Monday, February 22, 2016

McDonough Five In Bahamas - Day 1

Our flight left DFW at 10:20 and we arrived in Nassau about 2pm local time (about half and hour early!) Our plane was EMPTY - I don't think they plane was even half full. There was no one in the row ahead of us and the McDonough clan had an entire row to ourselves.  Wohoo!

Once we arrived we waited for our stroller that was gate checked. We waited. and waited. And then they said they couldn't find one but to check in baggage claim. So we zipped through customs and when we got to the baggage carousel our luggage were the onlyt bags left circling.

Since the stroller was still missing I headed over to the missing baggage area and filed a missing stroller report. It took a while...long enough that Kevin  was ready to just chalk it up as a loss. So after that mess we made it though customs and headed out to find our ride. Our kids are running wild at this point. Like really. Wild. Hayden has fallen 10+ times but always with a smile. Ryan is so excited and he can't seem to talk without screaming. It's super crazy.

We had to wait a bit for them to bring the van around (I guess they were waiting on a car seat that Hayden had no interest in sitting in. awesome.). On our way to the hotel we stopped at the grocery store to pick up some breakfast items, snacks, water and milk. Oh and beer & wine. #basics  We made it to the hotel. Checked in. Had ourselves a little mini happy hour in the room while the kids ran wild. again.

We didn't have reservations for dinner but figured we would just head down to the Marina Village to see what they had to offer. We caught the shuttle from the front of the Reef and the kids thought it was the best thing ever. 


We walked around the village and the Bahamian music and bright colors of Bimini Road Restaurant were calling our name. We got right in and they put us in a nice little corner booth. The boys got cheeseburgers and Hayden chowed down on some pasta with marinara sauce. Kevin and I ordered the signature mojito - it was a bit too sweet for my taste but it had quite the kick! lol. For dinner Kevin got a blackened fish sandwich and I decided on the blackened whole fish snapper. 

Playing with the fish eyes

The restaurant is loud so even though our kids were a little nuts I would like to think that we didn't stand out too much. It was also nice that we were in our own little corner of chaos.  After dinner the kids were really excited for ice cream and apparently everyone else was too! There was a crazy line at  Ben & Jerry's but we joined the crazy and waited too. Just outside they had some entertainment for the kids. They had set up a ton of drums, maracas, hats and were playing music. All the kids were welcome to join in - and they LOVED it. Seriously. Hayden left kicking and screaming. 

Nighty-night from these goobers!

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