won't. 

Pinterest Food
You should be able to order from Pinterest. That would be amazing. 
There are so many great recipes on pinterest. The best part is clicking through to an amazing foodie blog...which I have done quite a few times now. These are a few of my favorites:

Although not from one of the blogs listed above, this is one of our favorite recipes.  And it's great for large groups!
Recipe: Beef tenderloin sandwiches with dijon horseradish sauce and caramelized onions.

For the sweeter side....this strawberry yogurt cake is amazing for desert and even better for BREAKFAST :) So delicious!

As you can tell, I love Pinterest. 

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