Monday, February 1, 2016

February Goals

Happy February!

I love February - it's short and oh so sweet! Just like this crew :)
The boys Darth Vader "I am your Valentine" shirts are from Neverland Crew and they are so soft and adorable! I was also impressed by how fast they arrived once I ordered them! 

And I realized I never finished my January Goals post - but here they are. 
And here's how I did

1. Work out 5x's a week - complete. I have been going to pilates for a while now, and I love it, but I feel like I need to add something else to my workout routine. My plan was to do pilates 3-4x's a week and fill in the extra with cardio. For the first three weeks I used my beach body workouts to supplement my pilates workouts. During the last week in January we joined the Y and I tried a few of the group classes out - which I loved! The childcare is amazing so I plan on going here whenever our schedule allows!
2. Volunteer 2x's at church - complete. Almost weekly I get an email asking for volunteers for Sunday school. Kevin and I are trying to volunteer more and I am hoping that we can continue to do this 2x's a month. One time in Grayson's class and one time in Ryan's. The boys love it when we "teach" their class. 
3. Finish one house project: complete
Mudroom mini makeover. 
- Painted wall of bookcases teal
- Made a bench cushion 
- Added additional hooks to wall
- Created command center
Pics to come!
4. One date night a week - Unfortunately this didn't happen every week - January is LONG! :( but we did sneak a few date nights in! We were able to get out to a movie, a dinner with friends (no kids), and a a yummy dinner at Gemma that was just the two of us. 
5. Keep car clean. And this didn't quite happen either. I swear my kids are purposely trying to sabotage this one...they drag all sorts of crap into the car and just leave it. I am really trying to hold them accountable for their is a work in progress :) 

1. Continue to work out 5x's a week - can you tell I am kind of addicted to working out now? I really love it and I feel so much better so this goal is stayin!

2. Volunteer with the boys - I have been wanting to volunteer with the boys for a while and it just hasn't happened. I was looking for an activity for us to do on Presidents Day (since they are off) and the monthly Wee Volunteer email came in - perfect timing. There were openings for the Meals on Big Wheels program so I signed us up. We are going to deliver meals to homebound elderly and disabled clients. Afterwards there is a tour of the kitchen where the meals are made and learn more about the VNA meals on wheels program. I think this will be the perfect introduction into volunteering and I can't wait to take them. I would love to continue to volunteer with the boys so hopefully we can make this more of a priority.
3. Blog 2x's a week - I am totally slacking on my blogging and hoping setting a goal will make me more accountable. So here we go...starting slow with just updates 2x a week.
4. Answer my phone - So I often get in trouble with Kevin for now answering my phone. I don't do it on purpose but my phone is typically on silent or vibrate or just not on me at the moment. Anyhow, he gets really annoyed (as he should) so I am really working on keeping it on me...and answering it!
5. Read two books - simple, but instead of watching tv before bed I want to read more! The only problem is that when I get into a book it's hard for me to put it down and go to I get less sleep! Oye!

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