Saturday, February 27, 2016

McDonough Five In Bahamas - Day 4

And on our last day we tested out another pool...and it was FREEZING!
but Hayden didn't care. 

They had these little slides - which were perfect for my kids. 

After lunch Kevin and the boys headed to the Lagoon in hope of riding an Aqua Bike...Ryan had been asking to do this since we saw them on the first day. Anyhow, they all three couldn't fit on one, so they settled for a peddle boat - which apparently was the most amazing thing ever. Kevin came back to the room exhausted but the boys were so excited. They loved every second of it!

After naps we headed down to the pool again. 
Ryan put his entire head under water! This is HUGE! He was pretty proud. 

We took a selfie. 

And Grayson didn't get out of the stroller. He was happy as a clam just sitting there...he said he was "too tired"

These two loved swimming in the pool

At five we headed up to the room to get ready for dinner...

At 6:15 waiting for the shuttle out front...

And dinner at Carmine's in Marina Village

Hayden loved the pasta. This is the only five minutes she sat at the table...the rest of the time she was running around like a wild woman. 

We popped in the candy shop after dinner...

There was a band playing some music and Hayden wanted to hang we did. 

Grayson was over it.

The we had to pop in the casino so Kevin could exchange the few remaining chips he had for $
Don't mind these little fellas

We took the shuttle home...pretty sure he almost passed out.

On our last morning we woke up and got everything packed up. Our driver was picking us up at 9:30 so we didn't have time to do much...just walk around a little bit...

I tried to take pics but little H wasn't interested.

We got Ryan to take a few pics of us...

Then headed to the airport. 

We had a layover in Miami ...and this lady was passed out!

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