Sunday, February 7, 2016

Three Things: Little Lady H

1. She is a BUSY BUSY lady
She's not much for sitting still and doesn't have a ton of fear. She is really independent and she is always trying to keep up with her brothers. She wants to do everything they are doing...

Loves climbing and sliding

2. She's a NestER
Don't mind the hair - it's her morning look. What we have here is a mama bird and her nest. This little lady loves to gather a bunch of crap and shove it somewhere...sit on top of it and smile. A smile of satisfaction. 

You can't even imagine how thrilled she was when I pulled this bin of legos out - a pre-made nest. She was so happy...Grayson was not. 

Hayden will nest at least once a day - and sometimes....she will nest YOU! I know. It's crazy. You don't even realize it is happening and then BAM. You have a bunch of crap on you and Hayden is trying to climb up too. But she's so darn cute, it doesn't matter. 

3. Hats are her JAM
She LOVES to wear hats. Any kind.
Helmets - huge fan. It's kind of nice because then we don't have to worry about her falling around the house. 
fireman/construction hats, yes please. Every time I pick her up from her moppets room she has one of the little hats on and tries to leave with it. 
There is no discrimination on hats. She loves them all. 
Oh and let this be a lesson...
Don't leave your underwear laying also makes a great hat! (Don't worry, they were clean!)

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