Thursday, February 25, 2016

McDonough Five In Bahamas - Day 3

We started the day out with a walk on the beach.
The boys loved walking along the shore and running from the waves. 

Mama and her sweet little bears

Grayson didn't last long once he got wet, but R, H & I hung out a little while longer.

Hayden just wanted some snuggles. I'll take it.

We headed to the splashers pool area. Kevin did a quick slide...

And I did a tube ride through the shark tank!

Afterwards we grabbed some sno cones..

The swam a little bit before heading back to the Cascades Pool for lunch. 

Grayson. He hates to be in a wet suit so the second he decides he is done swimming he cries until he has dry clothes on. Then he walks at his own pace. With his new Paw Patrol backpack. Just checking everything out. So chill. 

Ready for some burgers!

Kevin took Grayson and Hayden up for a nap, so Ryan and had some time together. We went and checked out the kids club and then stopped by Dolphin Cay to see people swimming with the dolphins. It looked pretty cool but Ryan said he only wanted to watch. Afterwards we headed back and grabbed some ice cream before heading up to the room. 

After a little rest Ryan and I headed back down to the beach and watched the waves. 

Then joined everyone at the pool...
Hayden loved the zero entry pools and would just run in and flop down. 

She also would just keep walking despite how deep it would get. She thought it was so funny. What a goof!

That evening the boys went to the Adventure Kids Club where the theme was Tournaments & Talents. They spent the evening doing fun "Minute to Win it" type games and then had a talent show. I would have loved to attend the talent show! lol

Hayden was too young so we had a sitter come to the room. It wasn't until 7pm so she basically just went to bed. 

Kevin and went out to dinner at 77 West in the Cove. It was good but it was really nice to have a little time to ourselves. 

Kevin did a flight of rum

I got a massive steak. It was huge. 

Afterwards we hit up the casino! 
And....we lost
womp. womp.
Still had a great night!

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