Tuesday, February 23, 2016

McDonough Five in Bahamas - Day 2

The set up at the Reef works great. The boys are sleeping together on the sleeper sofa and Hayden is in a crib in our room. I'm not sure who was up first but around 7:45 local time we all got up and hung out. It was nice to be able to get some food in the kids before heading out. 

Around 9am we headed down to the Splashers Kids Pool. The splash park portion didn't open until 10am but the kids could still play in the pool. 

Yes, Ryan is wearing floaties. 

Around 11:15ish we decided to go look for some lunch. My friend Jenni recommended the Lagoon Bar & Grill so we headed over that way. 

We made it all the way over there and for some reason it wasn't open. We checked out downstairs aquarium before figuring out what to do for lunch. 

The double stroller that American Airlines unsuccessfully gate checked would have been super handy about now...two little kids tired of walking right about now....

We grabbed lunch at Shark Bites, which is a casual outdoor dining spot. The kids portions are huge - the boys got cheeseburgers (again) and Hayden got the hot dog...which was the largest kids hot dog I've ever seen! Kevin got a spicy crispy chicken sandwich and I got a fish fillet sandwich which was pretty tasty. Oh and we also had some fun drinks. I had a frozen mango daiquiri (so so sweet, I need to stick to beer & wine) and Kevin got the Route 66 which I think might have been the best bang for your buck because I'm pretty sure it was all alcohol.  Like wow. 

After lunch we headed back to the room so that Hayden could take a nap. Grayson also said he was soooo tired and wanted to nap but of course once we got up there he suddenly had all of his energy back. I must warn you that there is a ton of walking. I kinda love it but I think it's a little hard for the kids - well Grayson mostly. That stroller would be pretty great.  By the time we got back to our room I had around 9k steps for the day! Woot woot. After an hour Kevin took the boys down to the Cascades pool and I am up here blogging. 

I woke Hayden up at 3:30 so we could meet the boys for a little more pool time. We found them enjoying some ice cream by the pool. 

We headed down to the beach for a little bit...
Hayden wasn't a huge fan. The boys enjoy tolerate it for a little while but as soon as Grayson's legs get wet and sand sticks to him he freaks. He starts screaming saying that his legs are stinging. I know his eczema is pretty bad so I am guessing maybe that has something to do with it. Oh well, we headed back to the pool and all was good again. 

We grabbed dinner at Mosaic at The Cove before heading over to the Royal Towers to check out The Dig Sunken Ruins. 

This little lady annihilated her shrimp & pasta. And some orange jello :)

There are some random cats that hang around and Hayden gets so excited when she spots one. She keeps trying to pet them but she isn't quite quick enough. 

The ruins were pretty cool and the kids really enjoyed seeing all the different kinds of fish. 

Ryan yelled "Mom, look - there's a Bevo" lol. Hook'em :)

We walked back to the Reef and put the kids to bed. The boys seriously fell asleep in less than five minutes. The lights were still on - we went in our room to put Hayden down and came back out to find them asleep. So sweet. 

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