Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Show and Tell Tuesdays: Winning my Heart

Since it's February - the month of LOVE, this is quite fitting. 
Imagine that...it's like it was planned. 
Today I am linking up with Andrea for Show and Tell Tuesdays. 

So we are in our 8th year of marriage and while winning my heart eight years ago was surely different back then here are a few things that Kevin does now to #winmyheart

1. He (still) makes me laugh
I mean, come on. Who asks their wife to take photos of them lounging by the fire with a glass of whiskey (not pictured) in a tacky Christmas sweater, mustache, and chihuahua at 9am in the morning? This guy :)

2. He makes work trips "day trips" instead of "overnights"
I have always disliked staying home alone and Kevin does his best to make sure that he can be home and in bed with me at night. Whether it be leaving on a six am flight and returning at midnight he will do whatever it takes to make it happen. 
3. He deals with all of my organizing ideas/projects/crafting
Guys, I am the queen of projects. Crafting, home improvement, organization, decorating, party planning, etc. I always have a project going on and although so many of them are unfinished Kevin is game for what I have in mind (well, 95% of the time). And that's another reason he wins my heart.
4. He loves my cooking
Every night he comes home from work he always acts so impressed with what I am preparing. Seriously, I might be heating up leftovers or attempting a new recipe but he always acts like I have created a culinary masterpiece. I know it helps that he is not picky at all, but he is even impressed by the simplest meals. He often will say "this is just as good, if not better" than anything we could get at 'x' fancy restaurant. He really believes in me - and thinks that I make magic happen. lol.  I am no chef/cook, I just love cooking for my family! I love having him rate our meals. Every once in a while I get a "Top 5" meal and it makes me giggle!
5. He's the best father to our three kiddos
Three kids five and under is a challenge in itself but seeing how much he loves them makes my heart smile. After being at work all day he is always ready and excited to "take over". Sometimes it drives me nuts when he takes them upstairs to bath them (another way to my heart) but instead he gets them all rilled up by playing monster games. It makes the bedtime routine longer but I know these are the little things the kiddos will remember.  
6. He keeps me grounded and I love this about him. 
Kevin has always preached (perhaps not the best word?? - he isn't real preachy) to be happy with what you have and that less is more. Sometimes we disagree on certain things but I love that he really helps me focus on what is important.  We compromise on a lot and I think that is what makes us great together - he tends to want less, and I want more...we always meet in the middle with the perfect amount. Or at least what works for us and our family. Family and friends are what matter most and we are grateful for all that we have. 

I am hoping to participate in these Show and Tell Tuesday's - it should help me get back into blogging! Plus I love reading everyone else's posts too!

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