Friday, February 12, 2016


Monday morning doctor-ing
This little lady loves playing doctor. Well, really just carrying about the case and emptying it out and then putting it all back in. She checks out each item as if she has never seen it before...

And this goober...
Tuesday afternoon (while Hayden was napping) we played upstairs. It never takes long before he sneaks off and then tip-toes back in with his hands hiding his paci's behind him. Oye...

He said when he turns FOUR he will willingly give them up - so I'm not gonna push it. He knows he only is allowed to have them at night so it's not a huge issue. 

After baths Hayden found Ryan's baseball hat and insisted on wearing it. 

Wednesday morning Hayden and I had her first swimming class (which she wasn't a huge fan of) and then we headed to kindermusik. We tried the next age level and she seemed to really enjoy it! She even sat and listened to the whole book during story time! I am pretty sure neither of the boys ever did that...

The weather has been amazing so we met at a park for playgroup. 
and I just realized that I captured one of their friends going tinkle in the background of this pic! Oops!

This girl was determined to climb (crawl) this tree! She grunted the whole way and of course when I started to video she was I just have this cute pic. 

And then she took Flynn's helmet...

We worked on their class Valentine's. I had originally bought some from Target but when I got them out to write their names on them I just couldn't do it. Oye. I quickly found some free printables and we whipped up some new ones. 

I used these StarWars ones from Tips from your Typical Mom for Ryan:

They are pretty darn cute :)
Luckily I had a stash of glow bracelets to use for the light sabers. 

And for Grayson we went the dinosaur route. 
I also already had these dinosaurs (from Target last year) so when I saw these free printables from Hello Design Meet Life I was sold.  

And so was he.
I may have forgot to write his name on his cards...oops. 
And no worries - that's just chocolate in his teeth. 

And this morning I scrambles to package up some mini cupcakes for their teachers. I used these cute tags from Yellow Bliss Road And Ryan filled out his teachers name and his. I love little kid cute! 

Ryan's class was ready for the Valentine card exchange! 

After school Grayson had a friend over to play. We ate lunch outside and then they played for a few hours! Fun Friday afternoon...

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