Saturday, February 6, 2016

Super Bowl Party Prep

Our go-to Super Bowl party hosts are Mardi Gras-ing it up down in New Orleans this weekend so we decided to take one for the team and host our crew for the big day. You know me. I just hate parties...just kidding :)

I feel super prepared because A. I know which teams are in the Super Bowl and B. I made this super fun prop bet printable! Ever since Jacob Pearson introduced me to the world of Super Bowl prop bets I've been a huge fan. It really get's me excited for the game. Is that weird? ha! Everyone usually throws in $10 and grading is on your honor. My favorite bets are the ones about the halftime show and commercials. I mean, if I'm being honest, those are really the only parts I watch anyways. #typical

I know it might be a little late but if you want to use this for a party you are headed to tomorrow here is the link to download : Super Bowl Prop Bets 

And what is a Super Bowl party without FOOD. I am doing a couple of the main events and our friends will fill in the rest! yum yum! 

1. Slow Cooker Pulled Pork Sliders (Recipe from No More To Go)

2. Kevin and Amanda Party Burgers
Don't these looks amazing? Every recipe I have tried from their blog has been great so I have no doubt these will be delish, plus I can make them ahead of time. Always a plus for me!

3. Pizza Rolls
All the ingredients from Jimmy's Italian Food Store here in Dallas - easy and delish! 

And in case you were missing these sweet faces, here you go!
Chocolate breakfast muffins for the win!

Hope everyone has a great time & Good Luck!

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