Sunday, July 27, 2014

Celebrating FOUR!

 Ryan was so excited for his birthday this year - which of course made me so excited :)
We let him open a couple presents while I made some breakfast

Sprinkle pancakes! yum! Well, I thought so :)

The birthday boy was pleased as well. 
After breakfast the boys actually headed to school. Ryan brought some dinosaur cupcakes and he was so excited to share them with his friends. 

While he was at school I did some decorating at home...
 We have playgroup every Thursday and since we were hosting I turned it into a little celebration for Ryan. 

My mom made these awesome dinosaur tails and they are so darn cute! She used this tutorial. My original plan was to make them as party favors for Ryan's birthday but once we realized how time intensive they ended up being we skimmed down the amount and decided just to use them at his playgroup.

Volcano brownies! I think the candy melts would have spread better if I would have done this when the brownies came out of the oven but I waited a while. Also, I meant to add some red but ran out of time...they tasted just as good thought :)

When the kiddos came we got all decked out in our dino gear!

Daddy came home early from work to party! We made our volcano explode!

And then it was pinata time!

After everyone got a turn it was still in perfect condition....
So we let Kevin take a few swings and then shook all the candy out!
And of course we sang Happy Birthday!
And enjoyed cupcakes

 After playgroup we made dinner - Ryan's request was homemade pizza!


We skyped with Gigi and Papa and our cousins!

And then gave Ryan his big birthday gift!
Such a fun day celebrating this sweet little boy!

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